All Roads to Peace

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All Roads to Peace CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Hard
Location Pre-Light Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 64
Starter NPC Captain Goruca
Required Quest Clearing the Camps
Blazing Retribution
Reclaiming the House
Reward As follows:

All Roads to Peace is a level 64 quest taking place in the Pre-Light Forest.


With the Orc War ravaging the Llevigar Plains, Captain Goruca seeks to resolve the conflict through diplomacy. However, the Orc War might take a turn for the worse...

Stage 1

» Talk to Captain Goruca at [-1392, -4699]

CaptainGoruca.png Soldier(AllRoadstoPeace).png

  • Captain Goruca: Hm. It's been long enough, we should've heard back from the diplomacy squad by now...
  • Captain Goruca: Ah, hello there, Wynn soldier. You should stick around! We were just launching a counterattack against the orc citadel.
  • Captain Goruca: Since you've helped with curbing the orcs elsewhere, you can join in the festivities- Oh, that's them coming over the hills!
  • Soldier: ...A CATAPULT! Since when did the orcs have knowhow to make a CATAPULT?!
  • Soldier: I don't know, but they just decimated our golems with it. How are we supposed to deal with that chieftain without our protection?
  • Soldier: Let's just get to the medical tent and go from there. The captain will need to hear about this.
  • Soldier: Nonono, you don't understand- a CATAPULT?! Seriously, I cannot get over this! Orc catapult! What's the world coming to?!
  • Captain Goruca: ...why do you always have to embarrass me in front of the humans, you idiots...
  • Captain Goruca: Obviously, it seems we need some backup, soldier. Would you mind coming along to the medical tent with me?

Stage 2

» Follow the captain to the medical tent at [-1421, 43, -4688]


  • Captain Goruca: You lot are useless, you are! We had you sent off with thirty golems! THIRTY! And you come back with nothing to show? Do you have any idea how much that cost us?!
  • Soldier: ORC CATAPULT! I'm telling you, Captain! They crushed our golems with huge honking boulders! What are we supposed to do against that?!
  • Soldier: He's right, captain. After the golems were crushed, the orcs spilled out from the fortress. If we didn't retreat, we would've been killed, with just the four of us.
  • Captain Goruca: ...fine. I suppose you have a point. And that means it's a good thing we have a human here to pick up all your slack.
  • Captain Goruca: Human! Let me give you the lowdown. Since you've helped us reclaim the outpost up north, the orcs have gotten much more aggressive.
  • Captain Goruca: There have been many attacks here at town, and we've been struggling to fend them off. Thanks to the incompetence of our troops, we haven't been able to-
  • Soldier: ORC CATAPULT!! ORC CATAPULT!! Listen to the words I am telling you! ORC! CATAPULT!
  • Captain Goruca: ...we haven't been able to get the orc chieftain to listen to reason and sign a new ceasefire yet. If this keeps up, we'll be overwhelmed. The brutes only seem to listen to force...
  • Captain Goruca: And that's where you come in, soldier. We need you to go to the orc fortress and break through their line of defenses. Maybe, if we show them we can equal their force, they'll listen, right?
  • Captain Goruca: The fortress is off to the northeast, it's visible from town. Don't come back without a ceasefire- Or the chieftain's head, if peace is out of the question!

Stage 3

» Enter the Orcish Fortress at [-1310, 59, -4866]

Bitteliso.png Serepe.png Ismikku.png Hulve.png Zuett.png

  • Guard Bitteliso: Hmh! Human! Just like say, Serepe. Villager fail, then send human to kill.
  • Guard Serepe: Idiot big-noses! Human strong, but only one. Need more to break Centerworld!
  • Guard Serepe: One against four... Human not even beat one. Ismikku! Hulve!
  • Orc Guards: KNOCK HUMAN DOWN!!
  • ???: Idiot. Idiot human. Will die in open. Come.
  • ???: RRRGHH! Armor heavy! How human carry much weight, but so weak without?!
  • ???: Need medicine for...urgh. Blood... Where yarrow root...
  • ???: Hmh. Get up. Human! Get up! See human breathing, you awake!
  • ???: Name Zuett. Your name, Idiot. But only because taught wrong. So will help idiot. Take medicine.
  • Zuett: Hmh! Better than silly magic potion. Earth heals best...
  • Zuett: Anyway. Why you here? Why now? Give me good reason. Because orcs kill for "peace"?
  • Zuett: Hmh. Mhm, mhm. Yes, idiot villagers come by, lots of metal villager too. Say want peace- just want kill. Evil war machines.
  • Zuett: Human really want peace? Then listen to Zuett. Killing not the way. Orcs strong, but not killers. Villager say, but villager wrong.
  • Zuett: We... Orcs... Not listen to just force. Orcs see strength, not idiot-killing. Human been idiot-killing. Time to stop.
  • Zuett: Whole war stupid. War killing us. Not all Orcs meant to fight. Human need learn first.
  • Zuett: Need talk with Arrai-Veretel. But first, need trust. To start trust, listen to Zuett.
  • Zuett: Will give guards peace offer. [Elite Boar Meat]. Go hunt. Look bushes up north.
  • Zuett: If want walk away like coward, do now. If human trust by fort after get meat.

Stage 4

» Travel to the hunting grounds at [-1348, 43, -4956]

To start the hunt, go to the northern-most bush at the hunting grounds and right click it.

  • [!] An Elite Boar has been spotted. The hunt begins!
  • [!] The Elite Boar can be spotted by the particles above its head.
  • [!] The boars will try to hide in the bushes around the hunting grounds.
  • [!] Pay attention to what bush the Elite Boar is hiding in and give that bush a rustle with a right-click to get the boars out of their hiding spots.

