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Potions are consumable items that can provide various effects and boosts to the player.


There are several notable types of potions:


Potions are sold at Potion Merchants which typically can be found in towns or dungeons. Potions of Healing may also be dropped by killing mobs occasionally. Additionally, Loot Chests have a high chance of containing Potions of Healing, with Potions of Mana being less common. Stat Potions and Potions of Wisdom may also appear, but only in Tier 3 or 4 chests.

Crafted Potions

Main article: Crafted Potions

The player may craft Potions using the Alchemism profession by going to a Alchemism Station with the appropriate Crafting Materials and Crafting Ingredients.


Like Scrolls or Food, using a Potion consumes one charge and activates its effects for a certain duration.

A potion's main use is directly tied to its effect, which can be seen by hovering over the item in your inventory. Potions can have a myriad of effects, all depending on the type of potion.