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Ocean TerritoryIcon.png
A screenshot of the vast ocean of Wynncraft.
Access Points North half of Wynn, Southern ports of Gavel
Suggested Level 15
Quest Starts Cluck Cluck
Ice Nations
WynnExcavation Site C
Zhight Island
The Order of the Grook
Beneath the Depths
Redbeard's Booty
The Envoy Part I
Involved Quests Misadventure on the Sea
Temple of the Legends
Fantastic Voyage
Type/Biomes Ocean
Region Capital Selchar
Other Information
This massive body of water is all that separates the provinces of Wynn and Gavel. It has been colonized by many species, most notably Corkus Island.

The Ocean is a massive region of open sea larger than the Wynn mainland itself. It is located north of the Wynn Province or south of the Gavel Province and is set between them, making it a semi-trial for the player to cross in order to reap the rewards of Gavel. However, the player can easily travel across the Ocean, using the V.S.S. Seaskipper. The Ocean itself contains many secrets: sunken cities, ghost pirates, islands of magic, and many things yet to be discovered. For most islands, the recommended player level is Level 15, increasing in level the further they stray from the mainland (up to around Level 85 at Corkus), so good gear is always helpful, as are boats!

Points of interest


  • Nemract is a port town located on the shore of Wynn, and is one of the three main docks.
  • The city in the middle of the ocean called Selchar is also a main dock, connecting to many other islands via the Seaskipper.
  • Pirate Cove is a home to pirates and is a normal city, but it isn't big enough to be a major dock.
  • Being the main islands of the Ice Islands, Nodguj and Dujgon are inhabited by Vikings.
  • Found first by Santa, and then by Vikings is the Craftmas Island, has already been made into a town.
  • Mage Island is located to the east of the ocean, and is a town for the mages, as its name suggests.
  • The last major dock is the Llevigar Port, the main gate to the city and Gavel itself.
  • A chain of islands make up Zhight Island, which has its own houses and even currency.
  • Corkus is inhabited by both humans and Avos. The humans came to Corkus over 300 years ago, however, the Avos were the original inhabitants. The Avos use nature magic, while the Corkians have mastered the art of electromagic, which they use to create complicated machines.


  • There is a small island called Rooster Island which is only inhabited by Nohno and his chickens.
  • Another minor island known as Tree Island is located in The Ocean, not far from Gavel. A World Event is located here.
  • The Ice Islands are made out of four islands: The warring nations of Nodguj and Dujgon, the Craftmas Island where Santa lives, and the abandoned Icy Island, where a fortress has been built.
  • The Regular Island, located between Jofash Docks and Dujgon, is an island with 3 houses and a large amount of goblins.
  • Being excavated by WynnExcavation are the Volcanic Isles. They consist of two islands and three active volcanoes.
  • Close to Corkus is the Legendary Island. It is the location of the Legendary Challenge, where the player can take on 10 mechanized versions of classic bosses in a row for powerful rewards.
  • The Bear Zoo is a small island located near to Rooster Island.
  • The Durum Isles are a group of four islands located south-east of Selchar connected by wooden bridges, with two stables built on the middle island. It houses the Bovine Barn boss altar.
  • Skiens Island is a moderately large island located in the middle of the Ocean.
  • Dead Island is an island in the north east part of the ocean.
  • Half Moon Island and is an island at the Southeast corner of the ocean.
  • The Potato Island is a small easter egg island at -470, -3240, where Rare Potaoes can be found
  • Wave Cult Island lies southwest of Selchar, where the Wave Cult resides.
  • Little archipelago at -822 -2873. No points of interest.
  • The Isles of Fiction are a mysterious collection islands that appeared out of nowhere in the Ocean. Each island surrounding the central island is an homage to a festival. On the central island is a mysterious tablet.
  • Gateway Island is a mysterious island not found on any maps. A portal to an unknown realm can be found there.


These caves found in the Ocean are not on islands where they are the main focus, but rather on smaller islands where they are or as submerged caves.

  • Sunken Ship - Off Nemract's coast lies treasure sunken under a shipwreck, too far underwater to reach without special equipment.
  • Lush Grotto - Below the waters a lush cave awaits, but the creatures within do not want to be disturbed.
  • Crystalline Polynya - Sea ice and crystalline creatures converge in a cavern below the waves.
  • Troll Tower - Climb the elusive Troll Tower.
Sunken Ship
215, -2410
Wynncraft Map
Lush Grotto
719, -2853
Wynncraft Map
Crystalline Polynya
1203, -2937
Wynncraft Map
Troll Tower
1106, -2870
Wynncraft Map

















  • Before the 1.10 Update the ocean was a lot smaller than it's now. There used to be only two islands, the Mage Island and the "Work in progress castle".
  • The Ocean is likely the largest territory in Wynncraft finished so far, considerably bigger than Wynn itself and around the same size as Gavel.
  • Boat Merchants were removed after the V.S.S. Seaskipper was added to the game in 1.14.1. Now Boats are sold by Seasail Merchants for 2 EB. This markup is because boats are now reusable; they would disappear once dismounted prior to this update.
  • The five ocean outposts scattered around the ocean are suspected to be built by the Corkians by the Seaskipper Captain.