Sunken Ship

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Sunken Ship CBCaveIcon.png
Off Nemract's coast lies treasure sunken under a shipwreck at [215, 34, -2410], too far underwater to reach without special equipment.
Coordinates X: 215, Y: 34, Z: -2410
Suggested Level 18
Difficulty Medium
Length Long
Estimated Time 2m
General Information
Type of Cave Normal
Loot Chests 2x Tier 2 [✫✫✫✫]
1x Tier 4 [✫✫✫✫]
Mobs Shoreline Squids (Lv. 20)
Wriggling Lampreys (Lv. 18)
First-Time Clear Rewards
+1,000 XP

The Sunken Ship is a Cave found off of Nemract's docks in the Underwater Route. As hinted by the description of this cave, it is highly recommended that a Breathing Helmet is worn throughout the cave.


This cave is very similar to the sunken ship explored in Underwater. There will be several obstacles that will block your progress. Eventually, a group of passive Shoreline Squids will be encountered, and in the area they are at there will be a Tier 2 [✫✫✫✫] Loot Chest found at the group of iron blocks. In the final area underwater, a Tier 2 [✫✫✫✫] Loot Chest can be found hidden behind some cloth. The final area that is now breathable in will have several aggressive Wriggling Lampreys alongside a Tier 4 [✫✫✫✫] Loot Chest that requires 6 nearby mobs to be killed.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ShorelineSquid.png Shoreline Squid 20 125 Passive - - - Sunken Ship
WrigglingLamprey.png Wriggling Lamprey 18 76 Melee - - - Sunken Ship