Letvus Airbase

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Letvus Airbase SiteIcon.png
Levtus Airbase.png
A screenshot of Letvus Airbase
Discovery Lore
Letvus Airbase is the best place to go for commercial airship travel, though only the wealthiest can afford it.
Coordinates X: -190, Z: -4950
Suggested Level 75
Other Merchants Art Merchant
Collector Merchant
Other Amenities Fast-travel between Cinfras and Detlas
Quest Starts Flight in Distress
Acquiring Credentials
Involved Quests Fallen Delivery

Letvus Airbase is a sprawling airbase home to most of the airships the player will encounter in the world. It is built into the side of a large mountain and is located east of the central hub of Cinfras and the Guild Hall. Similar to Cinfras, it acts as a central hub for travelling airships, and airships of various sizes can be found, ranging from small ships like the transport ship of Calo, to immense ships like the passenger ship boarded in Flight in Distress. The airbase itself can be accessed through several entrances, including the passage between the Cinfras Guild Hall, and the eastern entrance.

Points of Interest


  • Representative Ernold's office is located near the top of the airbase.
  • The Black Bird is a bar on the south side of the airbase.
  • There is a repair dock on one of the upper levels, home to a large deconstructed airship.
  • The administrator office is located on the second floor on the north side of the airbase.
  • There is a cargo dock in the upper levels of the airbase.
  • A receptionist is located at the Guild Hall entrance.
  • A large but non-functioning black market is hidden within the airbase.







Peculiar Old Man


Dodgy Merchant

Black Market Guard

Document Merchant

Passenger Controllant



Office Manager