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Chat icons for the first 3 gamemodes.

When creating a new class, you are able to apply several Special Gamemodes to that class, to create a more challenging, unique experience. These gamemodes are unlocked through gameplay, and once unlocked, they can be applied to any new class. Any or all of the modes you have unlocked can be enabled at once, but once applied to a character, they cannot be disabled. This does not affect any other characters. For each gamemode enabled on a given class, a coloured icon will be added to your nametag.

The first three Special Gamemodes were added in the 1.18.1 Patch. The fourth, Hunted mode, was added in the 1.19 Silent Expanse Update and is designed for endgame players.


Hardcore Mode

In Hardcore mode, you will always drop items as if you were at 1 Soul Point upon death (including Identified items), regardless of what your actual Soul Points are. In addition, the first time you die in Hardcore mode, the icon in your nametag will be permanently changed from red to grey. The aim of this mode is to avoid death for as long as possible, requiring thought-out strategy to test your skill in combat. Deaths in Duels, or by the /kill command, however, do not count for this mode.
Requires a Lv. 30+ Character.

Ironman Mode & Ultimate Ironman Mode

In Ironman mode, your interactions with other players are significantly limited. You are barred from trading with other players, including through the Trade Market, as well as from using your account Bank. Additionally, to collect drops from bosses, you will need to defeat that boss solo, without assistance. This mode requires knowledge of the game and in-depth planning to succeed.

The Ultimate Ironman mode has the same restrictions as regular Ironman, but you are also unable to access your Character Bank as well.

As of the 1.19 Update, Ironman players are able to store any item in their Ingredient Pouch to make up for the lack of bank space.
Requires a Lv. 50+ Character.

Craftsman Mode

In Craftsman mode, you are unable to use any equipment that is not Crafted. You must either gather Crafting Materials and make your items yourself, or buy them from other players. You are, however, allowed to wear quest items. This mode requires you to get creative to build powerful crafting recipes and equipment.
Requires a Lv. 50+ Character.

Hunted Mode

Hunted mode is a gamemode that enables global PvP, outside of towns, with other players in Hunted mode. It provides players a 50% boost to Experience Points gained from Mobs (and ONLY mobs) as well as a 50% boost to Gathering Experience. In exchange, drop rates upon death for both unidentified and identified items are increased, and all players in the mode that are within 10 combat levels of each other can freely attack when not inside towns and other safe spots. When a player attacks or is attacked by another player in Hunted Mode, they are in combat; if a player logs out while in the combat, that player will lose some of their items as if they had died (but no other effects of death will be incurred). If the player neither attacks nor gets attacked for ten consecutive seconds, the player is no longer in combat and can log out without a penalty.
Requires a Character that has completed the quest A Hunter's Calling.

Combining Modes

Enabling more than one Special Gamemode on a new class can create a completely new challenge. The most popular (and challenging) of these combinations is Hardcore-Ironman-Craftsman-Hunted, often simply abbreviated HICH. With all 4 modes enabled, you are forced to craft almost all equipment on your own, without access to the Bank or help from other players, while avoiding even a single death from enemies, all while being hunted by players.

The goal of this challenge is usually to achieve as much as possible in the endgame; in the most intensive variations, this might involve reaching max level, completing all Quests and Dungeons, and defeating Legendary Island.