White Bread

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Discontinued Content
This article covers an item that can no longer be obtained, but still exists in-game for players who have it.

White Bread

Rarity Unique
Charges 1
Effects • +1 Health
• -25% Health Regen
Duration 10 seconds (0:10)
Cooldown None
Obtain Festival of the Bonfire
Bread Merchant
Fresh out of the oven! ...Right?

White Bread is a Unique consumable item obtainable during the annual Festival of the Bonfire, which most recently ran from 11th August through 3rd September, 2023. It could be purchased exclusively from the Bread Merchant in Detlas during the festival for 16
Emeralds each.

When consumed, White Bread heals 1 health over 5 seconds. It also imparts a -25% penalty to Health Regen for 10 seconds, making it practically useless and, at worst, potentially harmful. Its only real use was to be given to the Bread Enthusiast in Detlas' Rusty Recruit bar, which unlocked hidden dialogue.


  • This item was first available in the 2022 Festival of the Bonfire, and was subsequently made available again in 2023.
  • Some crates found on the Bonfire Island in the Isles of Fiction reveal where White Bread is produced, the Corkus Baking Corporation.