Earth Powder Spirit

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Earth Powder Spirit
Type Passive Mob
Species Powder Spirits
Level 1
Health 60
AI Type None
Location Wynn Province

Earth Powder I

Earth Powder II

Earth Powder III

Earth Powder Spirits are extremely rare mobs that will drop a low-tier Earth Powder. They do not move and will not try to flee from the player if they encounter it.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EarthPowderSpirit.png Earth Powder Spirit 1 60 None - -
Earth Powder I

Earth Powder II

Earth Powder III
Wynn Province


  • Despite this mob's extreme rarity, this mob is not considered to be a Rare Mob.
  • Earth Powder Spirits are the replacement of the Earth Powder Imps. Like their sole counterpart still remaining in Wynn, they will flee from the player upon sight.