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Other Information
Gavel is the home province of the Villager race. It was the second province released in-game.

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Gavel Province is the second province and continent to be released in-game in Wynncraft, first opening its doors on December 21st, 2015. It is the homeland of the Villager race, the emerald-hungry merchants and mages of the land. Magic flows freely in many places throughout Gavel, in the rolling plains, shadowy forests, great valleys and mountains and the strange floating islands themselves. However, the Villagers are not the only beings who call the ancient province their home; the mysterious elves live in the depths of their forests and in the great Aldorei Valley, and the warring factions of Dwarves and other creatures make their home under the volcanic mountains of the Molten Heights.

Gavel is rather isolated and can only be accessed in 4 ways: the Gavel Gate outside Llevigar, which can be accessed by boat, Seaskipper, and The Nexus; the Light Peninsula, only accessible by boat and almost never used; an airship link from Cinfras to Detlas run by Calo, usable after you finish the quest Flight in Distress; and a dangerous tunnel leading from the Jofash Docks to the Sky Islands.

Storyline in Brief

The Decay of Gavel

Similar to the Corruption in Wynn, Gavel has its own problem, that being the mysterious and dark Decay. The Decay affects several areas of northwestern Gavel, particularly in the Olux Swamp, Dark Forest, and the Kander Forest. Land affected by the decay is rendered infertile, and many towns end up particularly poor, such as Lexdale and Olux, and monsters of the dark inhabit the areas contaminated. The Decay appeared 1000 years ago, when the Parasite broke into Gavel, and slowly sapped away the life of the area. An elf known as Lari is trying to contain the Decay and find a cure to it. Meanwhile, the Parasite made itself at home in a location in the northern Kander Forest, now known as The Heart of the Decay.

The Canyons

The Canyons are a massive region east of the Gylia Plains, containing the Canyon of the Lost, Molten Heights, and the Sky Islands. The main problem in the Canyons is not the Decay, but rather, its own protectors, notably The Colossus. Due to a malfunction in the system of it, it has began to act haywire, starting to fracture the region around it, and shifting the canyons, which keeps the Parasites that cause the Decay out of the Canyon. It is important that it must return to its role as the guardian of the Canyons to prevent a similar fate like the Sky Islands'. The Dogun War in the Molten Heights has also affected the Colossus, as only the Doguns could tame the massive behemoth.

Other Storylines

Orcish War

The Orcs are a brutish species mainly inhabiting the Llevigar Plains. They have a leader, Gorgu, located in the main capital of the Orc Forces. There are also other species that are helping the Orcs, mainly Goblins, as they are more intelligent and agile than the Orcs. They have also begun to inhabit areas such as the Olux Swamp as well.

Golem Factory

In Olux, a Golem Factory disguising itself as a simple house has been kidnapping Villagers, leaving nearly no trace of them left. Many cities, especially Olux, are oblivious to the fact that they were actual Villagers at one point. The head of the Golem Factory, Dr. Urelix, claims that his work is necessary, and depite it being immoral, the cities of Gavel and Wynn would fall quickly. The Mayor of Olux has attempted to shut the factory down, but Urelix's threats and manipulation force him to sacrifice Villagers to the cause.


Formerly an elf who wanted to help fight the Decay, Dullahan got bit by the Parasite that was causing the Decay, which caused his face to morph into a twisted one. The citizens of Gelibord at the time thought Dullahan was the main cause of the Decay, and one day, beheaded him, thinking the Decay would no longer spread. However, they did not know the true cause was underneath them. Lari, horrified at the sight of the deceased friend, revived him using the waters of the Lazarus Pit, and they did revive him, but not as the elf he formerly was. He was hellbent on revenge of the citizens of Gelibord, and frequently harvests their souls to fully enact his revenge. Lari, horrified at Dullahan, locked him in his bedroom. But his spirit still roams the Dark Forest, looking for more souls to take, breaking the seal.

Gerten War

In the Gylia Plains, there were a brutish species known as the Gerts. While the Gerts and Villagers had unfavorable views on each other, both species managed to coexist in harmony. That was until the Gerts ran out of meat, and as such, began to kidnap the Villagers' livestock. The Villagers were irritated by this, and the Gerts didn't improve things either when they started to kidnap Villagers to use as food. Soon, the Gavellian Government issued a war against the Gerts, and while victory seemed futile at first, the Villagers won and confined the Gerts to their own camp. The Gylia Watchtower was established to look after the Gerts, although they are more focused on party games than their jobs.

Dogun War

A long and bloody war against the Dwarves and Doguns, the Dogun War has shaped the Molten Heights for centuries to come. The natives of the area, the Doguns, were very magical species fueled by the power of the Earth and Magma. The Dwarves, viewing the Molten Heights as the perfect settlement, decided to oust the Doguns from their home. The Doguns refused, and thus, a war between the 2 species started. During the war, both sides did a massive thing to turn the tides that was immoral. The Dwarves used an Ice Drake and used it to freeze the Doguns, while the Doguns summoned Garaheth, a Demon of Fire, to keep the dwarves out of the area. The Dogun War ended in the victory of the Dwarves, and they would continue to turn Doguns into stone for centuries.

The Skyraiders

After the Ahms Colossus fractured the region of the Sky Islands, destroying many Villager settlements, another humanoid species inhabited the Sky Islands, the Skyraiders. They were feminine pirates who raided the area for wealth, and tried to fiercely keep the Villagers from recolonizing the Sky Islands. However, their fall would soon come, as the Villagers managed to hold back the Skyraiders and push them out of one of the territories, Ahmsord, the former capital of the Skyraiders. The Skyraiders now inhabit a base that is the last settlement not captured by Villagers.

