Version 1.20

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Version 1.20
Release Date January 20th, 2021




1.20, also known as the "Gavel Reborn"[1] update, was a major update to Wynncraft[2] released on January 20th, 2021.[3] It was first announced in a trailer video.



  • Team focused dungeons
  • 3 new raids
    • Nest of the Grootslangs (Lvl 54+)
      • Found near Olux and requires 3-4 players
    • Orphion's Nexus of Light (Lvl 79+)
    • The Canyon Colossus (Lvl 95+)
  • Must clear 3 randomly selected challenges and defeat a strong boss at the end.
  • Challenges require teamwork. They can't be done solo.
  • If too many players die, the raid is failed.
  • Buff Rooms
    • After each challenge room, there is a buff room for a temporary bonus until the raid is completed.
  • Rewards include Emeralds, XP, Crafting Materials, and also Tomes, a new accessory introduced in 1.20.
    • Adds basic buffs such as Damage, Defense, Mob XP Bonus, Dungeons XP Bonus, and Gathering XP Bonus along with some extra stats.
    • Compass shows buffs after completing The Worm Holes. Tomes can be placed here.
    • Only a limited number of tomes can be active and must be unlocked.


  • Hot air balloon in most towns.
    • Houses can be purchased for 750 Emeralds
    • Other player's houses can be visited as well.
  • House will be floating above where it was purchased.
  • Can be moved from town to town for 750 Emeralds.
  • Block Merchant sells starter blocks for your house.
    • Sells blocks in exchange for Crafting Materials
    • Price increases up to 4 if the same kind of block is repeatedly purchased.
  • Block Bank to store blocks.
    • Works just like the normal bank, but only stores blocks.
  • House NPCs to spawn NPCs at your house.
  • Ranked users can have a bigger housing plot.

Champion Rank

  • Yellow name and tag
  • 5 Reserved Slots
    • Won't kick active players.
  • Character Nickname
    • Chat only. NPCs and invites will also use this nickname.
  • Merchant Booths
    • Allows you to set up special shops on the map to sell Trade Market items.
  • Ability to convert old classes to reskinned classes.
    • Available to Hero and Champion Rank
  • /switch command to quickly switch your server.
    • Available to Hero and Champion Ranks
  • Instant class deletion
  • Ability to purchase the Build Stand NPC in your house.
  • Class Backups
  • Bomb Bell
    • Notifies when bombs are thrown.
  • Exclusive Housing Locations.
  • /changetag to show a lower-tier rank tag.
    • Available to all ranks.
  • +80 Pet Max Levels.
  • 8x Daily Mob Totems.


  • New Pets
    • Aledar Cart, Colossal Rat, The Eye, Top Hat Alligator, and Death.
  • Pets can be petted by you and other players if their level is at least 24.
  • Pets can combat and have levels.
    • Having multiple pets active does not increase their total damage.
  • Pet tasks
    • Available for higher levelled pets.
    • Can be sent to towns to sell/bank/scrap stuff for you.
  • Projectiles now go through pets.
  • Pets vanish during cutscenes.
  • Pet speed matches owner speed.
  • Improved pet page.
  • On release day, a free pet will be offered on the Store.

New Quests and Discoveries


  • New Tier 4 Crate.
  • Removed common items from Tier 3 Crate.
  • Attack effects save and load properly.
  • Scrapable Black Market Rewards
  • Scrap menu has pages.
  • Bomb stacks show their quantity in the name.
  • 4 new hats.
  • 10 new weapon models.
  • New Boss Altar in the Silent Expanse.
  • New item restriction type: Soulbound.
    • Items with this restriction will only be usable on the specific class that first identified the item.
  • Added a quick-travel system to Cinfras.
  • Added a new language: High Gavellian.
  • Added more diversity to Wynn cities.
  • Added popup notifications when certain events happen.
    • Can /toggle it off.



  • New Discoveries throughout the whole province.
    • 99 Total Discoveries, including 3 Ultimate Discoveries.
    • Roughly 6 per region.
  • Reworked Builds.
  • New Boss Altar - The Bottomless Pit
  • Early Game Improvements.


