Airbase Attendant

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Airbase Attendant
NPC Info
X: -260 Z: -4976
Location Letvus Airbase

The Airbase Attendant is an NPC related to Psilo's invitation process for the Festival of the Blizzard.


Airbase Attendant
-260, 57, -4976
Wynncraft Map

The Airbase Attendant could be found near the Customs and Management Office in the Letvus Airbase.


  • Airbase Attendant: Ugh... what a day. Might as well never show my face around here, with how bad it was...
  • Airbase Attendant: ...Huh? Oh- uh. Hello. What can I do for you?
    • [1] I need a ticket to Detlas for a gnome.
      • Airbase Attendant: ...What? Can you- sorry, did I hear that correctly? A ticket for a gnome?
      • Airbase Attendant: I... I didn't think gnomes were even real...
        • [1] I can pay with gold.
      • Airbase Attendant: You can what?! I- ahem. Of course, I can get you a ticket! It's the least I could do, really!
      • Airbase Attendant: And... here. A two-way ticket to Detlas and back! For your- uh. Gnome.
      • Airbase Attendant: A- a pleasure doing business with you!
      • The attendant takes your gold, and hands you a small ticket. You place it in your pack where you won't lose it.
    • [2] What's going on?
      • Airbase Attendant: Uh... N-nothing. Don't even worry about it. It's- it's fine!!
      • Airbase Attendant: ...Oh, who am I kidding. I'm good as done for, really. I committed the worst crime an airbase attendant ever could...
      • Airbase Attendant: I... I spilled coffee in the break room. In front of the manager! How can I ever recover? Oh, it's all over...

After receiving the ticket

  • Airbase Attendant: Now how can I get out of the province without drawing any attention?