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Light Forest RegionIcon.png
LightF G7.png
The main entrance to the Light Forest.
Coordinates X: -1000, Z: -4800
Access Points Ocean to the south (X: Z:)
Pre-Light Forest to the west
Dark Forest to the north
Gylia Plains to the east
Suggested Level 70
Quest Starts Shattered Minds
Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light
The Ultimate Weapon
Aldorei's Secret Part I
Aldorei's Secret Part II
Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light
Involved Quests ???
Type/Biomes Forest
Region Capital Efelim
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)

The Light Forest is the southern region of the large forest near central Gavel. It is an enchanting beacon of light which is untainted by the Decay that plagues its gloomy counterparts, the Dark and Kander Forests, caused by Darkness parasites from The Realm of Dern. However, it has been hinted at that what's left of the Light Forest may not survive if the Decay continues to prosper in Gavel, and it will eventually succumb if nothing is done to prevent it. It is notable as being the residence for the elves in Efelim and Aldorei, as well as a few hobbits such as Dodegar Bandysnoot that occupy a small village known as The Shiar in southern Light Forest.

The forest is also home to the Light Portal inside The Great Stump, a link between the physical realm of the player to the Realm of Light, which aswell faces problems with Darkness parasites. To the west of the forest is Pre-Light Forest, followed by Llevigar Plains. To the east are the Gylia Plains. There is also a narrow passageway to the Ocean near the Great Stump.

Points of interest


  • Aldorei Town - Arguably the most prominent city of the forest-native Elves, the lush valley is host to characteristically towering yellow and green structures above flowing rivers and waterfalls. Few Humans have been fortunate enough to witness the city, as the Elves will only permit the most deemed worthy into their Elven metropolis. There is also an Uth Shrine in the town.
  • Efelim - A collaborative settlement of Villagers and Elves in the northwest forest, Efelim is a small peaceful village residing around a pond below the canopies of the forest. It was originally founded by Elven exiles from Aldorei. Though it lacks merchants, Efelim is not completely insignificant as it is host to the Shattered Minds quest.
  • The Shiar - Located in southern Light Forest, this peaceful small town is owned by Hobbits. Dozens of Hobbit holes can be found built into the hills around the Shiar. There aren't many amenities in this small settlement, apart from an Artefact Merchant who is ready to pay high prices for something truly unique.
Aldorei Town
-540, -4480
Wynncraft Map
-1057, -5007
Wynncraft Map
The Shiar
-916, -4500
Wynncraft Map


  • Light Portal - Hidden inside a massive stump at the forest's southern edge, this portal is connected to the Realm of Light, though the path to the portal has been sealed tight with a magical barrier for years.
Light Portal
-1031, -4336
Wynncraft Map


  • Nymph Towers - Climb the earthen towers and find what treasures the Nymphs have.
  • Recluse Nest - Those that enter the nest often end up a part of it.
  • Shroom Sleeper Dugout - Nothing but Shroom Sleepers lie here.
  • Ledant Hill - Explore through the Ledant Hill and find some riches.
  • Weird Wilds - As fate ordained, particularly strong Weirds have conglomerated here for purposes incomprehensible.
Nymph Towers
-1052, -4768
Wynncraft Map
Recluse Nest
-755, -4830
Wynncraft Map
Shroom Sleeper Dugout
-551, -4689
Wynncraft Map
Ledant Hill
-1222, -4856
Wynncraft Map
Weird Wilds
-967, -4353
Wynncraft Map


  • Some veins of Cobalt can be found in the forest.

  • This is the only region where Light trees grow.

  • Millet farms are present, mainly around Aldorei Valley.

  • Koi inhabit the rivers of the forest.



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