Pre-Light Forest

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Pre-Light Forest RegionIcon.png
A map view of the Pre-Light Forest
Coordinates X: -1330, Z: -4700
Access Points Llevigar Plains to the west
Dark Forest to the north
Light Forest to the east
Suggested Level 65
Quest Starts All Roads to Peace
From the Mountains
Type/Biomes Plains
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)

The Pre-Light Forest (or "Riverside Plains") is a small strip of land between the Llevigar Plains and Light Forest. It contains decent grinding spots for levels 60-65.

Points of Interest


  • Centerworld Fortress - An Orc fortress constructed beside a group of mountains centered in the region. The fortress is currently used in the quest All Roads to Peace. The orcs inside are friendly mobs, and will not attack you.
  • Clock Tower - A mysteriously abandoned and isolated house distinguishable by its small clock tower in the south end of the region. Only the Clock Mystery can tell what secrets it has concealed...


  • Cultists Passage - Cultists have taken refuge in a small passageway.
  • Earth Eaters - The earth is being eaten away by strange creatures.
  • Ledant Hill - Explore through the Ledant Hill and find some riches.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Gather Millet Farming 61 -1385, 42, -4541 30 Millet String or 30 Millet Grains 13200 18000
Gather Millet II Farming 63 -1278, 44, -4547 36 Millet String or 36 Millet Grains 16000 22000
Gather Light Logs Woodcutting 71 -1291, 42, -4635 40 Light Wood or 40 Light Paper 30000 44000


  • Although a small area, the transition area is used quite often by level 60's.