After correctly guessing the bush the Elite Boar is hiding in 3 times, the Elite Boar becomes an enemy to fight.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:EliteBoar.png Elite Boar 68 9000 Melee Charge -
Elite Boar Meat
Orcish Hunting Grounds

Stage 5

» Speak to Zuett with the Elite Boar Meat at [-1310, 44, -4915]

Zuett.png Serepe.png Bitteliso.png Onluk.png

  • Zuett: Hmh. Hunt like child, but succeed anyway. Human should rely less on magic. Human serious, though.
  • Zuett: Good. Human really want peace. Help stop stupid war... Even though human and villager start anyway...
  • Zuett: Follow. We go Centerworld. Guards still angry, but can say good for you. Stay quiet- Zuett do talk.
  • Guard Serepe: Zuett! What you do? Thought drag away human to kill for good! Why bringing back now?
  • Guard Bitteliso: Zuett bleeding heart. Strong in compassion. Saw hurt, thought help. Stupid, but can respect.
  • Zuett: Listen to Zuett! Human want peace. Came for peace, but was taught peace come from idiot-killing by villager.
  • Guard Bitteliso: Grrrh! All human say! What special about this human?
  • Zuett: Human listen to Zuett. Hunt spineback boar, bring meat. See? If human not care, human not listen. Not hunt.
  • Guard Serepe: ... ... ...can respect human strength. Can hunt spineback, mean strong.
  • Guard Bitteliso: But strong not mean trust! Strength of body only one thing.
  • Zuett: Onluk! Tell what happen! Ressinter...healer hurt?
  • Guard Serepe: !! Ressinter only healer! Zuett want be healer, Creinu want be healer, but not!
  • Onluk: KREIMU! Get Kreimu! Mudspring camp! She good healer!
  • Guard Bitteliso: Will go! Fast runner! Ressinter no die today! Serepe, deal with human!
  • Zuett: Hm...HM!! Human, uh, human good healer! Heal own injury with medicine! Human will help!
  • Guard Serepe: Gwuh?! Zuett! Lying bad! Human idiot no hea-
  • Zuett: Onluk, tell! How Ressinter hurt?

» Follow Onluk to the Medicine Tent through the fortress

  • Onluk: Cannon backfire! Caught in blast! Cut up all over, bleeding bad! Healer already brought medicine tent!
  • Zuett: Hhhgh. Bad injury... Human. Heal Ressinter, fast!
  • Zuett: Make balm to keep healer alive! Even if only keep alive for Kreimu to heal, keep Ressinter alive!
  • Zuett: Mix herbs. Use medicine book. And stay in tent!

Stage 6

» Save the injured orc, or keep it alive until rescue arrives

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to healing Ressinter.
To heal Ressinter, you must put 1 Chamomile, 1 Pyrola, and 2 Yarrows into the brewing pot to receive a [Herbal Balm], or either fail the combination 3 times and then help will arrive.


  • This is the medicine book Zuett talked about... but almost all of the words are in Orcish! There are pictures of each plant, and readable names, but...
    • [1] Look up Sweetgale.
      • The book depicts a tall, vine-like plant with red buds.
      • The illustration shows a body with splotchy red patches, and seems to depict pulped buds being applied to them.
      • There's a picture of fire on the skin...? Is it trying to say that sweetgale helps heal inflammation?
      • Another diagram shows grubs on the body, and seems to show that applying the pulped buds kills the bugs? That's what the big red X over the grub implies...
    • [2] Look up Yarrow.
      • The book depicts large groups of flowers in various colors, but primarily yellow.
      • Seems like yarrow can do a lot- there's a lot of disparate illustrations. One points at a sneezing orc with two yarrow plants pointing at it, and the sneezing stopping.
      • A similar illustration shows an orc that appears to be having stomach cramps, if its hands are crossed over its stomach is any indication, with two yarrow plants being pointing at it.
      • The third one seemingly shows an orc seemingly cut up, with red droplets coming off it. Again, two yarrow plants are pointed at it, and the next picture shows the cuts and droplets gone.
    • [3] Look up Chamomile.
      • The book depicts small, dainty flowers with white petals.
      • There's a detailed picture of the plant, and with arrows pointing to multiple different illustrated orcs each showing different things.
      • One orc is shown to be agitated, and then subsequently sleeping. Another is...shown with red patches on the skin, and fire next to it, which is depicted with water droplets in the next drawing. The red patches are gone.
      • The last one shows various cuts and gashes on a third orc that's emitting red droplets, and then smaller cuts without any red drops on the next depiction...
      • ...but the next page is showing an orc with X's over its eyes, and arrows from multiple chamomile plants pointing to it. Does that mean too much chamomile is bad?
    • [4] Look up Feverfew.
      • The book depicts a shrub-like plant with white petals and buds.
      • It looks like it's good for healing a lot of things. The pictures show a sweating, feverish orc, one is clutching its stomach, a female one clutching her stomach, and what can be assumed to be an orc with...a toothache?
      • Seems to imply that feverfew is good for dealing with all those kinds of maladies.
    • [5] Look up Gingko Leaf.
      • The book depicts broad, yellow-green leaves.
      • There's an image of an orc with red droplets coming off it, and an arrow with a picture of a gingko leaf pointing at it- the arrow is crossed out. That could mean multiple things.
      • The next page shows a gingko leaf pointed at an illustration of a brain, and a similar arrow points from a frowning orc to a smiling one.
      • So that means it's good for mood and mental health...and that it does something with bleeding, but you can't tell whether that would be good or bad for it.
    • [6] Look up Pyrola.
      • The book depicts red-orange flowering stalks, almost like cattails.
      • There's a large illustration of an orc with big purple blotches all over it, and next to it there's a similar illustration with orange splotches instead.
      • That implies that ground-up pyrola goes on there...probably depicting bruises.
      • Similar orange splotches are applied to what is clearly a cut, and the next illustration over shows the same cut having become smaller.
      • Then there's illustrations of what look like...veins? There's a lot of orcish script next to it, so you can't make heads or tails of what that much could mean.
    • [7] Look up Elderberry.
      • The book depicts a short shrub covered in vibrant red berries on small stalks.
      • There are multiple illustrations of what look like sick orcs- sneezing and coughing shown in pictures.
      • One illustration shows what looks to be an orc in great pain, and arrows pointing from the elderberries to those figures.
      • Your best guess is that elderberries are good for healing mild illnesses, and maybe for dulling pain.
    • [8] Close the book.

First fail:

  • The bleeding seems to have slowed down a little bit, but the medicine orc is still badly injured. The balm must not have been effective. You'll have to make another one.

Second fail:

  • The balm doesn't seem to have worked this time either. He's still bleeding badly. Maybe you can just...cover up all the cuts and hope for the best? Or maybe that's not a good idea.

Third fail:

  • Still no significant effect. The orc's breathing is getting shallower...

