House of Talor

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House of Talor SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
This once grand cathedral has begun to fall into disrepair over the years as the effects of the Decay worsened. Nevertheless, the church still continues to provide blessings and protection to the Kander Forest's inhabitants.
Coordinates X: -613, Z: -5318
Suggested Level 70
Type/Biomes Swamp
Monsters Most Faithful (Lv. 70)
Church-Blessed Guard Golem (Lv. 80)

The House of Talor is a religious cathedral that fell into disrepair from the Decay's effects. Regardless of its effects, it still provides blessings and supplies to the inhabitants of the Kander Forest, most notably with Lexdale and the Dark Forest Village. The main teachings of the church seem to support the reinstitution of the Gavellian monarchy, as expressed through Pastor Arwes' dialogue. The heads of this church are Pastors Arwes and Nitram, the latter of which is unseen.

A lost part of the church was a forgotten crypt that was long abandoned once there were too many bodies to bury in there.