An Iron Heart Part I

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An Iron Heart Part I CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Short
Difficulty Medium
Location Llevigar Plains
Province Gavel
Combat Level 49
Starter NPC Duvale
Reward As follows:

An Iron Heart Part I is a short level 49 quest located at the edge of the Llevigar Plains.


The player is tasked with finding and subduing a defective Guard Golem to stop it from attacking or destroying anything.

Stage 1

» Speak with Duvale at [-1613, 51, -4964]



  • Duvale: Oh, you there! I wasn't expecting a human soldier to be here, but you've come at a perfect time. I could use some help, see.
  • Duvale: I'm certain you know about Guard Golems, yes? They're manufactured here in Gavel, and I bought one recently.
  • Duvale: The goblins keep trying to forage in my farms, you see- I needed something to keep them out, and a Golem would have been perfect.
  • Duvale: But, shortly after I activated it, the thing attacked me! I nearly got killed- It was ramming itself against boulders and walls...
  • Duvale: I obviously was sold a defective model... That golem is a danger to everything around it. Do you think you're up to subduing it?
  • Duvale: It's shed a trail of scrap, as you can see. Please, follow the trail of scrap and keep it from causing anyone more damage!

Stage 2

» Find the defective Guard Golem in the mountain at [-1655, 59, -5087]

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the golem.

Follow the scrap trail along the path towards the swamp in the south. Go up the mountain path starting at [-1655, 59, -5087], avoiding all the golem-based mobs attacking you as you follow the path.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Mistake.png Mistake 50 1100 Melee AI - - - Around Mountain Base
DefectiveBolt.png Defective Bolt 47 680 Melee AI - ✦ Def - Mountain Path
DefectiveGear.png Defective Gear 47 680 Melee AI - ✤ Def - Mountain Path
HaywireHardDrive.png Haywire Hard Drive 48 1000 Melee AI - - - Mountain Path

Stage 3

» Find the defective Guard Golem

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the golem.

Once at the top of the mountain path, enter the inside of the mountain, then climb down along the branches and follow the path until you reach a door.


  • ???: ...I am... w̶h̴at's̷m̸e...? I had one...
  • ???: Re...remember!! W̵H̸A̶T̸ IS MY N̵A̴M̵E̵? My life?
  • ???: REMEMBER!! or̶d̶ers! No directives!

You need to collect 10 acidic sludge to open the door.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
MetalkalineSlime.png Metalkaline Slime 50 1150 Melee AI - ✽ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def

Acidic Sludge
2 Metalkaline Drip
Condensed Metalkaline
Inside Mountain
MetalkalineDrip.png Metalkaline Drip 48 575 Melee AI Slowness I ✽ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Metalkaline Slime
CondensedMetalkaline.png Condensed Metalkaline 48 2875 Melee AI Self-Destruct ✽ Weak
✦ Dam
✤ Def
- Metalkaline Slime


  • Guard Golem: My name!! My life! I wo̴n̶'t hurt them! The pain helps me reme...who's there?! LEAVE! PL̴E̵A̷SE!
  • Guard Golem: No directives!! Who d̴i̸d̷ ̸t̶h̸is?! I can't...s-stop giving me ORDERS!!

Stage 4

» Subdue the defective Guard Golem and return to Duvale at [-1613, 51, -4964]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DefectiveGuardGolem.png Defective Guard Golem 55 12250 Melee AI Push
✦ Weak
✤ Def
Power Source, Mechanical Piece Inside Mountain


  • Guard Golem: Falling...apart...this isn't who I I I was... My... My... My my my my my name is. Was. Is. Was. Is. IS...! [̶E̷R̶R̷O̸R̷]... Ma[̶E̷R̶R̷O̸ine... Ma̷deleine!! I'm Madeleine... I... I-I-IIIIIIIIII-



  • Duvale: Were you able to subdue the golem? You certainly look like you're in one piece.
  • Duvale: Ach...that stings. I shouldn't be surprised you had to destroy it, but that was still a big wasted investment for me.
  • Duvale: Still, it makes me sounded like it was talking when I first turned it on- Wait, you heard it too?
  • Duvale: Hm. There are some unsavory rumors about the factory, come to think of it... Maybe there's some stock to them.
  • Duvale: It said a name? Madeleine? It doesn't exactly ring a bell, but that's...rather concerning. I never mentioned a Madeleine to it.
  • Duvale: This is worth sending onto the police, really. I think I might have to write to Olux- the factory is near there.
  • Duvale: Til then, here. Consider this your reward for helping me out, brave Human. Good luck out there.


  • The guard golems are likely a reference to the Cybermen from the show Doctor Who.