Did not heal Ressinter:
Bitteliso.png Kreimu.png Onluk.png Zuett.png Nunexetor.png

  • Kreimu: Gwuh, yes! Stop shouting! I- Urgh!
  • Kreimu: Here in time. Ressinter still alive...why other balm on cuts?
  • Kreimu: Wait, why human here? Ressinter hurt because human?
  • Onluk: No, human try heal Ressinter!
  • Zuett: Human try heal Ressinter. Thought better healer than Zuett. Try hard to keep Ressinter alive.
  • Kreimu: ... ... ...Nunexetor. You sensible. Is true? Human try heal Ressinter?
  • Nunexetor: Yes. The human made herb balms and tried to heal Ressinter.
  • Bitteliso: So Zuett not lie. Human care about orc?
  • Zuett: See? Human try. Maybe not heal Ressinter full, but try save life of someone call enemy by idiot Villager.
  • Zuett: Human learn Villagers lie. Trying learn about us. War only because Villagers trick! Not because human bad!
  • Bitteliso: ...hmh! Can respect. Strong in mind if able to learn.
  • Onluk: Agree with Bitteliso and Zuett!
  • Nunexetor: Agreed. We should get back to our tasks though.
  • Kreimu: Will stay for while in case Ressinter need medicine more.
  • Zuett: Sorry to put human up to task sudden, but now more orc trust you.
  • Zuett: Since orc trust...maybe can talk to Arrai-Veretel now. Follow.

Healed Ressinter:
Ressinter.png Onluk.png Zuett.png Nunexetor.png Bitteliso.png Kreimu.png

  • The cuts are closing underneath the balm, and his breathing is becoming more steady. Did you do it...?
  • Ressinter: Whuh! LOMOSTER! LOMOSTER HURT!
  • Onluk: No! Lomoster okay! Ressinter not okay- Wait. Ressinter sort of okay! Need rest still!
  • Ressinter: But Lomoster at cannon when explode!
  • Onluk: Lomoster wear armor. Armor took hurt, Lomoster okay!
  • Ressinter: ...mmmh, fine... Wait, why human here?
  • Zuett: Human heal Ressinter. See? Human good healer!
  • Nunexetor: I don't believe it. How did-
  • Kreimu: Gwuh, yes! Stop shouting, I- Whuh...
  • Kreimu: Ressinter already okay! Bitteliso lying?!
  • Bitteliso: Wait, Ressinter okay? How did- HUMAN?! WHY HUMAN IN CAMP?!
  • Onluk: Human heal Ressinter! Not know how, but human save Ressinter life!
  • Zuett: Told Bitteliso. Human learning! Save life of orc, even though idiot Villager say kill.
  • Kreimu: How. HOW! How human so good at healing?! Why human help?
  • Zuett: Can trust human. Human try unlearn bad villager teach.
  • Bitteliso: ...fine. Good human, not stupid human. Bitteliso sorry for beating. Here.
  • [+1536 Emeralds]
  • Nunexetor: Shouldn't we get back to what we were doing?
  • Kreimu: ...will stay in case Ressinter need help.
  • Ressinter: Ressinter not old man! No need sitter!
  • Zuett: Not know that human actually good at heal! Very good! Healer, not hunter. More orc trust you now.
  • Zuett: Since orc trust...maybe can talk to Arrai-Veretel now. Follow!

» Follow Zuett through the Orcish Fortress

Ureietun.png Zuett.png

  • Ureietun: No enter! Much camp see human heal, but still no trust human!
  • Zuett: Ureietun! Human help save Ressinter life! Why no trust?
  • Ureietun: Human being led by you. Human led by villager too! Teach good thing, yes, but what if human just copying?
  • Ureietun: Human can earn trust alone! Zuett, stay in Arrai-room.
  • Zuett: But-
  • Zuett: ...can trust human not kill. Human can walk around Centerworld. But human no see Arrai-Veretel!
  • If she's worried about you just following orders, then if you go and help out some orcs on your own, Ureietun might change her mind.
  • There are lots of Orcs around. Asking them if they need help should be simple enough.

Stage 7

» Ask various orcs if they need any help at the Orcish Fortress at [-1310, 61, -4816].

Peloros' Task


Can be found circling around [-1318, 62, -4820].
  • Peloros: Hm! Human, hunter, healer, halfwit soldier. Many things! Human also runner?
  • Peloros: Peloros from Holehold. Camp home to messengers and runners. Have thing to deliver to Fruludir in green tower.
  • Peloros: Human do instead. Want see if human able. Supposed to be soldier- soldier must run to battlefield fast!
    • [1] Sure, I can try.
      • Peloros: Then human run fast to green tower- deliver in 25 seconds! Or else come back. Not urgent delivery, so delay fine.
      • Peleros: Will know human delivered in time. How? Human will see if run fast!
    • [2] Um, human no runner.
      • Peleros: RGH! Can understand just fine, just not speak as good! No mock us!

There will be a countdown and a 25 second timer will start. The tower is not too far away from Centerworld, but it will prove a challenge to builds with poor walkspeed.
If at or under 25 seconds:


  • Fruludir: Hm! Human have Peloros box. Peloros give human run training. Give here.
  • Fruludir: More than Zuett with human? Good sign. Maybe fighting stop soon.
  • Fruludir: Patience, human. Box full of signal flare. Will light one to show Peloros human got here in time.
  • Suppose that's that, then- Fruludir has his package. Time to go back to Peloros.

  • Peloros: Saw the firework. Human did well, finishing single morning exercise!
  • Peloros: Orc do much training to stay strong. Orc runners must be fast and not tire to become Marathon!
  • Peloros: Here. Human take. Train harder. Maybe visit Holehold- also place for relax, not just run. Stamina good for all.
  • Rewards:

Durbeo's Task


Can be found at [-1288, 62, -4783].
  • Durbeo: Oh. Human who help Ressinter. You are strange. Not like other human at all.
  • Durbeo: This? This food storage. Mostly for meats and roots. Though, large ritual happening soon.
  • Durbeo: Festival with Earthpit. Will be coming soon- so stocking up food for that.
  • Durbeo: ...human look like want help. You...really are strange. I suppose...if you want help with food, could do some fishing.
  • Durbeo: Won't ask human to do everything- just [5 Carp Meat] enough to help. Though, could bring more if wanted.
  • Durbeo: If want bring more than 5, will accept more than 5.

Nearby sources of Carp can be found in the river running through Centerworld.

