Emerald Imp

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Emerald Imp
Type Passive Mob
Species Imp
Level 1
Health 50
AI Type Scared
Location Nivla Woods, Detlas Suburbs, Almuj Desert, Rymek Mesa, Nesaak Tundra, Troms Jungle
A variable amount of

An Emerald Imp is an extremely rare mob carrying bags of emeralds and holding a single emerald. It will run very fast and try to flee from the player. When it runs, the Emerald Imp will have an animation of an emerald constantly falling from its bags behind it, although these emeralds can't be picked up. The Emerald Imp will drop any amount between 11-36 Emeralds.

Table Data

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EmeraldImp(NivlaWoods).png Emerald Imp 1 50 Scared - - A variable amount
Nivla Woods
Detlas Suburbs
Almuj Desert
Rymek Mesa
Nesaak Tundra
Troms Jungle


The Emerald Imp is a rare mob that can spawn anywhere in the world. From current documented screenshots, we know the Emerald Imp can be seen in Legendary Island, Nesaak, Nemract, the Ragni Outskirts, The Great Bridge, Detlas, the Mesa and on the Emerald Trail.



  • Despite this mob's extreme rarity, this mob is not considered to be a Rare Mob.