Major Regions

Western Gavel (Lv. 40-80)

  • Llevigar Plains (Lv. 40-50) - A large area of rolling hills, farmland, ponds and small trees, the plains stretch north of the great quartz city of Llevigar, and are overrun by Trolls, Orcs, Goblins and other beasts. The expanse of Karoc Quarry is found in the south-east, and the fishing village bridge of Bucie lies near the edge of the forest in the east, on top of River Sage. It is located south of the Olux Swamp, of which the Decay slowly creeps into the region.[1]
  • Olux Swamp (Lv. 50-60) - A dark region containing both shallow marshes and rocky mountains alike, the swamp surrounding Olux is home to all manner of creatures, with some of the most notable being Grootslangs, titanic wyrms that were presumed extinct[2]. The Iron Golems that protect both Wynn and Gavel are also made in this region in a mysterious factory.
  • Dark Forest (Lv. 60-70) - The Dark Forest of Gavel, north of its light cousin, is covered by dense, diseased trees, blocking out the sun and providing sanctuary for all manner of dark creatures. The declining town of Gelibord lies on the forest's eastern edge, plagued by dark creatures and the decay itself. Some notable features include the Caritat Mansion, a manor designed exclusively for its eponymous fallen charitable family, the Lazarus Pit, which is said to reanimate those with its mysterious waters, and Castle Dullahan, a former home of a noble[3] who rules over the forest with an iron fist.
  • Pre-Light Forest (Lv. 60-70) - A thin strip of land east of the River Sage, and west of the vast Light Forest, these plains are home to all manner of strange creatures and plant life, and are dominated by the looming bulk of Centerworld Fortress, the Orc stronghold.
  • Kander Forest (Lv. 70-80) - East of Gelibord is the Kander Forest, a dead expanse of broken trees, large mushrooms and crumbling ruins. Beings of shadow flourish here, as they do in the neighboring Dark Forest; but other, darker forces are at work among the rotting trees, from those in the village of Lexdale to a wicked cult trying to bring back the monarchy of Gavel. Here is where the Decay is most prevalent, with various structures such as The Heart of the Decay, where the Decay's effects are seen to how the land was twisted in such a manner.
  • Light Forest (Lv. 70-80) - A forest of flowers and light beneath a dense canopy, the Light Forest is the home of Villagers, Elves, Hobbits, and other strange and mysterious creatures alike. Hidden in a stump is the gateway to the fantastical Realm of Light, open to those only chosen by Orphion[4], the embodiment of light itself.
  • Gylia Plains (Lv. 70-80) - East of the Kander Forest and north of Cinfras are the Gylia Plains, named after the body of water that defines the region. The region has a notable amount of cosmic magic in the area, with several different Weirds being prevalent. The Gerts are also a species that reside in this area, with their ravenous hunger being a prime threat to local farmers that live here.
  • Aldorei Valley (Lv. 75-80) - A secluded valley where only Elves reside, with Aldorei Town being the main site of Elven culture. Within the town is the Sol Embassy and a large cherry blossom tree. Notably, all Elves that reside here have not died from old age.
  • Cinfras County (Lv. 75-80) - South of the Gylia Plains is the far-more developed Cinfras County, being the host of its eponymous city, as well as The Guild Hall, the central hub of all Guilds, Letvus Airbase, the central hub of airships in Gavel, and the Silverbull Company Headquarters, owned by the Silverbull Trading Company which offers various benefits to its employees. There are also several ancient ruins scattered across this region.

Eastern Gavel (Lv. 80-100)

  • Canyon of the Lost (Lv. 80-90) - A huge expanse of valleys and rocky hills, stretching across a fourth of Gavel, the Canyon of the Lost is aptly named, for its labyrinthine nature. The spires of Bantisu Air Temple soar above the peaks at the heart of the canyon, the mining city of Thesead sits on the edge, near a pathway into the volcanic depths to the east, and the gauntlet of The Qira Hive are main attractions found within the canyons. In the most southeast corner of this region resides The Colossus, an ancient stone behemoth who once served as this region's guardian but is now the largest threat to the eastern half of Gavel.
  • Molten Heights (Lv. 90-95) - A mountainous region of volcanoes and magma, the Molten Heights are controlled almost entirely by the Dwarves of Rodoroc and Maex. Another sapient species, the Doguns, also reside in the region, although very sparingly in the Upper Molten Heights. A portion of the Lower Molten Heights has also been frozen by an Ice Drake used in the infamous Dogun War to create the Freezing Heights.
  • Sky Islands (Lv. 95-100) - A mysterious, logic-defying collection of mountainous islands in the far south-east of Gavel Province, the Sky Islands float above an empty void. Several flying beasts make the area their home, and the city of Ahmsord, a testimony to the ingenuity of the Villagers, flies above the empty lower sky of the islands. Some elevators found within the region can lead to The Void, which has some of the islands that were once a part of what this region once was.




  • Gavel quests have a much higher payout than Wynn quests.
  • The door to Gavel was added in Wynncraft 1.12, but was given a function in 1.14
  • The door to Gavel used to be closed, but due to the lag the redstone gave when opening the door, the gate remained open.
  • Currently, there are no original Dungeons in Gavel.