5 Carp Meat:

  • Durbeo: Mhm, mhm. You are strange human, but not bad human. This enough meat.
  • Durbeo: Festival will still be long time away, but here. Since human help, you get reward. Only fair.
  • Rewards:
    • +192 Emeralds
    • +10
      Fresh Bones

10 Carp Meat:

  • Durbeo: Oh, you brought more fish than asked. Twice as much as asked!
  • Durbeo: You are good human. Strange, but not bad. Willing to put in extra effort.
  • Durbeo: Here- will also share some meat that won't be for festival. Other rewards too.
  • Rewards:

15 Carp Meat:

20 Carp Meat:

  • Durbeo: ...that is...much fish. You heard me when I said five, right?
  • Durbeo: Four times as much as fair share. Why human like this?
  • Durbeo: Humans are supposed to be selfish. Listen to villager and kill orc. But you are not like that at all.
  • Durbeo: Then here- Will share extra meat. Not for festival, but still good. Other thing too. Thank you very much, human.
  • Rewards:

25 Carp Meat:

30 Carp Meat:

  • Durbeo: I. What. Human, you... That.
  • Durbeo: Said five. You have thirty. and why.
  • Durbeo: You just did work of six orc. You are...overachieving human. But that is not bad thing!
  • Durbeo: Here, then. This meat not for festival, but you deserve hearty meal for all effort!
  • Durbeo: That much fish actually meet quota! Thank you so much, strange, kind human!
  • Rewards:

Teiren's Task


Can be found at [-1321, 62, -4837].
  • Teiren: Hey! Human who hunt spineback boar and help heal healer!
  • Teiren: Not stupid human who go around and kill other orc! Good human! Can trust. So trust, will ask for small thing.
  • Teiren: Human OFFERING help- Hmh! Very good human! Task simple. Southeast of fort, past ridge, Teiren old camp.
  • Teiren: Used to live, but left because Freelancer jump down from mountain. Forgot important thing there!
  • Teiren: Need stay here, make sure stupid Peloros no run into firepit. Has done before. So, you go get!

Go to the camp at [-1268, -4723] to progress the task.

  • Freelancer: Oi, oi! Y'oughta gimme 'at back right now, li'l lady!
  • Alraune: Absolutely NOT, you craven wind spirit! This belongs to me now!
  • Freelancer: Lady, everything the wind touches is OURS! Not ta mention we're so close to the mountains we live on! This camp's our property, and that thing you got's part of our camp!
  • Alraune: Nonsense! This camp was built by those who respected the earth and its bounties. Now that its inhabitants have left, nature is free to reclaim it, as is right!
  • Freelancer: Aw yeah? Issat it? You're a peach, gal, but I'll clip those petals, you don't give it up right now!
  • Alraune: What a brutish lout you are, threatening an embodiment of nature! I won't give this up without a fight!

Jealous Alrane Miniboss:

  • Alraune: One so brazen as yourself could never share in the bounties of nature! Now begone! And leave me be!
  • Alraune: And who might you be? What brings a human to this disused place?
  • Alraune: Oh no, you want this too?! I have claimed it for my own! Leave me be, go! Get out of here!

Fickle Freelancer Miniboss:

  • Freelancer: Shouldn'ta crossed me, doll! Remember who spreads your pollen next time, huh?! Now to just take this back up the mountain...
  • Freelancer: OI! Who's THIS joker now? You lookin' ta empty your wallet for me or something?
  • Freelancer: What, you want this thing too?! It's mine, y'hear? MINE! You can't have it!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:FickleFreelancer.png Fickle Freelancer 68 5000 Jumper Melee ✦ Weak
❋ Dam

Odd-Shaped Item
Teiren's Old Camp
File:JealousAlraune.png Jealous Alraune 70 10000 Ranged Heal
Arrow Storm
✹ Weak
✤ Dam
✤ Def

Odd-Shaped Item
Teiren's Old Camp
  • Teiren: Human! Was right to send out. Peloros fall over chair and almost burn! Did find thing? Very distinctive, only thing left at camp.
  • Teiren: Hmhm!! Yes! This what looking for! Very good human! Human deserve reward for be good human!
  • Teiren: Oh? Human not know what thing is? Want know?
  • Teiren: Silly! If human not know what thing is, no tell! Can learn for self.
  • Teiren: Still. Here, for good human!
  • Rewards:
    • +64 Emeralds
    • +3
      Strange Trinkets

Xoeinbor's Task


Can be found at [-1289, 64, -4794].
  • Xoeinbor: Grrh...stupid Jixy. Dumb human language!
  • Xoeinbor: Hrrh! Human! You language dumb! Name smart, flow like water in Orc language, look like dungpile on paper in human language!
  • Xoeinbor: Say name! Look at spell, say name! Try!! TRY!!!
  • She thrusts a piece of thick, leathery paper at you- the black ink reads 'Xoeinbor.' This could be said many different ways...
    • [1] Xoeinbor.
      • Xoeinbor: NO! Say wrong, all wrong! Sound even stupider than normal!
    • [2] Xoeinbor.
      • Xoeinbor: GRRRH! Confusing name! Not confusing in orcish! Human say all wrong!
    • [3] Xoeinbor.
      • Xoeinbor: Hmh. That right, human. Willing to try at least. See how bad name look?
      • Xoeinbor: Said "shoon-bur." Not even LOOK like that in human letter!
      • Xoeinbor: Here. Needed show anger at stupid language, not show anger at human.
      • Rewards:
        • +128 Emeralds
        • A full heal.
    • [4] Xoeinbor.
      • Xoeinbor: Stupid stupid STUPID! Not at all say like spell! See stupid language now?!
    • [5] Xoeinbor.
      • Xoeinbor: GAAAH!! No, no, no, no!!! Why need learn human language?!
    • [6] Joe?

Yunelsu's Task


Can be found at [-1297, 62, -4837].
  • Yunelsu: HRRRGH!
  • Yunelsu: Hrrf...haaah...hhhuman! Weird...weird kind human!
  • Yunelsu: Rock stuck. Trying to lift- for train strength! No one able to lift rock.
  • Yunelsu: Yunelsu try throw rock into river! Have thrown other rock, not this one.
  • Yunelsu: Human! Try move rock!
  • Well, it seems trying to lift it won't work. Maybe casting some spells at it could dislodge it? Try casting multiple spells in a row.

To progress, you need to cast 4 spells in a row at the rock.

  • Yunelsu: Hmm...human magic strong, but rock still not moving.
  • Yunelsu: Work together! Cast magic at rock, I try lift again! Ready!
  • Yunelsu: HGGGGRRK! GO!

Cast a spell at the rock again.

  • Yunelsu: Hrrgh... Hrrf. Must be...old earth rock.
  • Yunelsu: Been here very long time. Stuck here, rock where earth wants rock to be.
  • Yunelsu: Yunelsu find other rock then. Sometimes rock break, though.
  • Yunelsu: See? Many broken rock. Hear can be good for armor though. You take.
  • Rewards:

Lomoster's Task


Can be found at [-1344, 69, -4835].
  • Lomoster: Oh! You! Saw Zuett dragging you to camp. And saw other thing.
  • Lomoster: And you helped Ressinter! Will apologize later. Was my fault. Human seen Freelancers?
  • Lomoster: Freelancers think everything belong to them. Loiter around fortress a lot, try to jump in sometimes.
  • Lomoster: Was trying to shoot flying one down, but cannon broke, and cannonball explode.
  • Lomoster: Now Ressinter okay, but still need repair cannon. Human feel like helping, will need [5 Iron Ingots] to repair.
  • Lomoster: Long walk, but there iron in valley east of villager quarry. There also other villager there, with weapons. Not sure why.

