Isles of Fiction

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Isles of Fiction SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Previously only an empty stretch of ocean, this strange set of islands suddenly appeared to fill the space, seemingly out of nowhere. A strange magic fills the air.
Coordinates X: -260, Z: -3979
Suggested Level 35
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 36-95
Weapon Merchant Level 45-95
Accessory Merchant Level 45-85
Other Amenities Blacksmith
Emerald Merchant
Monsters List of Mobs
To th' Isles of Fiction, eh? Strange place, that is. Appeared out of th' mists where nothin' but open sea stood before! Strange fellows, th' occupants are. But, well, I reckon it's none of my business. I've seen magic at work before, after all.
~ Seaskipper Captain

The Isles of Fiction are an island in the Ocean populated by several Workers and Wisps. On the isles are several small islands which resemble the festivals of Wynncraft, these being the Festival of the Bonfire, the Festival of the Spirits, the Festival of the Blizzard, and the Festival of the Heroes. These isles rose up inexplicably from the Ocean.

Points of Interest

There are 5 main islands that make up the Isles.

  • The Main Island serves as a bridge between the 4 other islands, and has several amenities, being an Emerald Merchant, a Bank, and a Blacksmith. Island Workers populate the area. Curiously, there is also a grave at the highest point on the island.
  • The Bonfire Island holds a Bonfire Merchant, selling items that were obtainable from the Battle for the Bonfire in an environment similar to the Sunset Valley. There are also some other creatures interacting with each other on the island, with a Beach Wybel and a Teal Wybel playing with a beach ball alongside a Beach Wybel and Vibrant Wybel that shot a Pirate Rat's ship down, which also makes the rat sad.
  • The Spirit Island has a large pit in the middle of it, similar to the one that appears in Detlas during the Festival of the Spirits. There are two merchants on the island, an Armour Merchant and the Banished Merchant.
  • The Blizzard Island is covered in snow, and has several merchants there selling equipment from the Wynnter Fair. A Yeti is also sleeping there with a Santa Hat on him. A large snowman is also by the island.
  • The Hero Island has several structures that are affiliated with the Festival of the Heroes, such as Aster's stand, a blackjack table, and some chicken balloons.
  • A mysterious island, not connected to the other isles, is to the west of the Isles. On it are some structures and a few flags.

Quick Travel




Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
IslandWorker(Level37).png Island Worker 37 10,000 Passive - - - Isles of Fiction
Wisp.png Wisp 35 1 Passive - - - Isles of Fiction


  • Before the Version 2.0.2 update, the Isles of Fiction was an unnamed island that was quite large. On it was a Boat Merchant.
  • On the Spirit Island, a sign can be found that says the following in Wynnic: "You will die soon". There is another sign that also says "No Morph!".
  • The Bonfire Island shows where the White Bread comes from, the Corkus Baking Corporation.