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Nemract CityIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Nemract is an under-defended, rough, seafaring city. The people here have endured a lot of suffering - and that has made them hardy.
Coordinates X: 100, Z: -2200
Suggested Level 20
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 21, 23, 25, 27
Weapon Merchant Level 19
Potion Merchant Level 10, 15, 20, 25
Other Merchants Scroll Merchant
Emerald Merchant
Seasail Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts Dwelling Walls
Lost Tower
Pit of the Dead
The Mercenary
Misadventure on the Sea
Tempo Town Trouble
Involved Quests Grave Digger
Nemract Poster.png

Nemract is a port city, built as a replacement for the destroyed Ancient Nemract. The port serves the same function Ancient Nemract did; shipping emeralds and goods to every corner of the Wynn Province. The town has a bank, Weapon and Armour merchants, a Seaskipper boat and multiple Blacksmiths. The presence of the Seaskipper makes Nemract an ideal place to start exploring the Ocean. Skeletons, level 19, 21, 23, and 25, spawn near Nemract. As a result, the southern end of Nemract is considered a good grinding spot for low level players.


Before the Nether Portal opened, Nemract was a great stone city located south of where the modern coastal city now stands. However, when the Portal opened, Ancient Nemract was the first city to be destroyed by the Corruption,[1] and many of its inhabitants were turned into undead by Charon for his Forsaken Legion.[2] The giant skull that serves as the entrance to Charon's hiding place at the center of Ancient Nemract's Colosseum is where all of the Undead roaming around the ruins come from.[1][2]

After Ancient Nemract's destruction, its surviving inhabitants moved closer to the coast and created a small port city, which is the Nemract we know today. However, the town was, and still is, very poor due to the constant threat of the Corruption and the Undead.[3][4] Due to being Wynn's only port city, Nemract is a hotspot for sailors and pirates from all over the Ocean, and the town is famous for its Nemract Whiskey, shipped all across the world.[5]



Points of interest


  • A Locked Up Mansion is located on the city's edge. It is the main setting for the Dwelling Walls quest, where players must solve a puzzle in order to find a journal required to complete the quest.
  • The Nemract Bank is located in the middle of the town.


  • The Main Road runs east-west through out the span of the entire city.
  • The Docks are located in between the water front and the city over the entire span of the town.
  • An Ancient Bovine Church can be found out the Eastern Gate of the city.


  • The Eastern Gate is located on the eastern boarder of the city and leads of to a Bovine Church, Ancient Nemract and Saints Row
  • The Western Entrance links the Coastal Trail to the Nemract Docks.
  • The Southern Entrance leads down a trail to Nivla Woods

Quick Travel

Crafting Stations


Other Amenities

  • A Party Finder NPC is located in the center of the Bank.
  • A Housing Balloon is located near the eastern end of the city, allowing you to visit other players' houses or move your own house to Nemract.
  • A Guild Banner for Nemract Town is located near the center of the city, on the road east of the Bank.




List of Mobs

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:NemractCitizen(Level20).png Nemract Citizen 20 22000 Passive - - - Nemract
File:NemractConscript.png Nemract Conscript 25 1200
Ally - - - Nemract
File:BrokenNemractGuardGolem.png Broken Nemract Guard Golem 30 ?
Guard - - - Nemract
File:MerchantCaptain.png Merchant Captain 5 1400 Passive - - - Nemract ships
DrunkPropertyOwner.png Drunk Property Owner 20 210 Ranged - - - Empty lot at 150, 38, -2220
Fisherman.png Fisherman 22 150 Ranged - - - Nemract river



  • The name Nemract is taken from Cartmenezzzzzzzzzzz, a former Wynncraft builder.
  • Nemract is one of the few cities to have no specialized merchants.