  • Guild Bank to share items with other Guild members.
    • One for everyone, one for high ranked members.
  • Switching Guild Ownership is much easier.
  • Guild creation process improved.
  • New Guild menus
    • Member list, territory list, compass shortcut.
  • Guild tags can now be 4 letters long.
  • Guild creation price is now 20 LE (81,920 Emerald)
  • Strategist Rank
    • New rank between Captain and Chief.
    • Can upgrade your Guild towers and territory bonuses.
  • Guild notification popups.
    • Can be disabled with Commands/toggle.
  • Guild Badges
    • Let you set a theme for your Guild such as Traders, War Hungry, Social, etc.
  • Improved level up messages.
  • Fixed an issue where Guilds wouldn't level up until you joined a world.
  • Reduced Level XP Requirements.
    • May change during beta.
  • Improved Level Up Rewards.
  • Updated Wars.
    • Will no longer spawn up to 100 mobs to fight.
    • Instead, you have to defeat the war tower.
    • Guild members can upgrade towers with defenses, resources, and special abilities.
    • Must continually pay to keep defenses up.
  • Trade Routes
    • 5 types: Emerald, Wood, Fishes, Ores, Crops.
  • After capturing a territory, you have the option to make it a Headquarters Territory.
    • Every 1 minute, excess resources each territory gathers will start moving towards your HQ one territory at a time.
    • Also, your HQ will start sending resources to your empire to feed needed resources.
    • Taxes if other Guilds use your territory to trade.
  • Can improve held territories.
    • Buffs are paid when your HQ sends resources out.
  • Diplomacy
    • Can make alliances to reduce the tax rate.
    • Enemy guild can cut off your trade route.
  • No more War servers.
  • Territories no longer generate XP.
  • New territory map by pressing L (replaces Advancement menu).
  • New Guild Icon feature for VIP+ Ranks shows up on the Territory Map.
  • Attacking a territory costs guild emeralds.
  • Fixed territory names.


  • New Forgery Chest


  • Added Gathering XP ID and Gathering Speed ID.
    • Limited to crafting ingredients.
  • "Plague" Major ID no longer reduces poison damage when spreading.
  • Sorcery Major ID no longer resets your click combo if triggered mid-way through.
  • New Major IDs
    • Forerunner: Doubles sprint speed when sprint bar is below 30%.
    • Rally: Charge heals you by 10% and nearby allies 15% on impact, but becomes harmless.
    • Cherry Bombs: Your smoke bombs explode instantly on contact, dealing 150% damage each.
    • Explosive Impact: Your "Exploding" ID can trigger when hitting mobs.

Map Changes

General Changes

  • Hunted players must wait 60 seconds before attacking after joining a server.
  • Improvements to some weapon models (thunder spears, earth bows, etc.).
  • Improvements to some sprites and block textures (cobblestones, red X icon, etc.).
  • Changes to item drop rates.
    • You will now be able to find items in low-level areas even if you are high level (at a reduced rate).
  • Adjusted item drop rate.
    • The drops are overall lower.
    • Mostly affects the early game much more than the endgame.
  • Adjusted Blacksmith item buying price.
    • More profitable to sell most items.
  • Dungeon keys now allow up to 4 players to enter a dungeon at once.
  • Made Quests auto-track when stages update.
    • Can /toggle it off.
  • Made Quest tracking show up on the scoreboard.
    • Can /toggle it off
  • Fixed a bug where quests wouldn't update their stage properly when tracked.
  • Lowered profession XP requirements for low to mid-levels.
  • Tracking a quest will now make your Hotbar compass point to coords and spawn a beacon where the quest objective.
    • Only if there are coordinates.
    • Both can be toggled off.
  • Lowered ingredient drops in loot chests.
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would sometimes phase through walls.
  • Some quests will now give profession XP.
  • Resource tunnels/dungeon will give a temporary gathering XP boost.