An easy place to gather Iron is in the nearby Karoc Quarry.

  • Lomoster: Human being weirdly helpful. That good though! Make Lomoster job of shooting enemy easier.
  • Lomoster: Here. Freelancer like steal metal and other thing too, have found a lot from shooting. Human can have.
  • Lomoster: Not good for repair cannon, but probably good for make other thing.
  • Rewards:
    • +384 Emeralds
    • +8
      Pilfered Silvers

Creinu's Task


Can be found at [-1302, 70, -4770].
  • Creinu: Grrmb. Dumb Kreimu. Stupid Wynn language...Gavel language, pfeh. Whatever language, not orc language.
  • Creinu: Her name, my name, sound same. Don't sound same in Orcish! But in YOUR language, sound same!
  • Creinu: Not just that-learning to be medicine orc. She medicine orc too! Healer, brewer, herbalist, whatever. Too much same!
  • Creinu: Angry about it. Been distracting from training too. Human want help like help Ressinter? Get Creinu- Kreimu, ingredient for medicine.
  • Creinu: [3 Leafy Stalks]. Need to learn how to make much medicine out of little herb. Easy?

Feyborne Alraunes drop Leafy Stalks. They spawn pretty close to where Creinu is.

  • Creinu: Grrmbl... Dumb Kreimu... Human have stalks?
  • Creinu: Good. Can take these, then- Alraune girl have sometimes. Tasty, but not good medicine.
  • Creinu: Durbeo might like, actually. Durbeo orc in food storage tower behind me. Maybe he want help too?
  • Rewards:
  • +6
    Tangy Nectars

Jixy's Task


Can be found at [-1276, 66, -4772].
  • Jixy: Oh, that human who healed Ressinter. Yes, I've heard of you already. News travels fast here.
  • Jixy: You have a weird face. Uh, a weird look on your face, I mean. What, not used to a more eloquent orc?
  • Jixy: I'm studying languages, is why. I haven't got everything known yet, so if you feel like helping, I could use it.
  • Jixy: I used to have a very smart hobbit friend who lived nearby. They've left, but I want you to check their hobbit hole to see if they've left behind any language books.
  • Jixy: It should be close to the blue tower on the hill. That should be easy, right?

To progress the quest, go to the hobbit hole at -1292, -4956 and right-click the book.

  • This is probably the book Jixy was talking about. You should get back to her... Wait, what's that noise?

After picking up the book, a Raging Catsith will spawn, but is not necessary to kill to progress the quest, rather, head back to Jixy.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:RagingCatsith.png Raging Catsith 66 6000 Melee Vanish ✦ Dam
❋ Def
- Abandoned Hobbit Hole
  • Jixy: Oh, good, they did leave a book behind. This even completes the collection I have. I have the first, second, fourth, fifth, and sixth volumes of this.
  • Jixy: Hopefully I can learn something new here. I still don't understand what all these weird "figures of speech" are supposed to mean...
  • Jixy: What does busting your hump mean? Or two shakes of a lamb tail? Well, anyway. You probably know, so me trying to guess is boring.
  • Jixy: Here, then. That friend of mine wrote everything he came across down in some diaries, and he gave me them to keep, but I can't read them.
  • Jixy: The pages are too flimsy- I'll rip them if I turn them. It's a good thing the book you gave me is bound with strong leather, but I still need to be careful not to ruin it...
  • Jixy: Well, maybe if you read what these have written in them you can learn some things for yourself.
  • Rewards:

Nunexetor's Task


Can be found at [-1293, 49, -4821].
  • Nunexetor: Huh. You again. That weird human who helped Ressinter. Something wrong?
  • Nunexetor: Hm. Looking to help out still? What is it with you looking to be helpful? Have to say I'm not used to this. But, I can think of something.
  • Nunexetor: HEY! Any of you feel like playing a game?
  • ?????: Ugh, yeah! We're so BORED in here!
  • ?????????: What in the... HEY! Why's one of the big, scary humans in here?! Nunny, I thought you said we were gonna play a game!
  • Nunexetor: We are. This human actually isn't so bad. Care to introduce yourselves?
  • ???????: Well, sure, but...even if you say this one isn't so scary, I know I don't wanna tell them my real name!
  • ??????: Didn't we just eat a bunch of fruit though? We can use those as fake names!
  • Mango: Okay then. Well, call me Mango then, weird human!
  • Blueberry: I just ate a bunch of blueberries, so I guess I'm Blueberry for now?
  • Grapes: Hey, I wouldn't mind being called Grapes by anyone, really!
  • Peaches: Then I'm Peaches! So we're just doing a little hide and seek game?
  • Nunexetor: Yes. Just hide around the fort someplace. If the human doesn't find you, you win.
  • Mango: Well, that's kinda boring, so I'm gonna go find a really tough to reach spot!
  • Grapes: NYAHAHA! Everyone scatter!!
  • Nunexetor: Well, there you go. I'll tell you how many you have left to find if you talk with me.

The locations of each are as follows:

