Karoc Quarry

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Karoc Quarry SiteIcon.png
The southern side of the quarry.
Discovery Lore
Karoc Quarry mines out massive amounts of quartz each day, mostly used for construction purposes. But lately, shipments have been going missing...
Coordinates X: -1644, Z: -4499
Suggested Level 49
Quest Starts Rise of the Quartron
Involved Quests ???
Type/Biomes Plains

Karoc Quarry is a relatively large mine located east of Llevigar, from where much of the quartz used throughout Gavel is obtained. The area is divided into two major parts: a southern and northern side, both surrounded by quartz rich mountains and large minecart tracks. Quarry miners and guard golems spawn around the mining sites, with rats also spawning in the southern area. A path connecting to Llevigar is located on the western mountain.

Points of interest


  • Nasea's House - A house where Manager Nasea, the head of the Karoc Quarry, is located in the southern area.
  • Minecart Hill - A small hill located in the northern area. Popo spawns there to serve as a middleman when giving the siphoned quartz to a man named Harnort.
  • Dado's House - The site where Dado resides, and manages quartz shipments.
  • Harnort Compound - A secluded area east of the main quarry, the Harnort Compound is a facility that is dedicated to building a massive giant known as the Quartron. The compound is owned and administrated by Harnort Quartron, and uses the siphoned money to pay its employees more money than their house is worth.
  • Karoc Mine Annex - The newest mining site uncovered in the Karoc Quarry filled with various minerals. Just by going in the area you get an inspiration to mine.



  • "Karoc" is an anagram of Ackro, a former hybrid (GM, CMD, QA, and builder).
  • Prior to 1.17 Dungeons and Discoveries Update, Earth Powder IV Relic was located here in a broken minecart cave.