Molten Heights

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Molten Heights RegionIcon.png
Molten Heights.png
Coordinates X: 1450, Z: -5500
Access Points Canyon of the Lost: 965, -5305 (Molten Heights Gate)
Sky Islands (east): 1430, -5000
Sky Islands (west): 1185, -5020
Suggested Level 90
Quest Starts Dwarves and Doguns Part I
Dwarves and Doguns Part II
Dwarves and Doguns Part III
Dwarves and Doguns Part IV
Involved Quests The Breaking Point
Type/Biomes Volcanic
Region Capital Rodoroc
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)

Molten Heights is a level 90+, mountainous region of volcanoes and magma. It is home to the Dwarves who have built the underground cities of Rodoroc, and Maex and the endangered Doguns. The volcanic peaks of the surface visible on the Wynncraft Map are only a fraction of the explorable content of the Heights. The rest lies in the Lower Molten Heights, a large boiling cavern system beneath the heights where the two Dwarven cities of the biome reside. To the west of the biome are the Canyon cities of Eltom and Thesead, and to the south are the Sky Islands.

Molten Heights is separated into two sections:

Points of Interest


  • Rodoroc - The massive underground Dwarven city, capital of Molten Heights, filled with lava, war equipment, and riches. It is home to all common amenities.
  • Maex - An underground Dwarven village smaller in comparison to Rodoroc. It only contains a potion merchant, an accessory merchant, and identifier, yet to gain access to the town a Human must prove their might to the residing Dwarves.
  • Dogun's Retreat - The last remaining settlement of the Doguns, located in the Upper Molten Heights.


  • Nest & Bones - Climb the bones around here and search for the hidden entrance to the Fire Wyverns' nest.
  • Azer Athenaeum - The Azer who wish to learn and wish to fight make home here.
  • Shadow Altar - Fill the altar and fight what lives inside.
  • Dragon Delta - Feed the great dragon statue, and find what remains inside the ancient beast.
  • Scorched Earth - A deep cave full of scorched creatures and earth lies here.
  • Cryovern Covert - A covert of Cryovern lies up in the Frozen Heights around here.
  • Dragonkin Nest - Poachers say if you gather the scales from the Draconic nests and bring them to the large nest here, you can find great rewards.
  • Demon Cave - Enter the cave of demons here, and wait for a great monster to appear.
Nest & Bones
1467, -5559
Wynncraft Map
Azer Athenaeum
1511, -5176
Wynncraft Map
Shadow Altar
1271, -5427
Wynncraft Map
Dragon Delta
1259, -5343
Wynncraft Map
Scorched Earth
1603, -5069
Wynncraft Map
Cryovern Covert
1526, -5427
Wynncraft Map
Dragonkin Nest
1464, -5529
Wynncraft Map
Demon Cave
1405, -5067
Wynncraft Map


  • Molten Heights Gate - A strip of land decorated with Dwarven gates connecting the Heights to the Canyon of the Lost.
  • Courag - The ruins of the great ancient capital of the Doguns which was destroyed due to the Dwarven-Dogun war. Nowadays it is used as a Dwarven festival site
  • Stone Structure - Possibly the largest attraction of the surface of the Heights. Contains a portal do dimension holding Garaheth.
  • Large Eggs - Mysterious eggs that the Dwarves are poaching in the Upper Heights. when you kill four mobs around them and drop their remains into the hopper in the middle island, an entrance to tier 4 chest will appear.