  • Mango - At the tower at -1288, 83, -4780
    • Mango: You're good. I thought you might be able to see me up here, but I didn't think you'd be able to reach me!
    • Mango: I don't really care about the fact you're human. As long as I get my entertainment I'm happy. Which kinda isn't so great, cause there isn't a lot here to tinker with.
    • Mango: Tinkernook is so much better about having machines and metals and things to experiment and build than here is.
    • Mango: Anyways, you win, I lose, so I better get back to stick-in-the-mud Nunexetor. See ya!
  • Blueberry - By the rock at -1292, 62, -4845
    • Blueberry: NYACK! For such a big human you really know how to sneak up on someone!!
    • Blueberry: Gah, I thought I was a goner for a second there... If Nunny says you're okay then I'll trust him, but that doesn't make you less intimidating!
    • Blueberry: And, I guess out in the open like this, the other orcs wouldn't let you bully us, so...
    • Blueberry: Suppose you're alright, maybe. But even still, you found me, so I lose. Unless you can't find everyone else!
    • Blueberry: I bet you'll NEVER find Mango, hahaah! She always takes these games SUPER seriously!
  • Grapes - On top the flagpole at -1295, 75, -4802
    • Grapes: Aw darn it. I guess it's pretty easy to see me up here.
    • Grapes: I mean, I knew that, but I thought you wouldn't think to climb the tower!
    • Grapes: Well, really went and tried to heal Ressinter? That's pretty admirable!
    • Grapes: I hear most humans are bullies. It's why Veltu back at the Trunkstump camp was training us to be tougher.
    • Grapes: Aaaand then a human went and killed her, because I guess they got told to do so! At least you seem halfway decent.
    • Grapes: Anyway, back to the quiet ol' grouch with me!
  • Peaches - By the river at -1320, 53, -4799
    • Peaches: Ack! Thought you wouldn't notice me behind the stairs!
    • Peaches: Ugh, human types are scary up close. Is Nunexetor really sure you're not a bad guy?
    • Peaches: I mean, look at your armor! You, you look like you could splat me against the wall in a snap!
    • Peaches: ...I feel like I just gave you an idea and I'm not sticking around to find out! You win!
  • That's all four goblins. Nunexetor is probably expecting you now that the game is finished.
  • Nunexetor: Looks like the human wins. Guess I know how you managed to find that spineback boar.
  • Blueberry: There's no way you REALLY hunted one of those things. Those even give the orc hunters trouble!
  • Peaches: Are you kidding me? Humans are terrifying, Blueberry! They've hunted way stronger stuff than some stupid pig!
  • Grapes: But, the game was fun, right?
  • Mango: Yeah, I guess it wasn't as boring as I'd thought.
  • Nunexetor: That's all I wanted from you. Can go back to whatever it was you were doing now.
  • Peaches: Yes, finally! I don't have to spend time wondering if the human's gonna try and poke my eyes out!
  • Grapes: Oh, quit being such a scaredy-baby. This one's nice!
  • Mango: Good game, I guess! Back to being bored again.
  • Blueberry: ...
  • Nunexetor: What, nothing to say?
  • Blueberry: ... Your shoe's unlaced, human.
  • Nunexetor: What? You aren't even wearing those kinds of shoes.
  • Nunexetor: Anyways, to the winner goes the spoils. Here, for entertaining them for a bit.
  • Nunexetor: They have me watch the goblins but I'm no good at having fun with them, so thanks I suppose.
  • Rewards:
    • +320 Emeralds

Miliyus's Task


Can be found at [-1301, 49, -4835].
  • Miliyus: Ah, the weird human. Why you looking to be helpful?
  • Miliyus: Must be some reason. Not sure if tired for fighting or some other reason, but if human feel like helping, can use some help.
  • Miliyus: Running low on blue dyes. Have plenty of other colors, but need blue. Know where to get them, too.
  • Miliyus: The cave outside the villager bridge, with the pond and arch by it. Go in, and there will be blue flowers.
  • Miliyus: Get [8 Terramarine Buds] so can make more dyes. Don't know why you helping, but won't turn down help either.

The cave Miliyus is talking about is located at -1302, -4693. Inside will be some parkour. If you fall off, go back to the beginning of the cave and swim up the waterfall.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Terramite.png Terramite 68 2600 Melee - ❋ Weak
✤ Dam
- Terramarine Cave
Marinemite.png Marinemite 68 6050 Melee - ✦ Weak
✦ Dam
- Terramarine Cave
File:TerramineBloom.png Terramarine Blossom 1 10 None - -
Terramarine Buds
Terramarine Cave
  • Miliyus: The weird human again? You all covered in blue powder. You found the flowers then!
  • Miliyus: Here. Will get that for you. The buds are enough for what need, but you can keep the dust.
  • Miliyus: Little more, too. But, again- why you looking to be helpful? Don't understand. Humans kill orcs a lot.
  • Miliyus: You unlearn villager stupidity maybe? In the middle of unlearning? Perhaps a sign from the earth things will heal. Perhaps not. We will see.
  • Rewards:
    • +192 Emeralds
    • +8 Terramarine Dust

Etemitoro's Task


Can be found at [-1318, 49, -4824].
  • Etemitoro: You that weird human helping instead killing, right? Nunexetor and little goblins talking about you.
  • Etemitoro: Trying to make weapons and tools better. Training, but running out of grindstones. Etemitoro- that is me, my name... That how say it?
  • Etemitoro: Weird human language. Anyway, know where good grindstone is- top of mountain east of fortress.
  • Etemitoro: There shortcut running through top by Ledant cave. Maybe dangerous, but not too much. Follow dead bushes on road and can get to top quickly.
  • Etemitoro: May have something useful if bring me [Leaden Stone] for grind metal.

The Leaden Stone is located at -1231, 102, -4799.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:LeadenChunk.png Leaden Chunk 1 100 None - - Leaden Stone Pre-Light Forest Mountain Range
  • Etemitoro: Look- human want help? Then get Etemitoro- that is me, my name... Get-
  • Etemitoro: Oh! You have [Leaden Stone]! Was focusing on work, didn't notice.
  • Etemitoro: Here. Human like green gem for money, right? Not good for smithing though.
  • Etemitoro: Broken weapon parts not good alone, but still sharp. Can be used to make other good weapons! Reuse good for earth- waste not!
  • Rewards:

Kreimu's Task


Can be found at [-1378, 69, -4836].
  • Kreimu: Hm, healer human. Could swear, saw you walking around plains some time ago. What here for? Ressinter hurt again?
  • Kreimu: No? Well, am curious now. You try heal Ressinter...luck, maybe? Or did human really know what herbs do?
  • Kreimu: Want review. Want see human medicine knowledge. Will ask questions, human give answer. Simple. Ready?
    • [1] Yes, I'm ready.
      • Kreimu: Good! So, first question. Ginkgo Leaf. What Gingko Leaf good for?
        • [1] It improves mood and mental health.
          • Kreimu: Yes! Good. Gingko leaf help brain. Make feel better when stress, but make blood runny. Can be good for sometimes, but can be dangerous.
          • Kreimu: So, second question. Sweetgale. What Sweetgale good for?
            • [1] It helps lessen bruises.
              • Kreimu: Nope. Sweetgale not for helping with that. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
            • [2] It sweetens mixtures.
              • Kreimu: Nope. Sweetgale not for helping with that. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
            • [3] It repels bugs.
              • Kreimu: Mhm. Good! Sweetgale pulp makes bugs avoid. Also make irritated skin soothe. Very good for bug bite.
              • Kreimu: Here third question. Elderberry. Elderberry good for two thing. What Elderberry good for?
                • [1] It helps lessen bruises and stops bleeding.
                  • Kreimu: No, Elderberry not good for those. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
                • [2] It soothes pain and treats cold-like illnesses.
                  • Kreimu: Yes! Though, Elderberry also good for third thing. Can make good drink! Get drunk if ferment Elderberry, but that not medicine.
                  • Kreimu: Last question for human. Feverfew. What Feverfew NOT help with?
                    • [1] Lessening fevers.
                      • Kreimu: Feverfew very good for heal that. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
                    • [2] Soothing stomach pains.
                      • Kreimu: Feverfew very good for heal that. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
                    • [3] Getting a date with you.
                      • Kreimu: ... ... ...
                      • Kreimu: Pfff...hawhawhawhaw!!! H-Human, yahoo! I- Harhar!
                      • Kreimu: That...correct! Not right, but correct! You...haha, you only help Ressinter through luck, right? Human not actually healer.
                      • Kreimu: Human have humor though! And human try hard to help. More than can say for most humans. Here then- try more heal, instead of be soldier.
                      • Kreimu: World need more people to help other people. That human was willing to try mean many good thing.
                • [3] It aids in sleep and soothes inflammation.
                  • Kreimu: No, Elderberry not good for those. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
        • [2] It helps soothe physical pain.
          • Kreimu: No. Gingko Leaf bad for that. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
        • [3] It lessens bleeding.
          • Kreimu: No. Gingko Leaf bad for that. Hm, maybe human heal Ressinter through luck... Can try again if want.
    • [2] Give me a moment, actually.
      • Kreimu: Fine. Take your time. Will be here for while to make sure other healer okay.

