Lexdale Penitentiary

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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Lexdale Penitentiary StructureIcon.png
Forbidden Prison.png
Discovery Lore
Feared as the highest security prison in all of Gavel, this towering stronghold holds all of the worst criminals within its walls for centuries. In recent years, however, rumors have spread that they have begun arresting innocent citizens...
Coordinates X: -829, Z: -5539
Access Points -829, -5539
Suggested Level 70
Involved Quests Forbidden Prison
Type/Biomes Dark Forest
Uses Quest

Lexdale Penitentiary is one of the top prisons in Gavel. As its name suggests, it is located near Lexdale, and is a maximum-security prison. While this prison is meant to serve as correction for the worst of the worst, they have begun to arrest innocent civilians for seemingly nothing at all.


After speaking to a Merchant near Gelibord, who later asks if the player knows who is sneaking up behind them is. They later knock you out and you get sent to your cell. An Old Prisoner warns that the place is dangerous and oppressive, and is later presumably sent to be executed. You do tasks around the place, and also learn of other prisoners. While there were some who were genuine criminals, such as multiple members the Placido Crime Family, most of the prisoners were revealed to simply be average civilians who had done nothing wrong, such as Kaetan, who just worked as an employee for a Cinfrasian transportation company while delivering crates to Gelibord. After sneaking around and looking for a way out, the player finally destroys their criminal record at the prison, no longer making them subject to the torture inside.


Many prisoners in the Prison are usually regular citizens that were preyed on by the guards. They are treated horribly, either by starving to the point of near-death to being executed for just stepping out of line. However, later in the quest, it is revealed that all of this is for a reason, to deliver souls to Dullahan, an elf that was sealed in his bedroom by Lari for oppressing the citizens of Gelibord. There are also other things that hint towards this, like how the Warden has no background and seems as if she was created for the sole purpose of being the Warden of this prison, and also looking very similar to an Elf.