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Mob Iron Golem.png
Type A Supreme Badass
Location Behind You
IGN colin350
Class Memester
Level 9001
Other Information Wiki Administrator
Wynncraft Developer


A wise man once said: If you familiarize yourself with the rest of the wiki, maybe less changes would be reverted.

Current Wiki Additions:

Note: All additions listed here are just a few of my contributions.
» Color schemes in Template:Infobox (s)
» Maps for Locations (see Detlas)
» Icons next to NPCs in Points of Interest for Location Pages
» Color scheme in item identification tables (with aid of Syaoran3)
» Template:Infobox/Merchant
» Community Portal Update
» Template:Infobox/User
» Elemental Effects update to Infoboxes with aid of CasualDude
» Template:Element
» Template:Element/doc
» Reviewed Template:Identification
» Reviewed Template:Identification/doc
» Template:Sandbox
» Template:Sandbox/doc
» The Hidden City
» The Canary Calls
» A Grave Mistake
» Region Capital Update to Template:Infobox/Town2 (by request of blahblah)
» Template:UnderConstruction
» Template:Updated
» Huge refraction of Template:Identification
» Created the Todo list.
» Translation updates to Quest Infobox, HideSpoiler, and update of Translation Navbox