Onluk's Task


Can be found at [-1336, 71, -4813].
  • Onluk: Human healer! Hello! This Onluk tower. Onluk tower two! Human help, so human welcome.
  • Onluk: Tower one call tower one cause Onluk build tower one! This not usual spot for Onluk.
  • Onluk: Usually at tower on small hill, across bridge. But because build tower by self, tower rickety.
  • Onluk: Human helpful. Human get sturdy wood for fix tower? Swamp has sturdy wood. Forest has wood too, but more magical than sturdy.
  • Onluk: [6 Willow Planks] enough to make tower better, maybe. Willow strong wood! Can get?

Nearby Willow trees are located in the Olux Swamp.

  • Onluk: Aha! Human have willow wood! Onluk fix tower now!
  • Onluk: Will repair Onluk tower one! Come see after fix!

Go to -1378, -4831 to see Onluk repair the watchtower.

  • Looks like Onluk's repaired the watchtower on the hill. He wanted to you see it, better meet him there.
  • Onluk: TOWER ONE REPAIRED! Hrahaaah! Yes! Human very helpful!
  • Onluk: Should go and see! Climb tower, shoot crossbow at Freelancer!

Climb the watchtower and use the crossbow.

  • Onluk: See? Onluk tower one much better than Onluk tower two! Cozy up here, and can see Fruludir tower too!
  • Onluk: Human very helpful. Healer and woodcutter! Repairer of tower- Well, human not repair tower. Helper of repairer of tower!
  • Onluk: Here, for help repair Onluk tower one!
  • Rewards:
    • +384 Emeralds
    • +4
      Windswept Roots

Completed 4 tasks:

  • That should be enough helping to convince Ureietun to let you through.

Helped every Orc:

  • It looks like that's the last orc around here who needed help!

Stage 8

» Speak to Ureietun at [-1276, 62, -4832] to gain access to the Chieftess' hut


Ureietun.png Arrai-Veretel.png

  • Ureietun: ... ... ...
  • Ureietun: ...fine. Maybe human not so bad.
  • Ureietun: Human want talk Arrai-Veretel. In hut. Follow.
  • Ureietun: Arrai-Veretel! Human try help orc around fortress. Want talk.
  • Ureietun: Up to human now. Will not help more- choice is up to Arrai-Veretel.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Hmh. Zuett spoke about you. So you are human trying to end war?
  • Arrai-Veretel: !!!
  • Arrai-Veretel: YOU! You human who kill Rai-Poxper! You human who attack other fort!
  • Arrai-Veretel: Need talk with Zuett again. You follow. And you stay quiet. Understand?

Stage 9

» Follow Arrai-Veretel into the meeting room at [-1260, 55, -4837]


Arrai-Veretel.png Zuett.png

  • Arrai-Veretel: ZUETT! You say human want peace. Do you know who human is?!
  • Zuett: Whuh- This good human! Heal Ressinter-
  • Arrai-Veretel: Human ALSO kill Rai-Poxper!
  • Zuett: Wha- no-
  • Arrai-Veretel: Human ALSO attack other fort! Many orcs dead because this human!
  • Arrai-Veretel: How can Zuett say human trying to end war, when human START WAR AGAIN?!
  • Zuett: Only because villager-
  • Arrai-Veretel: THAT. IS. THE. POINT!! Villager get human to fight for them! Cease-fire say Villager not attack orc. Then human come over ocean. Try make peace- get attack!
  • Arrai-Veretel: See human attack. Villager get human to attack, say lies to trick humans. Orcs defend self. Then, three Rai-orc die at Earthpit, Cliffhearth, and Trunkstump goblin camp.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Human attack! Rai-Poxper take rightful toll for break cease-fire, but not war yet. Take magic axe from Villager city while magic power gone bad.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Villager and human attack first, but attack orc for take rightful toll like orc attack first! And human kill Rai-Poxper!
  • Arrai-Veretel: Orc take human fort build in dying earth forest. Cannot know if human planning another attack! But not kill human. Hold human instead.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Then same human who kill Rai-Poxper come, kill bathing orc, break in fort, kill many Centerworld orc! Villager start, orc finish, villager no respect end!
  • Arrai-Veretel: Yes, human tricked by Villager, but human still attack orc. Human still kill many orc! Human say want peace now?
  • Arrai-Veretel: What human done? Hunt boar? Help healer? Done busywork for other orc? That not make up for life lost.
  • Zuett: ...Arrai-Veretel right. What human done good, not make up for that. But, human still trying. If one human try to stop, more human can try to stop.
  • Zuett: War only killing us! If tried talk human instead of go sharpen spear and fight back, maybe human would learned faster than now.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Maybe. Maybe more orc be dead instead. Zuett, you cannot say what would happened. Wishful thinking, and I wish would happened too!
  • Arrai-Veretel: But with unfinished Wynnic, orc cannot talk well. YOU try learn language when idiot killing you! All sound stupid, and no time to learn for most!
  • Zuett: But human listen to Zuett, even if not sound smart. Arrai-Veretel not respect human. Justified, but still cause problem.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Grrh. FINE! Zuett want peace so bad? Human want peace so bad? Human spilled much orc blood. Only way out of war, is through. We will battle.
  • Arrai-Veretel: No tricks. No backup. Nothing but battle between human and myself. If human can fight in ritual arena and win, then will listen.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Listen, Zuett. I want war stop too. But you must understand the risk here. Cannot make decision lightly. Villager go back on word- see writing, find way around writing.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Try threaten us with iron corpse machine! So, battle will happen. Will prepare ritual and gather crowd. Prepare, human.
  • Zuett: ...that right. Prepare, human. Arrai-Veretel strongest orc. Strong in everything. Mind, body, power, spirit.
  • Zuett: Zuett still think human trying to be good. Still think can help stupid war end. Knock sense into Arrai-Veretel.

