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Item Information
Item Spear
Class Warrior/Knight
Min. Level 64
Rarity Rare
Powder Slots 2 ()
Obtain Dungeon Merchant
(Galleon's Graveyard)
Tag Untradable
Base Damage
Attack Speed Very Slow (-2)
Neutral 40-70
Earth 210-330
Average DPS 270
Strength Min: 40

Algaa is a rare level 64 spear. It is sold by the Galleon's Graveyard Dungeon Merchant found outside Galleon's Graveyard, a dangerous Dungeon in the Ocean, close to Pirate Cove.

The spear has 2 oddball Ids, its intelligence and water damage, suggesting the use of water powders to utilize these Ids and change the damage type.


Algaa can be bought from the Galleon's Graveyard Dungeon Merchant for 4
Redbeard's Hair, and is pre-identified.

Identification Preset Value
 Strength   +5  
 Intelligence   +5  
 Loot Bonus   +10% 
 Thorns   +20% 
 % Water Damage   +16%