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Maex TownIcon.png
A glimpse of Maex
Discovery Lore
A dwarven town found as a monument to the victory in Molten Heights. It was built by the power of the people. Dwarves are communal and riches are owned by all.
Coordinates X: 1460, Z: -5278
Suggested Level 90
Standard Merchants
Potion Merchant Level 90, 95
Other Amenities Item Identifier
Accessory Merchant
Quest Starts Dwarves and Doguns Part IV
Involved Quests Dwarves and Doguns Part I, Dwarves and Doguns Part III

Maex is a small Dwarven town in the Lower Molten Heights that is located to the north-east of its bigger brother city, Rodoroc. The only amenities the town has to offer are a Potion Merchant and Identifier, along with an Accessory Merchant that sells special accessories.


Maex was one of the Dwarven settlements founded in the Molten Heights after the end of the Dogun War, alongside Rodoroc. It was built by the people, and its goods and riches are shared communally. At some point, a mine was established in the town that is likely the largest resource mine in the Molten Heights.

However, it does not seem like the law is enforced heavily in Maex, as a black market has been prospering in a hidden part of the city: a meeting point for illegal traders, most of which are people who seek to survive royal austerity. All kinds of goods from all parts of Gavel are sold here: from Dogun slaves, to organs, and even hallucinogenic plants native to Aldorei.[1]

Many of the town's citizens are also members of the Dogun Resistance, a movement led by Prince Axelus that seeks to stop the spread of anti-Dogun propaganda in the Dwarven settlements, and fights for the Doguns' right to live. The town's houses and shops are a popular meeting spot for the Resistance.[2]


Maex Map Aerial.png

Points of Interest

Maex Flerisi Refinery

  • An NPC named Lerfis will allow the player to use a piece of the latest Dwarven technology in exchange for 16 Emerald Blocks.
  • The refinery will allow the player to refine Smouldering Wood into ingredients.


  • Several numbered buildings are seen throughout the town, one being unusual; house number 77. The house contains a wither skull and cannot be entered, and many question its significance, if any.
  • Lampposts are scattered throughout the town, some with a pressure plate next to them. These lampposts may have been a part of an unfinished easter egg.
  • Maex has a few mines on the east side of the town.


Maex resource mine

  • You can enter the Maex mine if you buy a Maex Resource Mine Pass from the respective Merchant for 1024 emeralds.
  • The mine includes a ton of Diamond and Molten Ore, Molten eel, and three Voidstone Ore.
  • This place is very useful for Mining and Fishing because there are no mobs here.
  • Resources gathered here give 50% more Gathering XP.
    • If you log out while in the mine, you can step on the Plate of Inspiration to get the +50% Gathering XP Bonus.


  • The town's name "Maex" is an anagram of the name of Imaxelius, a CT Manager, GM, and Builder.
  • Maex is one of 3 dwarven cities, the other ones being Thanos and Rodoroc.
  • An NPC called Dwarven Guard was at the entrance of the town, and he would only let you inside the town of you've completed The Belly of the Beast quest. This NPC was removed for unknown reasons in the Gameplay Update, and you no longer need to complete the quest to enter Maex.
  • This town had its name changed from Dogovi to Maex in the 1.17 update. The name Dogovi is an anagram of GoodVibes, a banned ex-builder.
  • An accessory merchant was added to the town in the 1.16 Corkus Update.