Air Mini-Dungeon

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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.14.1 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Air Mini-Dungeon CBDungeonIcon.png
Entrance to the Air Mini-Dungeon
Coordinates X: 285, Z: -4705
Suggested Level 85
Monsters Canyon Wight (Lv. 86)
Gibbering Ghast (Lv. 89)
Tempest (Lv. 87)
Ghastly Shadow (Lv. 87)
Chilled Spirit (Lv. 85)
Storming Tempest (Lv. 88)
North Wind (Lv. 85)
East Wind (Lv. 85)
West Wind (Lv. 85)
Boss Whispering Djinn (Lv. 96)
Battle 50%
Puzzle 0%
Parkour 50%
Whispering Djinn
Type Zombie (Invisible)
Level 96
Health 74000
AI Type Unknown
Elemental Properties
Damage ???
Windy Aura

The four elemental dungeons have been replaced with The Mortal Mountain in the Gameplay Update.

The Air Mini-Dungeon was one of the four element-based mini-dungeons in the Canyon of the Lost added in the 1.14 Gavel Expansion. It could be found in the southern Canyon by a spring west of Bantisu Air Temple, and was styled with the element of air. The mobs in the dungeon generally fell within the range of level 80-90. It gave no reward.


Phase 1

The first phase was a battle stage which was commenced following jumping into the dungeon. The stage went through a long, icy, and apparently abandoned cavern, where mobs of level 86-87 were encountered.

Phase 2

The second phase was a parkour over platforms of quartz and ice. Though level 85 mobs shot from the shallow pit below, they proved to be a minute obstacle as their projectiles were often blocked by the platforms.

Phase 3

The third phase was another fighting stage which went through a downhill cavern. The level 86-88 mobs were more densely packed and slightly more powerful than in the first stage, however.

Phase 4

The fourth phase was another parkour which is rather brief. It consisted of a few inclining quartz platform that went along the walls of the cavern, with the boss room being at the top. Some mobs from the previous phase and the boss room could carry over into the stage.

Boss Phase

The Whispering Djinn was found in a room where his three minions, North, East, and West Wind, were each perched on the wall. Despite his appearance of holding a bow, he dealt melee damage and is not ranged. He moved at a moderate speed, but also used a teleport spell occasionally.