Dungeon Fragments

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Dungeon Fragments are a type of currency used to purchase items in Dungeon Shops.


Every time you complete a dungeon, you get three of its fragments as well as one boss token.


The Dungeon Merchants offer various powerful and untradable items for boss tokens, and one special item for dungeon fragments.


Normal Dungeons

Dungeon Item Fragment Item Boss Token
Decrepit Sewers
Decrepit Sewers Fragment
Witherhead's Rib
Infested Pit
Infested Pit Fragment
Arakadicus' Eye
Underworld Crypt
Underworld Crypt Fragment
Charon's Brain
Timelost Sanctum
Timelost Sanctum Fragment
Garoth's Writings
Sand-Swept Tomb
Sand-Swept Tomb Fragment
Hashr's Bone
Ice Barrows
Ice Barrows Fragment
Theorick's Ice Shard
Undergrowth Ruins
Undergrowth Ruins Fragment
Slykaar's Heart
Galleon's Graveyard
Galleon's Graveyard Fragment
Redbeard's Hair
Fallen Factory
Fallen Factory Fragment
Antikythera Supercomputer's Chip
Eldritch Outlook
Eldritch Outlook Fragment
The Eye's Pupil

Corrupted Dungeons

Dungeon Item Fragment Item Boss Token
Corrupted Decrepit Sewers
Corrupted Decrepit Sewers Fragment
Corrupted Witherhead's Rib
Corrupted Infested Pit
Corrupted Infested Pit Fragment
Corrupted Arakadicus' Eye
Corrupted Lost Sanctuary
Corrupted Lost Sanctuary Fragment
Corrupted Garoth's Breath
Corrupted Underworld Crypt
Corrupted Underworld Crypt Fragment
Corrupted Charon's Brain
Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb
Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb Fragment
Corrupted Hashr's Bone
Corrupted Ice Barrows
Corrupted Ice Barrows Fragment
Corrupted Theorick's Ice Shard
Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins
Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins Fragment
Corrupted Slykaar's Heart
Corrupted Galleon's Graveyard
Corrupted Galleon's Graveyard Fragment
Corrupted Redbeard's Hair


Dungeon Item Fragment Item Boss Token
Lost Sanctuary
Lost Sanctuary Fragment
Garoth's Breath