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Type Species
Location Corkus Province
Information An intelligent, avian-like humanoid species native to Corkus Island. Used to be the dominant species in the province until the Corkians, a group of Humans from Fruma, migrated to the island.

The Avos are an intelligent bird-like species and the native population of Corkus Island. It is implied they've lived on the island for more than a millennia, their presence predating the beginning of the Corruption War.[1] They usually live in the highlands, and almost never descend to the plains of the island.[2] They practice druidic magic first and foremost, owning a great totem which is passed down from Chieftain to Chieftain. While the totem's use is permitted to every Avo, as long as they're not an outcast,[3] it is also very powerful, capable of creating large trees that can break through city walls.[4]

In 650 AP, a group of Humans from their homeland of Fruma crossed the province's mysterious mountains, losing their memory along the way, and migrated onto the island, seeking to escape the oppressive royal government of the province, and becoming known as "Corkians". The Avos were initially friendly to the Humans, conceding some land for them to build a city on. However, the Corkians started taking more and more land from the Avos, eventually forcing them into a limited territory in the province's mountains. When the Corkians developed electromagic, the Avos shunned it for the damage it caused to the environment, and walled off their settlements in protest.[2]

Although tensions between the Avos and the Corkians are always high,[5] they've managed to reach an agreement and now coexist peacefully. When the Factory was created, the Corkians even gave the Avos one of the two keys used to open and close the structure, since both species had an equal role in the Factory's operations. When the Factory was shut down, the Avos placed the key in their most protected temple right next to their settlement.[6]


During most of their early history, the Avos were most likely a monarchy.[7] They've lived on the land for an unknown amount of time, and since the beginning of their civilization they've practiced druidic magic, being in touch with nature.[4] They also own a totem, one which they've had for many centuries and which every Avo is allowed to use, unless they've been banished from the Avos settlements.[3] This suggests that the Avos had a strong sense of unity and community, something which they would carry over for many years to come. At some point, the Avos created the Necklace of a Thousand Storms, a powerful necklace infused with Avo nature magic and the strongest winds.[8]

350 years ago, in 650 AP, a group of Human fugitives from Fruma, later known as the Corkians, escape the oppressive royal family of Fruma and settled in Corkus. The Avos welcomed the Corkians, giving them some territory on the island in which they could settle and build cities. However, the Corkians soon expanded deeper into the island, taking more territory for themselves.

The Lost Avos City.

Outraged at this, the then-ruler of Avo society known as the Phoenix Prince led some of his people underground, far from the conquering Humans, and created a city. However, the Avos were not suited to living underground, and slowly lost their feathers and died off. All except the Phoenix Prince, who was cursed to be reborn for all eternity, giving him the name he's known as today. When the Corkians found out about the underground Avos city, long after most of its inhabitants died out, they sealed the entire town underground, where it has laid hidden ever since.[7]

Most of the Avos, however, had stayed on the surface, and moved to the Corkian highlands, where they were most suited to living and where the Corkians usually didn't go. Here, they formed the Avos Territory, and created a settlement which they live in to this day: the only Avo settlement left in Corkus.[2] At some point, they also hid the Necklace of a Thousand Storms, in fears that the Corkians would eventually obtain it and cause a catastrophe.[8]

Relations between the Corkians and Avos kept souring, especially after the Corkians invented their own brand of magic named "electromagic". Although it could be used for powerful and convenient appliances, it also polluted the landscape, ruined the island's nature and left "[a] destructive wake". Thus, in protest, the Avos erected a wall around their settlement and isolated themselves, to which the Corkians didn't react as they wanted to keep their relations with the Avos positive.[2]

At some point, the Corkians built what they consider their national monument: the Factory, which can mass-produce mechs at an unbelievably fast rate, being able to create an entire army of them in a week. The Factory can only be opened using two keys: the humans gave the Avos one of the keys as a symbol that both species equally contributed to the Factory's opening. However, after the mechanism running the Factory went "haywire" and started working against the Humans, the Factory was shut down and the Avos put their factory key within their most protected temple, where it is protected by a dragonling.[6]

