Ability Shards

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Ability Shard
Obtain Recover the Past, Daily Reward Chest, Daily and Weekly Objectives, Raids, Trade Market, Seaskipper boat event
Usage Resetting the Ability Tree

Ability Shards are an important item obtained from various sources and are used to reset your Ability Tree.

Using Ability Shards

The ability tree reset menu.

To use Ability Shards, simply have them in your inventory and click on the Ability Crystal in the middle of your Ability Tree menu while in a safe zone. Then, you can insert 3 Ability Shards in order to reset your ability tree.

You will be able to freely add and remove abilities, as well as reset your ability tree again, until you leave the safe zone you're in. You can also enter and exit your Housing island without losing the ability to edit your abilities too.


There are several ways to obtain Ability Shards:

Amount Source Frequency
6 AbilityShard.png Ability Shards Completing Recover the Past One-time
2 AbilityShard.png Ability Shards Opening your Daily Reward Chest Daily
1 AbilityShard.png Ability Shards Completing Daily Objectives Daily, per class
3 AbilityShard.png Ability Shards Completing Weekly Objectives Weekly
1-3 AbilityShard.png Ability Shards Winning Raids Any time

Ability Shards can also be bought and sold on the Trade Market.