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Ingredient Pouch is an item used to store crafting ingredients.

The Ingredient Pouch was added in the 1.19 "Silent Expanse" update. The icon now takes up the slot to the right of the neckalce slot. All players have this inventory feature automatically, starting from level 1. To open or close the pouch, left click it in your inventory to access its contents.


The Ingredient Pouch stores all ingredients and has a 3x9 inventory space that does not count against your inventory or your ender chest space.

Upon picking up an ingredient from loot chest or from ground, it will be automatically placed into the ingredient pouch if it has space and if the player has not disabled the auto-placement feature. Text will appear confirming the successful sorting as well as a small twinkle sound. If an ingredient is not automatically picked up or is shift-clicked, attempting to click the item within the inventory screen corrects this placement.

A player can always disable/enable auto-pickup by using the /toggle pouchpickup command. This will cause the player to pick ingredients as if they were any other item.

You can also quick-sell the Ingredient Pouch's contents using 'Shift + Right Click' while hovering over the icon in your inventory. It will display the sell-price range in lime green.

If player has the Ironman gamemode enabled, they can put in any type of item into their pouch, essentially making it extra inventory space. Quick-selling will still only sell ingredients from the pouch, and not any other item that can be sold.


The empty Ingredient Pouch icon shows an empty cloth bag, while a filled pouch has different stages depending on how many slots are taken up. The amount of items per slot does not matter.

  • 0 Slots: No border; Empty bag.
  • 1-5 Slots: Green and white border; Empty bag.
  • 6-21 Slots: Gold and white border; Filled bag with blue, purple, and red gems.
  • 22-27 Slots: Red and white border; Stuffed back with blue, purple, and red gems inside the bag and in a small pile in front.

Hovering over the icon will list some of its contents, sorted by tier, or whether it is empty. There are 27 slots (3 x 9) in total.


  • The texture for the empty bag replaces the texture for 'minecraft:snow' while the other Ingredient Pouch textures replace various enchantments of 'minecraft:diamond_axe'.
  • The Ingredient Pouch may use a personalized Shulker Box to store items, which is commonly seen throughout Wynncraft.