Stage 10

» Defeat Arrai-Veretel in combat in the arena below the orcish meeting room.


  • Arrai-Veretel: Before fight... Must perform ritual. This challenge need respect. I do not repect you, human, but will show respect anyway.
  • Arrai-Veretel: May the earth herself hear us... Though we do not speak as we once have...
  • Arrai-Veretel: We, as humble inhabitants of the land she has gifted us, pledge this show in honor of her.
  • Arrai-Veretel: May she be sated, grow healthy, and honor us in turn for this offering.
  • Watching Orcs: HMH! HAH!
  • Arrai-Veretel: Now...begin!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Arrai-Veretel(Phase1).png Arrai-Veretel
(Phase 1)
75 30000 Melee Charge
Blindness Immunity
Slowness Immunity
✦ Def - Orcish Combat Arena
  • Arrai-Veretel: HMH! Human tough. Fine- Will take battle seriously now!
  • Arrai-Veretel: For sake of those killed before me, I will not lose!

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Arrai-Veretel(Phase2).png Arrai-Veretel
(Phase 2)
75 80000 Melee Pull
Heavy Charge
✦ Def - Orcish Combat Arena

Arrai-Veretel.png CenterworldOrc.png

  • Arrai-Veretel: Ghh...hrrgh...
  • Audience Orc: Arrai-Veretel...lose?!
  • Audience Orc: No, no! Arrai-Veretel hurt bad! Human try kill Arrai-Veretel!!
  • Arrai-Veretel: AM FINE! Stupid, idiot! No interrupting while ritual fight!
  • Arrai-Veretel: Human win. Hate to say, but human win. Not even try kill me.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Give time. Battle hard-fought- Need to wind down. Wait in meeting room. Will...discuss terms.

Arrai-Veretel.png Zuett.png

  • Arrai-Veretel: Feel like insult to stop war we did not start. But, gave promise. Human strong. Still not make up for so much death...
  • Zuett: But human trying. Really, really trying. Will admit, did not know about human killing all when saw... Still. If war ending, deaths also ending.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Hmh. Human probably trying to end war to start with. Just on wrong side. Can agree, Zuett.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Will stop attacking cities. Orcs still defend selves! Will not turn bellies for spears. Still not trust villagers- only give cease-fire.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Give opportunity for human to learn and villager to show respect. They did not attack, then will be open to more negotiation.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Will say- many orc hold grudge, in plains. Many orc probably still attack. If so, human also can defend self. But, human should avoid fight there.
  • Arrai-Veretel: ...if villager continue attack, will defend selves as before. Human, make sure villager know this.
  • Zuett: Mhm. Villager more stupid than human. Villager do many terrible thing. But endless war not help fix.
  • Zuett: Peace first step to heal. ...unless villager to stupid thing. Then may need fight anyway.
  • Arrai-Veretel: So Zuett not naive. Some Villager treading line close.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Human seen earth rotting in north. Have to have, since took fort in rotting place. Forest used to be living thing. Now dying. Dead in north-east.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Start happening only few decades before Villager leave across ocean! Villager always run away from problem.
  • Arrai-Veretel: And villager create own problems. Can only mean villager hurt earth, and make her die, slow and sure. Many orc used to live there.
  • Arrai-Veretel: Even after villager move in, try kick orc out, many orc live there...then earth start to die. Has not come south- and we are south!
  • Arrai-Veretel: But...that off-track. No more war. Give this to whatever villager need to see it.
  • That's the cease-fire agreement! You need to hand this to Captain Goruca- He should be waiting in Bucie still.

Stage 11

» Show Captain Goruca the Cease-Fire Agreement.


  • Captain Goruca: Human! You're back! That certainly took you a while. I suppose all things considered I shouldn't be surprised. Those orcs are tough.
  • Captain Goruca: What's this? You actually managed to get the brutes to sign a ceasefire?! I was expecting you to come back with a bloody prize, not a signature!
  • Captain Goruca: After the way they so savagely attacked our outpost and the way they rebuffed our diplomacy squads, I wasn't expecting this.
  • Captain Goruca: Still, this is good! The terms are a bit more airtight than I'd prefer, but I suppose as long as they're out of our hair anything will do.
  • Captain Goruca: Hm? The orcs were talking about the decay up north? Not sure how that matters. It isn't like anyone knows what's causing it.
  • Captain Goruca: I mean, have you heard the rumors flying from Lexdale? Saying witches are cursing the land, hah! Well, that's besides the point.
  • Captain Goruca: Here- your reward. I'd intended on giving you the mask so you could try and sneak in like one of them, but I...well, I forgot about it til you'd already left.
  • Captain Goruca: But I DID magically fortify it into a potent piece of gear for you instead! So it ought to serve you well. We thank you for your service, human!


  • The Rewards listed in the infobox are not the only rewards, as completing various tasks around Centerworld can get you more emeralds. The total amount of emeralds that can be obtained are up to 1 Liquid Emerald and 46 Emerald Blocks, or 7040 Emeralds.


  • This quest replaced the quest A Fighting Species, as the prior quest was removed in Version 1.20 due to time constraints.
    • The orc mask worn in A Fighting Species is referenced in the end of the quest, and you get a better version of it.
  • All the plants seen in the stage where you heal Ressinter are actual plants, and their effects on orcs are reminiscent of what they are thought of to do in folklore medicine.
  • The Human attacks Arrai-Veretel metions in Stage 9 refer to what the player did in the other Orc-related quests required to start this quest, specifically Clearing the Camps and Blazing Retribution. In the former quest, the player was asked to clear out Orc camps in the Llevigar Plains, which is seen as breaking the cease-fire by the Orcs. In the latter quest, the player tracked down and eliminated an Orc called Rai-Poxper, who previously stole an enchanted Axe from the villagers as revenge for the murdered Orcs in the preceding Quest. Arrai-Vetel then proceeds to explain that the Orcs conquered the Fort appearing in the quest Reclaiming the House as a preventive measure from more potential villager attacks.