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If you ever have a problem with the game, the Wynncraft Staff are here to help. They look at bug reports, player reports, and even try to help with the little things that can make a difference. Admins are usually pretty busy fixing bugs, but Moderators are more than happy to help you if you have a problem. If you need assistance message them on the Wynncraft Forums or in-game. Content Team members are different from staff members.


These staff members are responsible for most of the features and decorations you see in the game! They are often very busy, but they can help you in extreme cases! You cannot become an administrator unless hired by the CraftedMovie team.


  • Head Developer and Owner - Jumla
  • Head Gamemaster and Owner - Salted
  • Head Builder and Owner - Grian


Developers are doing all the coding necessary for Wynncraft to run.

Moderation Team

Mod Managers

The Mod Managers oversee the moderation team and act as a direct link between the community and the moderation team. If you have any feedback or concerns with the moderation team, do not hesitate to contact them!


Moderators enforce the Wynncraft rules on the forums, game servers, and Discord. They are also here to help players when needed! If you have any queries about our rules or are unsure about anything do not hesitate to contact them! You can apply for a moderator using this application. The languages listed in parentheses after the names are languages that these moderators speak fluently in addition to English. The moderators are listed in alphabetical order.



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