Silverbull Subscription

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The Silverbull Subscription is a monthly paid subscription to the Wynncraft server that gives various perks. This is meant to serve as an add-on to an existing rank. It can be purchased at the Wynncraft Store. A monthly subscription is $7.99 a month and a yearly subscription is $79.99 a year.


  • Taxes on the Trade Market are reduced by 2% when buying and selling.
  • You get 1 untradeable Silverbull Share every month, and can be exchanged for various store items in-game.
    • Silverbull Shares can also allow you to boost your Guild, unlocking various other perks.
  • Daily rank rewards and your merchant booth timer (if you are CHAMPION) are doubled.
    • If a Festival is ongoing, then you get double the amount of crates from daily and weekly objectives.
  • You get access to the HERO Beta if one is active.
  • You'll only need to scrap 3 cosmetics instead of 5 to get a reward.
  • You get the ability to hide your armor.


  • On the store website, the Silverbull Subscription is offered by the Silverbull Company, and the various perks are offered by the company itself.