Recently, although the relations between Corkians and Avos are stable, the Corkians have been pushing for Corkus to be recognized as an official, Human-dominated province across the world, spreading their message in cities like Selchar and selling electromagic machinery all around the world.[9][10] However, the provinces of the world still consider Corkus to be an Avo-dominated island.[2]

Notable Avos

  • Phoenix Prince - The Phoenix Prince was the prince and leader of Avo society 350 years ago, when the Humans came to Corkus. Outraged at the fact that the other Avos accepted the Humans onto the island, the Prince took the rest of his people underground, where they built a city away from human eyes. However, the inhabitants of the city soon lost their feathers and died out, all except for the Prince himself, who was cursed to always be reborn instead of dying. This gave him the name of "Phoenix Prince".[7]
  • Avos Chief - The current chieftain of the Avos Settlement, where all the Avos live. Is in possession of a powerful totem, which is a relic from old Avos society and which has been passed down for generations, and which every Avo can use freely. Banished Ava from the settlement possibly due to her experimenting with electromagic.[3]
  • Ava - An Avo inventor who was banished from the Avos Settlement by its Chief, probably due to her passion for electromagic which is considered a taboo in Avo society. Has invented the Growth Accelerator, a device which mixes the Avos' druidic magic with electromagic, in hopes of showing it to the Avos Chief and get allowed back into their territory. Owns a small laboratory inside a tower.[3]
  • Grandmaster Shaman - One of the oldest residents of the Avos Settlement, a personal friend of the Avos Chief and a powerful shaman. She has a distrust in humans, but would still help them if she was told to by the Avos Chief. Protects the way to the Avos' most guarded temple, which also houses the Avos Factory Key.[6]
  • Adamastor - One of the more brutal and harsh examples of the tense relations between the Corkians the Avos, Adamastor was formerly a regular Avos who would later become direly injured before Cerid, one of the most famous Corkians, saved her life by turning her into a cyborg. Due to her affiliation with Corkian technology, she was banished from the territory. As a result of her banishment, she made her home in a small alcove near the Avos Territory, alongside another Avos, Urdar.
  • Urdar - A powerful Avos warrior who accompanies Adamastor, both Avos appear to be very close with each other. Notably, he appears to have a unique ability to petrify himself to become temporarily immune to damage. Unlike his partner, he appears to not be affected by Corkian technology.
  • Raia - An Avo druid who has cultivated and protected a sanctuary of nature on an island, she resents the robots from the Factory with a passion alongside the Corkians. She has become incredibly hostile to those who she thinks will threaten the plant life she cultivated on the island, even if they are just passing by.

Major Avo settlements

Avos Territory

The Avos Territory is the main Avo settlement in Corkus, where all Avos live. It's very high up in the mountains, as the Avos are most suited to living there. It's relatively small, especially when compared to neighboring Human cities such as Corkus City. It is made exclusively out of huts, and led by a Chieftain. At some point, the Avos erected a wall around their town to protest the Corkians' destruction of the environment due to their development of electromagic.[2]

Lost Avos City

The Lost Avos City is an old city founded by the Phoenix Prince, prince of the Avos. When the Corkians came to the island, he led his subjects deep underground where the Corkians wouldn't find them and founded the city here, 350 years ago. It is significantly larger than the current Avo settlement on the surface, and is made out of stone as opposed to the huts in the Avos Territory. However, the Avos were not suited to living underground, losing their feathers and dying. The only one who survived is the Phoenix Prince, who still lives to this day. When the Corkians discovered this city, they sealed it away in fears that it would be discovered. Today, it's almost completely forgotten, except for the Phoenix Prince who still lives in it.[7]


  • Some citizens in Selchar still refer to Corkus as "the bird island", referring to how the other provinces still recognize the island as an Avos-dominated territory.[11]