Bob's Tomb

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Bob's Tomb NaturalIcon.png
Bob's Tomb.png
Bob's Tomb
Discovery Lore
A year after Bobs disappearance, a tomb pertaining to be the resting place of Bob was found in 985 AP.
Coordinates X: 252, Z: -760
Suggested Level 45
Quest Starts Reincarnation
Involved Quests Bob's Lost Soul
Type/Biomes Cave
Monsters Snow Zombie
Ice Zombie
Frozen Berserker
Uses Quest, Grinding
Requirements Quest Bob's Lost Soul

Bob's Tomb is a cave to the east of Nesaak. It contains many level 43 Snow Zombies. This makes an optimal leveling spot for Lv 45+ players due to high respawn rates.

Points of Interest


  • There is a room under the stairs which has Bob's corpse in it. This is the location that needs to be visited during the quest Bob's Lost Soul.
  • There is another big room which has strange designs in it, and a researcher about them, Batelu, who is the Starter NPC for the quest Reincarnation.




Nesaak Forest
252, -760
Wynncraft Map

Bob's Tomb is a cave in the mountainside. If you head directly east from the watchtower on the Southern side of Nesaak, it should be plainly visible as you reach bottom of the mountains.


  • Before 1.20.1, Bob's Tomb required 3 players to open it, mainly a filler player for a pressure plate in the middle, a Mage for a button on the left, and a Warrior for a button on the right. After all 3 have been pressed at the same time, the door in the middle would open.