Nesaak Tundra

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Nesaak Tundra RegionIcon.png
Nesaak Forest Shaders.png
Screenshot of Nesaak Tundra
Coordinates X: 77, Z: -868
Access Points Great Bridge to the west (X: -250, Z: -700)
Elkurn Fields to the north
Suggested Level 40
Quest Starts Underice
Fate of the Fallen
Bob's Lost Soul
Involved Quests A Hunter's Calling
Type/Biomes Snowy Forest
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

The Nesaak Tundra is a loosely forested spruce region covered with snow, surrounding the town of Nesaak. The tundra is located east of the Great Bridge and the Jungle and is south of the Wynn Plains. Unlike most of the Wynn Province, there are few corrupted monsters in the Nesaak Tundra, which is unusual. Instead, you may face a variety of native creatures, ranging from polar bears to wendigos and ice-themed enemies. Throughout the region, you can also find large ice spikes and ice mushrooms that can be even the size of trees.

In 589 AP, a mage named Theorick Twain froze the forest after he became corrupted, believing that he would destroy Wynn if he didn't.[1] For the un-frozen Nesaak Tundra, see Past Nesaak.

The region leads to two sub-areas, the Twain Lake along with the House of Twain, and the freezingly cold Ice Canyon.

Points of Interest


  • Nesaak - A small fisher village that has survived through many corrupted attacks and even the freezing of the forest.
  • Squid Village - This village of humanoid squids is well hidden and guarded underground, below the Nesaak lake. The squids have lived there in peace for years, though recently their food supplies have been running out.


  • Ice Doors - A frosted over doorway; find a key and be given one of two challenges to face.
  • Wolf Den - The home of wolves all around the frozen area of Nesaak.
  • Breaking Ice - A cave covered in thin ice and full of rocky creatures.


  • Bob's Tomb - The tomb of the fallen hero of Wynn, Bob. It is said that this tomb mysteriously appeared here in the snow a year after Bob's dissapaearance.[2]






  • The main Mining resource found in the forest is Iron Ore, though Gold and Granite are also mineable in the forest.

  • The forest is populated by Spruce trees, making Nesaak Forest the best spruce gathering spot in the game.

  • Icefish are found within the river, while close to Nesaak Village and a pond west of the village as well.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Creatures of Nesaak Forest Combat 40 82, 69, -725 15 Snow Clumps 12,960 -
Gather Spruce Logs Woodcutting 43 46, 67, -813 24 Spruce Wood or 24 Spruce Paper 2600 3600
Gather Icefish Fishing 43 84, 66, -921 24 Icefish Oil or 24 Icefish Meat 2600 3600
Gather Spruce Logs II Woodcutting 48 -175, 66, -923 36 Spruce Wood or 36 Spruce Paper 4000 6000