Troll Tower

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Troll Tower CBCaveIcon.png
Climb the elusive Troll Tower at [1106, 85, -2870].
Coordinates X: 1106, Y: 85, Z: -2870
Suggested Level 30
Difficulty Easy
Length Long
Estimated Time 2m
General Information
Type of Cave Normal
Loot Chests 1x Tier 3 [✫✫✫]
Mobs None
First-Time Clear Rewards
+2000 XP

The Troll Tower is a Cave found in the Ocean near Mage Island.


This cave is a simple climb up by parkour. Unlike almost every other cave, there are no mobs in this cave, although at the top there is an NPC named Troll alongside a Tier 3 [✫✫✫] Loot Chest that requires the parkour to be finished.