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Raids are team-based challenges introduced in the Version 1.20 update that are unlocked while playing through Wynncraft. They are challenging, require a party and runes to enter, and can reward players with Emeralds, Powders, certain Accessories, Charms, Horses, Mastery Tomes, Corkian Amplifiers, Dungeon Keys, tier 3 Crafting Materials, Runes, and Experience Points when they are completed. More info on each raid can be found in its respective page.

List of Raids

Raid Icon & Name Player Level Minimum Party Level Maximum Party Size Quest Requirements Rune Cost Boss
Nest of the Grootslangs
54 320 3-4 Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes 2
Az Runes
The Grootslang Wyrmlings
Orphion's Nexus of Light
79 500 4-6 Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light 3
Uth Runes
Orphion, the Light Beast

The Parasite

The Canyon Colossus
95 500 4 The Breaking Point 4
Tol Runes
The Canyon Colossus
The Nameless Anomaly
103 500 4 A Journey Further 5
Tol Runes
The Nameless Anomaly


All raids have 3 challenge rooms, 3 buff rooms and 1 boss room. Players have to complete challenges in each challenge room in order to proceed to the next room. If a player dies in a challenge room, the other players will have to complete the challenge without them, and they will respawn at the next buff room. Following the last buff room is the boss fight, which once completed, finishes the raid and unlocks the Raid Reward Chest.

Every buff room grants each player the ability to pick one buff to receive from a random group of 3, and also holds a Blacksmith for item repair. For more information on each raid's various challenge rooms and buffs, see their individual pages.

Entering a Raid

Raids often have several restrictions that need to be met before you enter the raid. These include party size, total party level, and quest requirements. The party leader must also have enough Runes and all players must be near the Raid Keeper NPC to begin the raid. Failure to meet these requirements will prevent your party from entering the raid.


Completing a raid can reward you with Emeralds, Powders, certain Accessories, Charms, Horses, Mastery Tomes, Corkian Amplifiers, Dungeon Keys, Tier 3 Crafting Materials, Runes, and Experience Points.

Different raids will offer different levels of rewards. For example, The Canyon Colossus will give the player many more emeralds and experience points than Nest of the Grootslangs. Nest of the Grootslangs will give the player tier 1 tomes, while other raids will give tier 2 or 3 tomes. For more information on the reward pools for each raid, see their individual pages.

All Dungeon Keys rewarded are broken corrupted dungeon keys, so you will have to repair them with runes at the Key Forge Merchant to use them in The Forgery.

You can also obtain Nii, Uth, and Tol Runes from raids, but not Az Runes.