Katoa Ranch

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Katoa Ranch TownIcon.png
A screenshot of the ranch
Discovery Lore
This farm is most famous for its milk, though recently the cows that produce it have been going missing.
Coordinates X: -836, Z: -1907
Suggested Level 5
Other Merchants Bucket Merchant
Involved Quests Cook Assistant
Tunnel Trouble
Temple of the Legends
Uses Quests
Obtaining Leather, Eggs, and Milk Buckets

Katoa Ranch is a small cow farm located to the north of Ragni, right next to the Decrepit Sewers. It serves a major role in the Cook Assistant and Underwater quest as well as a minor role in the Temple of the Legends and Tunnel Trouble quests. The Chickens and Cows that spawn within the fort can be killed in order to get eggs, which are used in the Cook Assistant quest, as well as leather, which is used in the Temple of the Legends quest. The hill has been redecorated since, and now houses Katoa Butchers, Librarians, and Farmers.


Katoa Ranch Map Aerial.png

Points of Interest


  • The Stables are located on the south wall, on the outside of the ranch. Inside are a few cows the player can kill to get the leather for the Temple of the Legends quest. It is also the place where Bylvis can be found.
  • The Ranch House is the second house located to the north, on the outside of this is where the Bucket Merchant can be found.


  • The Western Gate is located to the west and is the main entry/exit from the ranch. Following the path will lead infront of the Decrepit Sewers Dungeon.





  • The name "Katoa" is derived from the name "Dakota", a former moderator of the server.