Lush Grotto

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Lush Grotto CBCaveIcon.png
Below the waters at [719, 36, -2853] a lush cave awaits, but the creatures within do not want to be disturbed.
Coordinates X: 719, Y: 36, Z: -2853
Suggested Level 28
Difficulty Easy
Length Medium
Estimated Time 1m
General Information
Type of Cave Normal
Loot Chests 1x Tier 1 [✫✫✫]
1x Tier 4 [✫✫✫✫]
Mobs Shining Urchins (Lv. 28)
Lush Water Skaters (Lv. 30)
First-Time Clear Rewards
+3400 XP

The Lush Grotto is a Cave found in the Ocean near Mage Island.


The cave's entrance can be found underwater. A Tier 1 [✫✫✫] Loot Chest can be found at the entrance. At the end of the cave is a Tier 4 [✫✫✫✫] Loot Chest that requires 6 nearby mobs to be killed.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ShiningUrchin.png Shining Urchin 28 255 Melee - ❋ Weak
✽ Def
- Lush Grotto
LushWaterSkater.png Lush Water Skater 30 210 Neutral Melee - - - Lush Grotto