Ancient Dogun Crystal

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Ancient Dogun Crystal

Type Untradable
Obtain The Breaking Point
Usage Unlocks The Canyon Colossus Raid
This crystal hums with an ancient magic, the knowledge of which is known only to the eldest of creatures.

The Ancient Dogun Crystal is an item given by the Dogun Elder Astal at the end of the level 97 Quest The Breaking Point. When used on the entrance to The Canyon Colossus Raid in the Canyon of the Lost, the Crystal will permanently unlock the Raid without being consumed. Since the Crystal can be transferred between characters, The Breaking Point only needs to be completed once to unlock the Raid on all characters (although it still requires a minimum level of 95 to challenge).

If the Ancient Dogun Crystal is lost, another can be obtained by completing The Breaking Point on another character, or purchased from the Crystal Merchant at the entrance to The Canyon Colossus.