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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

NPC Info
Species Elf
Location Gavel
Quest Involved Rise of the Quartron,

Death Whistle, Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes, Realm of Light II - Taproot, Memory Paranoia, Realm of Light III - A Headless History, Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light, Aldorei's Secret Part II, Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light

Lari is a character who assists the players in the quests as her story is told. Outside of quests she can be found in camps in the Dark Forest. Her story is told in the questline Realm of Light.


Lari is an elf from Aldorei, who had protested against Elder Prometheus's decision to cut down the original Guardian of the Forest, and was one of Gavel's first people to fight the parasites. During the fight, Dullahan came to save her, winning the fight. This would spark the continued arguments between the two of them over subduing the parasite or killing it. Lari refused to kill the parasite despite Dullahan telling her to do so and stop the Decay in it's earliest form. This would be her major character flaw as, because of that, she nearly died in her next fight. However Dullahan put himself in the way of a killing blow scarring him. This lead to his execution via the Gelibord's Citizens believing him to be the cause of The Decay of the area.

Lari, returning from her daily adventures to her camp, found that Dullahan, who had been there "every day for the past two decades," was missing. After looking for him, she found his beheaded body. She then brought it to the Lazarus Pit for him to be resurrected. This worked, however, to lead to his downward spiral into becoming evil. After seeing the carnage, he left behind, and she decided that it would be best to lock him away in his bedroom of the Dullahan Mansion, swearing not to open it until he was himself again. She has since been working on a cure or another way to get rid of the Decay.


Minor Appearances

Lari makes her first appearance in the quest Rise of the Quartron, serving a minor role in the quest, helping the player and Manager Nasea get a flower called the Tattytale Flower, while also making an appearance in the secret discovery, At the Edge of Decay, saying that the place that is now the Olux Swamp used to be a vibrant and beautiful land. Lari also makes an appearance in Death Whistle, interfering a transaction between the player and Voer, stating that Voer stole her encyclopedia of Elven Botany, and how Voer just sold the Pink Pelulite flower to a regular of his. In the secret discovery, A Dividing Force, the player learns that Lari is protecting the Light Forest from the Decay, and most Villagers and Elves that live in the area claim that the river between the Kander and Light Forests protects them. In Memory Paranoia, she also makes an appearance at the end, warning Senior Caritat not to build the mansion atop the first spot of the Decay. Sr. Caritat ignores the warning and downplays it, oblivious to what madness will come next. We also learn through the discovery Sealed Away that Lari tried to open up the portal to the Realm of Light through brute force, but failed to do so, as the portal only opens when Orphion feels the need to.

Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes

Lari's first major appearance and role is in the first part of the Realm of Light questline, Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes. After Malo tasks the player to get Lari to help with the issue of the massive holes that have been appearing throughout the swamp, and serves a guider role throughout the quest. This quest shows her pacifist ideals, as she intends to not hurt the mother Grootslang. However, the mother Grootslang refuses to listen to Lari, and then attacks the player. After a while, the player and Lari will get devoured by the Mother Wyrm, for Lari to discover that the reason the mother was ignoring her pleas were because she was eating the dark parasites. Lari tries to purify the mind of the mother, but ends up killing it instead. This shows a massive shock in Lari, as she just wanted to make her more docile, not to kill it instead. This event shows throughout the whole Realm of Light questline, as eventually, she ends up becoming more and more angry, out of fear the incident with the Grootslang caused her to be replaced with the player by Orphion.

Realm of Light II - Taproot

She appears next in Realm of Light II - Taproot, first trying to find a cure to a major stain of the Decay in the Dark Forest, but that ends up failing. The road will then shimmer as you follow the light, ending up at a mysterious gateway to the Taproot. The gateway will then open to the player, bringing them to a moral dilemma. After the conundrum has been solved, you return to the real world. Lari, further believing that she has been replaced by Orphion, becomes outraged at the Light Beast for not letting her into the Taproot while the player goes in there. While seeing an imaginary world of what the Dark Forest and Olux Swamp were before the Decay became strengthened, the player sees Lari fighting the mother Parasite of Darkness. After the player is then sent out of the Taproot, Lari then apologizes for what she said to the player, and promises that she will still be useful to Orphion. In the secret discovery, A Dividing Force, we learn that Lari is protecting the Light Forest from the Decay, and most Villagers and Elves that live in the area claim that the river between the Kander and Light Forests protects them.

Realm of Light III - A Headless History

The third major appearance of Lari is in Realm of Light III - A Headless History, except she does not appear in the quest speaking to the player, but instead plays a major role keeping Dullahan in check. See her biography for more info.

Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light

The fourth appearance of Lari is in Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light, where she tries to get the Guardian of The Forest to awaken by herself only, but fails to do so. Through Orphion telling the player to let their light shine upon her, the player goes to the Cinfras Library to uncover a way to awaken the Guardian of the Forest, and Lari eventually realizes that she needs to speak to the Elder from Aldorei to help her. Orphion tells the player to eavesdrop on Lari, and the Elder also lets the player eavesdrop on them while Lari is oblivious to them. The Elder then tells the player to get the Canned Abis plant, which is said to awaken the Guardian of the Forest. Once the player has obtained the Canned Abis, Lari at first doesn't even know that the player followed her, until she realizes that the player has the Canned Abis. She becomes outraged as a result, proving to her that she is still the chosen one of Orphion, and claims to the player that they are stealing her sole purpose from her, and ends up battling the player as a result, either by the player almost killing her, her almost killing the player, or if time has run out, to which the Guardian of the Forest awakens to stop the conflict between both of them. Lari then becomes even more furious at the fact that she nearly killed the player and defied everything she ever stood for, to which the guardian replies that anything can be Light or Dark, good or bad, and that Orphion, he doesn't want morals, he just wants action. Lari then later walks away from the Guardian, taking a moment to process the information she received.

Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light

Lari makes a final appearance in the finale to the Realm of Light questline, Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light. She and the player makes their way into the Realm of Light itself, to which Lari explains that most life here is docile, until a Pink Woolly starts to attack the player. Lari attempts to go to the Nexus of Light, but sees that the bridge there has been severed. A Curious Light Creature then explains to Lari that the monoliths were what caused the bridge to fade, and that the bridge was severed intentionally by Orphion to protect the Realm of Light from becoming Corrupted. Lari then runs towards a monolith to then assist the player with filling the monolith with light. Once the player has done that, Lari then races the player to the next monolith, later finding Sparkling Gliders becoming tainted by Darkness, turning into Blinding Gliders. Lari attempts to kill the whole group of them, and the ones that were left were killed by the player. Lari then charges the rift to go to the second monolith, and assist the player going there. After the player filled the monolith with more light, Lari then makes her way to the place where the bridge to the Nexus is supposed to be, and then recreates a bridge to the Nexus of Light. However, after sensing a dark presence, a familiar presence appears in front of both the player and Lari, Bak'al, the servant of Darkness. Bak'al and Lari fight each other, while the player follows both of them to later see them fight in front of the Nexus of Light. After summoning a sword of light to defeat Bak'al, Bak'al then teleports by Lari, who then promises to kill Bak'al before he leaves the Realm of Light. Bak'al downplays the threat, and states the Orphion would be happy seeing him leave. Lari responds with frustration to the statement, eventually sending both her and Bak'al presumably to The Realm of Dern. After the quest is completed, Lari then speaks to the player, saying that if she's powerful enough to handle Bak'al, then she could be powerful enough to take on the Darkness itself. She then leaves the task of rescuing Orphion to the player, as she is about to approach the end of her tunnel. However, after seeing the end of the tunnel, she warns the player to avoid something, before she comments on the repulsiveness of whatever she witnesses and gets cut off. It is presumed that she meant the Realm of Dern itself, for Lari is never heard from again after the quest. It is left ambiguous if she has died or only lost communication with the player.


Type Quest Boss
Species Elf
Level 150
Health 225,000
AI Type Rapid Ranged
Abilities Meteor, Teleport, Push, Charge, Upcoming Attack, Light Strike, Mark of Death
Elemental Properties
Damage Thunder Air
Defense Thunder Air
Location Near the Guardian of the Forest
Crowd Control Immunities
Knockback Resistance
Blindness Immunity
Slowness Resistance

Lari, the Servant of Light, is fought as the main boss of Finding the Light.

She has a Rapid Ranged AI, which will make her main method of attacking being firing quick bursts of projectiles. She has an immunity in Blindness and has resistances in Knockback and Slowness. She has damages and defenses in Thunder and Air. She also has four regular spells and three script spells. The regular spells are Meteor, Teleport, Push, and Charge. Her three script spells are Upcoming Attack, Light Strike, and Mark of Death.

Meteor will cause her to lob a projectile towards the player if they are within her range, dealing an immense amount of damage. Teleport will cause her to go from one point to another in an instant. Push will cause her to move the player away from her if they are within 12 blocks from her. Charge will cause her to lunge forward in a straight line.

Upcoming Attack will mark an area of the arena with notifications, which will explode and deal damage to the player if they are caught within them. Light Strike will cause the Lightborne Weirds summoned throughout the fight to deal damage to whoever is caught in its path. Mark of Death will cause the following dialogue prompt to appear in chat:

  • Lari's magic marks you for death...

An unavoidable attack will then be dealt as damage to the player.

Despite this seeming like a difficult fight, the Guardian of the Forest will stop both the player and Lari from fighting once the player is near death, or once Lari is at 95,000 HP, meaning she effectively has 130,000 HP.

Table Data

Lightborne Weird
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Lari(Mob).png Lari 150 225,000 Rapid Ranged Blindness Immune
Knockback Resist
Slowness Resist
Upcoming Attack
Light Strike
Mark of Death
❋ Dam
❋ Def
- Near the Guardian of the Forest


  • She and Dullahan had a good relationship as seen in the quest A Headless History. She says to him that she loves him, insinuating either a romantic relationship or kinship.
  • It is brought up through the questline that she was "a chosen one" by Orphion to help fix the Decay issues.
  • At one point in development, Lari would have a 30-40 second long theme that played alongside her presence.
  • Lari's role prior to the 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update was fulfilled by Tiek, a member of a species called the Heliolux who took on the form of a Villager to look for someone who could help cure the Decay.