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Thanos CityIcon.png
An image of the inside of Thanos, and some of its citizens
Discovery Lore
The only residence of dwarves outside of the Molten Heights, Thanos has been decimated by Ozoth, a powerful dragon feared across the entire province.
Coordinates X: 289, Z: -5242
Suggested Level 80
Standard Merchants
Potion Merchant Level 80, 85, 90
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifer
Quest Starts From the Bottom
The Thanos Vaults
The Belly of the Beast

Thanos is a city located in Gavel in its Canyon of the Lost region. It is a Dwarven underground city that was recently attacked by a dragon called Ozoth, putting fire everywhere. It is a great checkpoint to start your exploration of the early Canyon of the Lost and to do the quest The Qira Hive. Thanos, like Rymek, is a place with merchants that let you buy items you would normally use for quests.


Thanos is the only Dwarven city outside of the Molten Heights and one of their earliest settlements in Gavel, predating the beginning of the Dogun War and the subsequent creation of Rodoroc.[1] Although Thanos and Rodoroc are today connected by a trade tunnel,[2] they do not share the same King, with the King of Thanos being King Burtan.

The city also has a highly developed and rich bazaar, where Dwarves meet to trade all sorts of goods, many of them having historical importance. They usually resort to bartering them and do not accept currency.[3]

Recently, the city has been threatened by Ozoth, the last living Dragon in Gavel,[4] after she began nesting atop her spire. Thus, King Burtan tried to force Ozoth into hibernation by force-feeding her an enchanted flower native to Aldorei, and sent out a man named Tharroli to complete the job. However, he was eaten alive by the dragon, but was not killed.[5]


Thanos Map.png

Points of Interest




  • Thanos is one of 3 dwarven cities, the other ones being Maex and Rodoroc.
  • Thanos is an anagram of Nohats, a Wynncraft builder.
  • Thanos was originally a ruined village, however some builders went overboard in making it and it turned into a city.