Aerie of the Recluse

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Aerie of the Recluse CBDungeonIcon.png
The Boss Altar
Discovery Lore
This lush, open-air cavern is home to a secluded pair of Avos. They have some kind of vendetta against humans... it may be best to leave them be.
Coordinates X: -1746, Z: -3069
Suggested Level 90
Reward 576 Emeralds, items
Monsters Urdar (Lv. 100)
Boss Adamastor (Lv. 100)
Uses Grinding
The Avos have exiled those who utilize Corkian technology. For some, it isn't a choice to use it or not.


-1746, -3069
Wynncraft Map

The Aerie of the Recluse is a Boss Altar designed to challenge level 95 players for exclusive rewards. It is located up from a cave, not too far from the catapult, which is used in the quest The Envoy Part II.


To access the boss altar, you must obtain 7 Turtle Shells, which are dropped from Astrochelys all throughout Corkus. The best place to farm the mobs is the area around the Geyser Pit and the area behind the Avos Temple.


  • Adamastor: Why must you humans always try to interfere in matters that aren't your own?
  • Adamastor: Leave, now... Or we will bring your death. And we will ensure there will be no one to bring you back, either.

The boss of Aerie of the Recluse is a partially mechanized Avos, Adamastor. She has 750 000 health and a slight weakness to Earth, inflicts Air and Thunder damage with her projectiles, and is resistant to Air and Thunder. Her projectiles, while shot slowly, deal high damage. In addition to this, she attacks with powerful Meteors. Adamastor also has the Push and Heal spells to keep herself alive while she waits for Urdar, in addition to particularly high health regen, making this a rather long battle.

Accompanying the boss is, at first, Urdar in his dormant state. After some time, he becomes active to reveal his nature as a powerful Avos warrior. He can utilize Charge, Multihits, and Pull, and will be almost constantly hounding you with his high damage and speed. He has 150 000 health, but if defeated, he will only seal himself back into the egg. Thus, he is a constant threat that must be dealt with before attacking Adamastor.

It is recommended to defeat Urdar as soon as he spawns, and focus on Adamastor when she is on her own. Urdar is the main offensive threat in the battle, and it isn't too difficult with only the main boss to deal with.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Adamastor.png Adamastor 100 750000 Ranged Charge
Earth: Weakness
Air: Damage, Defence
Thunder: Damage, Defence

576 Emeralds

Adamastor's Faceplate
UrdarStone.png Urdar's Stone



Aerie of the Recluse
Urdar(Dormant).png Urdar
95 ?
- Pull
Fire: Defence
Air: Defence
Water: Defence
Earth Thunder: Defence
Urdar Aerie of the Recluse
Urdar.png Urdar
95 150000 Melee Charge
Fire: Weakness
Air: Defence
 : Damage Earth: Damage, Defence
Urdar Egg Urdar Egg


  • If you are far enough away from Urdar when he is dormant he will not activate, leaving you to fight Adamastor alone.