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Species Unknown
Level 95
Health 150000
AI Type Burst Ranged
Abilities Teleport, Clone Trap, Force Strike
Elemental Properties
Weakness Earth
Damage Thunder
Defense Air Water Thunder
Location The Qira Hive, Thunder Division

The Psychomancer is the final boss of the Thunder Division in The Qira Hive.


The Psychomancer will often use a teleport spell, as well as having a burst-ranged AI, making this fight one of the hardest bosses to fight at-level. The Psychomancer has two unique spells.

Clone Trap

More clones of the Psychomancer will progressively spawn throughout the arena as the Psychomancer's health goes down, being at 5% HP intervals. If you attack a clone, you will be blinded for 3 seconds, be struck with lightning dealing 4000 Thunder Damage, and will have the clone appear directly in front of you and plays a loud noise. A clone disappears after 30 seconds. Dialogue will play if you get trapped by a clone:

  • Psychomancer: This is your punishment for thinking you had the right to attack me so!
  • Psychomancer: You ten-ton drip! Can't even keep track of a single target, hehehahaaaah!!!
  • Psychomancer: HAAAHAHAHAAH! Idiot! I'm over HERE!
  • Psychomancer: You can't even track me! Face it, human, your brain's too worthless to beat give it up to me, instead!!

Force Strike

Every 25 seconds, the player's position will be tracked. Particles will follow you for up to 5 seconds before disappearing, and after another 5 seconds, every block the player has walked on will explode in a 2-block radius. If you are caught in the strike, 3000 Thunder Damage and 10% of your Max HP will be dealt to you as damage. The following dialogue will telegraph the attack:

  • Psychomancer: Now, stand still for me, would you? Or keep running! Whichever works for me, heehehahahaaah!