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Horses are an in-game purchasable pet, allowing the player to quickly travel around the map. Horses have 4 tiers, with each tier having its specific color and max level the horse can get to.

Getting a Horse

The player gets their first Brown Horse for free upon completing the Stable Story Quest. The player may then buy another horse from the Horse Merchant at the cost of 24 Emerald Blocks, located in the towns of Ternaves and Bucie.

Using your Horse

A horse will appear in your inventory as a Saddle. Hovering over the saddle will give you information about the horse. To spawn your horse, simply select the saddle, and right-click. You can then right-click on your horse to mount it.

While riding your horse, press the Space Bar to jump. Hold the Space Bar for a second or two to perform a higher jump.

To dismount from your horse, press the Left-Shift key. You can despawn your horse using the saddle, or it will automatically despawn if you perform any action that alters your inventory (moving items, using the bank, or trading).

When in an area with lots of hostile mobs, your horse will not spawn due to it being scared of the mobs.


A horse can be levelled by riding it, the horse becomes faster and has an improved jump ability after each level up. However each horse tier has a limited number of levels, therefore breeding is a must if players wish to progress to higher horse levels. Remember that all levels are the same, only the level cap increases with horse tier. That means a level 1 White Horse will move exactly as fast as a level 1 Brown Horse.

Note: (Someone suspected that a horse takes slightly shorter to level up riding non-stop. For example, a Chestnut horse going from level 22 to 23 takes roughly 9 minutes, whereas this article implies it would take about 11m20s. Please recheck.)

Every level will take about 30 seconds longer to level up than the previous level. Level 1 to Level 2 will take about 50 seconds. The amount of time (in minutes) it takes to level a horse from the current level to the next is approximated by the formula

where is the current level and is the current Xp number.[1]

Appearance Horse Type Max. Level Approx. Time for Horse to Reach Max. Level Speed at Max Level (Blocks Per Second) Jump Height at Max Level
Horse brown.png Brown (Tier 1) 10 25 minutes 11 bps 2.5 blocks
Horse black.png Black (Tier 2) 20 1 hour and 40 minutes 13.5 bps 3 blocks
Horse chestnut.png Chestnut (Tier 3) 30 3 hours and 45 minutes 16 bps 3.4 blocks
Horse white.png White (Tier 4) 40 6 hours and 45 minutes 18.5 bps 3.87 blocks


Maximum speeds for horses are:

Horse Type Normal Upgraded
m/s km/h mph m/s km/h mph
Brown 11.0 39.5 24.6 12.2 44.0 27.3
Black 13.5 48.6 30.2 14.8 53.1 33.1
Chestnut 16.0 57.7 35.8 17.3 62.2 38.7
White 18.5 66.8 41.4 not upgradable

Here is the complete table:



Horses will not be targeted by mobs, and will not take any damage from mobs if it accidentally gets hit, and are completely invincible from environmental damage. Horses cannot attack, and spells and weapons cannot be used while on a horse unless you have the Cavalryman major ID. If a player rides their horse off a ledge, they will not take fall damage due to the horse being invincible. However, if the player dismounts while falling, then damage will occur.

Getting a Better Horse

The player has three options of improving their horse: leveling, breeding, or from dungeon buyables. Breeding might not be successful and you might not get a higher tier horse. Instead, you might get the same horse type you bred with, and all the stats will be reset to 0. You can add 5 to the max level of your Brown, Black, or Chestnut horse from Dungeon Merchants.


Players can breed two horses by combining them in the crafting window and then removing the resulting saddle. However, the chance of getting a higher tier horse is not 100%, so the player should think before they try to breed another horse. By combining 2 of the same Tier horse you have a higher chance of getting a higher tier horse.
Note: You lose the horses you breed, so think it through if you really do want to breed.
Note: The level of the horse does not factor into the percentages of getting a better, same, or worse horse.

Breeding Outcome Chance
Higher tier horse 20%
Same tier horse 50%
Lower tier horse 30%

Using these chances, there are different ways to calculate the average amount of emeralds needed to breed a specific tier.
The following list contains the average values calculated by user Yuno Gasai, whose forum thread can be viewed here.

Tier Color Breeding Costs
I Brown 24
II Black 2
III Chestnut 16
IV White 118


Every horse except white ones can be upgraded by Dungeon Merchant to have +5 speed and jump statistics. Doing so will reset the horse's stats.

WARNING: There is a bug that if you have already upgraded a horse in your inventory you are still able to trade it.
Having only one horse in your inventory while upgrading will make sure it doesn't happen.

Horse Type Max. Stats Max. Stats Upgraded Dungeon Price Approx. Time for Horse to Reach Max. Level with Upgrade
Brown 10 15 Ice Barrows 1 Theorick's Ice Shard 55 minutes
Black 20 25 Galleon's Graveyard 2 Redbeard's Hair 2 hours and 50 minutes
Chestnut 30 35 Corrupted Decrepit Sewers 3 Corrupted Witherhead's Rib 5 hours and 10 minutes
White 40 Not Upgradable - - -

Horse Cloaks

Horses can be disguised using cloaks, which are obtained from Loot Crates. There are 2 cloaks available:

Appearance Cloak Name Rarity
Horse zombie.png Zombie Horse Cloak Rare
Horse skeleton.png Skeleton Horse Cloak Epic


  • Before 1.12 update, VIP players could buy a Black Horse at the VIP Town.
  • After the 1.14 Gavel Update, two level 1 Passive "Horse" Mob can be found right after exiting the caravan in the starting area, Ragni Outskirts
  • The player used to be able to purchase the "Skeleton Horse Cloak" and "Zombie Horse Cloak" in the Gold Coin Store before the change of the store for 210 Gold Coins and 135 Gold Coins respectively.
  • Despite the cost of the horses being calculated based on the average number of horses needed to be bought and bred until a horse with a specific tier is obtained, players usually will sell you such a horse for much cheaper.
  • There is an easter egg where you have a small chance to get a donkey skin instead of your usual horse skin when using your saddle.
  • Before the 1.18 update, players could buy a Brown Horse only at Ternaves' Horse Merchant.
  • Brown horses can be bought even at level 1 in Bucie.
  • Like mentioned earlier, the only way to attack while on a horse is while using the Galloping Spurs boots, however there is a -70% damage penalty.