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Detlas CityIcon.png
Detlas, the trading town
Discovery Lore
The center of the Wynn Province. This city is a massive hub of trade for all adventurers, whether they have just started their journey or have been at it their whole lives.
Coordinates X: 470, Z: -1582
Suggested Level 10
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 7-16
Weapon Merchant Level 8-13
Potion Merchant Level 1-25
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Scroll Merchant
Dungeon Scroll Merchant
Ticket Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts Taking the Tower
Elemental Exercise
Potion Making
Arachnids' Ascent
Supply and Delivery
Grave Digger
A Journey Beyond
Involved Quests Mushroom Man
Jungle Fever
Meaningful Holiday
Flight in Distress
A Hunter's Calling

Detlas is the central city of Wynn Province. It is home to many merchants and the starting NPCs for several Quests. It also houses a Bank, which is one of the first Banks easily accessible to lower level players. Detlas is referred to by certain signs throughout the province as "Detlas (Trading Town)". Despite its low-level features, it is the most popular city in Wynncraft for players of all levels, even in the endgame.


Detlas was once a small, quiet farm village in the middle of the Wynn Province. However, after the Nether Portal opened and the Corruption started spreading across the province, the town was attacked by the corrupted warlord Bak'al in 78 AP and abandoned by its inhabitants, who fled to Ragni or Troms.[1]

Many centuries later, when the Villagers came to Wynn, they helped the Humans build modern Detlas on the ruins of the old town, and it became a trading town, as well as the center of the Wynn Province.[1][2] An airship system was also established between the city and Cinfras, the center of Gavel, which allowed quick travel between the two cities.[3]



Points of interest


The four gates of the city are defended by level 20 Guard Golems, and are marked by signs pointing to Ragni, Nemract, Almuj and Nesaak, respectively.


  • The Marketplace is the large open plaza in the center of Detlas, containing many of the city's amenities.
  • The North-South Road connects the north and south gates.
  • The East-West Road connects the east and west gates.
  • The Hourglass Tower is located at the northwest part of the center of Detlas and is very similar to the one located in Selchar.
  • The Bank is located at the southeast corner of the Marketplace. Detlas' Emerald Stash is located below it.
  • Detlas Airbase is located in the southwest corner of the city.
  • The Barracks is a large building in the northeast corner, housing Combat Dummies to test weapons on.

Quick Travel

Crafting Stations

All eight Crafting Stations are found in the Detlas marketplace, in close proximity to one another and to the Bank. Paired with the abundant low-level Materials that can be gathered around the city, the area is a good place to start training Professions.


Other Amenities

  • A Party Finder NPC is located right outside the Bank's front entrance.
  • Two Trade Market NPCs are located next to the Bank, under an awning near the east gate. This area also contains a large number of player-made shops.
  • A Housing Balloon is found at the southwest corner of the marketplace, allowing you to visit other players' houses or move your own house to Detlas.
  • A Guild Banner is located at the eastern edge of the marketplace.


Festival of the Bonfire

2022 Only

Festival of the Spirits

Festival of the Blizzard

  • Festival of the Heroes

    Nearby Features


    List of Mobs

    Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
    File:Detlas citizen villager.png Detlas Citizen
    10 6000 Passive - - - Detlas
    Detlas citizen human.png Detlas Citizen
    10 20000 Passive - - - Detlas
    Grook lvl7.png Grook 7 40 Passive - -

    Grook Feather
    Traveling merchant detlas.png Travelling Merchant 10 6000 Passive - - - Detlas
    Detlas pack mule.png Pack Mule 13 2000 Passive - - - Detlas
    LonelyDog.png Lonely Dog 1 100 Protect - - - House at 440, 67, -1628
    Detlas nibbles.png Nibbles 10 3500 Protect - -
    Wybel Fluff
    House at 460, 67, -1630
    Detlas guard human.png Detlas Soldier 20 ?
    Ally - - - Detlas
    Detlas guard golem.png Detlas Guard Golem 20 ?
    Guard - - - Detlas
    Detlas barrack guard.png Barrack Guard 30 ?
    Guard - - - Detlas Barracks
    Detlas combat dummy.png Combat Dummy 1 500000 None Blindness Immune
    Knockback Immune
    Slowness Immune
    - - Detlas Barracks
    DetlasGolem.png Detlas Golem 50 10000 Melee - - - Detlas' Emerald Stash
    Detlas receptionist.png Receptionist 75 750 Passive - - - Detlas Airbase
    Detlas elite soldier.png Elite Soldier 100 ?
    Guard - - - Rusty Recruit Bar



    • Detlas is the central hub of Wynn Province. Many people visit there to trade and to chat.
    • Detlas is Salted (one of the server owners) spelled backwards.
    • The area around Detlas is a very good farming place for levels 5-20~ due to large amount of Zombies spawning.
    • Detlas has all 4 of the gathering profession areas for you to grind as a level 1+, and all 8 of the crafting stations are located inside of the city.
    • Detlas was revamped completely in the 1.18 Economy update to better suit its significant importance.
    • There is an airship way up above Detlas. To access it, you need to climb up the chimney of the Armor Merchant, to then end up at the top, where there will be a golden pressure plate. Stand on that pressure plate to be launched into the air, landing on the airship. If you go down to the dock, there will be a passive Private Pilot mob and a Tier 1 Loot Chest containing Level 10 loot.
    • During the 2021 Festival of the Bonfire, a massive bonfire replaced the Item Identifier's area in the center of the marketplace, along with the Bonfire Tender NPC.
    • During the Festival of the Spirits, Detlas was redecorated for the Halloween season and a giant pit replaced the Item Identifier's area in the center of Detlas, becoming Spooky Detlas, along with 3 new NPCs: The Guide, The Envoy, and The Seer.
    • During the Festival of the Blizzard, Detlas was redecorated for the Christmas season, becoming Snow Storm Detlas, with Snow covering all of Detlas, along with a giant tree in the middle replacing the Item Identifier's area, along with new NPCs: The Traveler, Gerald the Yeti, a Souvenir Sweater Merchant, Rusty Bartender and a Craftmas Cracker Vendor.
    • During the Festival of the Heroes, Detlas was redecorated to have many banners hang from the city walls, becoming Festive Detlas, with the northwest area of the city becoming a carnival area, and a giant stage appearing in the middle of the city, along with several new NPCs, including Aster, Festival Workers, Festival Goers, as well as several merchants.
      • Hidden from the rest of the city, in the southeast portion of the city, there is a giant sealed door.
    • The 2022 Festival of the Bonfire redecorated Detlas, with several bonfires being seen throughout the city, becoming Bonfire Detlas, along with the Bonfire Keeper, as well as the Envoy making his own corner of Detlas.


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