Undocumented changes


Hotfix #1

  • The Trade Market was re-enabled.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Hotfix #2

  • Changed Charm ID roll ranges.
  • The Dump Equipment button for the Bank was removed.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Hotfix #3

  • Removed the short slowness effect from losing more than 25% of your HP.
  • Charms of the same type will no longer stack their effects.
  • Minor lag improvements.
  • Some API features were re-enabled.
  • Several pieces of content received minor changes.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Hotfix #4

  • The Price Check feature was added back to the Trade Market.
  • The Light Peninsula Territory was added.
    • The cave that already existed there is otherwise unchanged.
  • A bank was added to the Forgery.
  • A Lv. 101+ section was added to the discovery tooltip in the Quest Book.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Hotfix #5

  • Player Ghosts received several improvements.
    • A ghost limit can now be set using the /toggle ghosts [off/low/medium/high] command.
    • Cosmetics will appear cross-server.
    • Some weapons now show with their proper models.
    • Horses will appear properly.
    • All chat features show up properly.
    • If you have the HERO or CHAMPION rank, you will be able to click on the server name of a player to join them.
    • Sneaking and attacking now show up properly.
    • Dramatically improved stability.
  • Blocks from the Block Shop are now much cheaper.
  • Block Bundles now have 50% more blocks.
  • A Lv. 101+ progress bar was added on the Quest Book tooltip.
  • Players with the CHAMPION rank can now sync their rank up with the forums.
  • Reverted some previous Shaman nerfs.
    • Totem Area of Effect: Was an 8-block radius, now a 10-block radius.
    • Totem Timer: Was 15 seconds, now 20 seconds.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Hotfix #6


  • Reduced Guild Tower upgrade prices.
  • Guilds can no longer attack a territory using their own emeralds, and will instead use the system described below:
    • If a Guild has no territories, it can attack one for free.
    • Once a Guild has a territory, they can then only attack using their own HQ Emeralds, with the price increasing depending on how many territories they own.
      • The territory scaling is as follows:
        • 1 Territory: 256 Emeralds
        • 2 Territories: 768 Emeralds
        • 3 Territories: 2048 Emeralds
        • 4+ Territories: 4096 Emeralds
      • If the guild that is being attacked is losing a lot of territories quickly or if a war is queued-up, prices will increase.
  • Territories cannot be attacked for 10 minutes after they have been taken.
  • Guilds now need 4 Territories in order to transfer them.
  • You now need to be in a guild for 3 days in order to war.
  • Attacking a territory will not make you pay tax on any other territory the guild you're attacking may own.
  • Leaving a Guild no longer costs Soul Points.
  • Several Guild bugs have been fixed.


  • Added a /stream command. This enables Streamer Mode, hiding everybody except friends, party members, and guild members. Everyone has access to this command.
  • Added new login messages, which can offer useful advice to new players.
  • Strength and Dexterity now affect the overall damage instead of the base damage. They will also work together and compound their damage bonus.
  • Tomes can be sold to blacksmiths.
  • Creating a buy offer on the Trade Market will now let you search for the entire list of items in the game.
  • The Price Check feature's wording was improved to be clearer.
  • Several bugs were fixed.

Hotfix #7

  • Reverted the Strength and Dexterity buffs from Hotfix #6.
  • Oasis-type territories also give a small amount of emeralds to prevent an abusable bug.
  • Several bugs were fixed.


  • 2 new developers were hired to work on this update
  • It took the team 8 tries[4] to succeed against the Nexus of Light's boss for the first time
  • One of the tasks for unlocking Tome slots used to be "Sell Mythic to Blacksmith" but was scrapped as "apparently not everyone owns a mythic."
  • Unlike the other logos for updates, where it says "War of the Realms" in Wynnic, instead, it says "The Realm of Light" in High Gavellian. There is also some text at the end of the 1.20 Gavel Reborn trailer which says "Save Him" in High Gavellian.
  • The sixth Hotfix of this update became one of the most infamous hotfixes in Wynncraft, as it made Strength and Dexterity multiplicative, which drastically increased damage outputs, as there also were no item changes to compensate for this originally.
    • The 1.20.3 update implemented this change with a lot of item changes later.
    • Later Hotfix #6s would also have a joke in them having a drastic change to some mechanics as a reference to the hotfix, while these actually were never implemented in game.
      • For 1.20.2 Hotfix #6, it said that now 200 Skill Points can be put in each skill instead of 100.
      • For 2.0 Hotfix #6, it said that the ability Vanish now had its cooldown increased from 5 seconds to 12 seconds, as this was based on the feedback of Assassin being weaker than other classes from the Spellbound Update.