Acquiring Credentials

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Acquiring Credentials CBQuestIcon.png
Quest Info
Length Long
Difficulty Medium
Location Letvus Airbase
Province Gavel
Combat Level 74
Starter NPC Doan
Reward As follows:

Acquiring Credentials is a long level 74 quest in the Letvus Airbase.


Doan has lost his passport and sends the player on an errand to recover it for him.

Stage 1

» Get a Gavellian Passport at [-256, 57, -4983]

Letvus Airbase
-256, 57, -4983
Wynncraft Map


  • Officer: I'm sorry sir, but I can't just give you a new passport... You'd need approval from-...
  • Doan: But sir, my passport was stolen! I have a flight to Detlas in under 30 minutes. I really need one, quick...
  • Officer: I've already told you where where you need to go to get a new one. Next in line, please!
  • Officer: Hmmm... <playername>, is it? Unfortunately, humans are required to get their passports in Wynn.
  • Officer: I'm afraid I can't help you. Next in line, please!
  • Doan: Hey, you! Yes, you! Come outside, would you? I think we can help each other.

Note: The player must exit the customs office and talk to Doan for dialogue to continue.

  • Doan: So, I overheard your conversation with the Officer... You're also looking for a passport, right?
  • Doan: Well... so, I've heard rumours of a secret Black Market that hides in the airbase.
  • Doan: Apparently they trade illegal products... There has to be a way of buying passports, I'm sure of it!
  • Doan: If we work together, we might be able to find a way in. What do you think?

Doan: Let's explore the airbase, then! We need to look for clues, lead the way.

Stage 2

» Explore the Airbase looking for clues about the Black Market.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding where to go.
To proceed, go up the stairs at [-263, 62, -4945] and follow the Father and Kid NPCs to the Blackbird Inn, at [-257, 78, -4933]


  • Doan: Oh, you brought us to the Inn! Hmmm, the Barman's been working here for a long time...
  • Doan: Maybe he knows something about the Black Market! I'll try and ask, y'know... all, uh... sneaky-like.
  • Doan: Excuse me, sir... You, uh...wouldn't happen to know any really cheap stores around here, would you?
  • Barman: The table's been set for the great feast, have stout or beer, what will it be?
  • Doan: Is that a secret code...? Beer?
  • Doan: Did that work? Is he gonna let us in?
  • Doan: I guess it wouldn't be that easy to find a way in... Where do you think we can go with that lead, <playername>?
  • Doan: Let's just keep exploring. Lead the way.

Stage 3

» Keep exploring the Airbase looking for clues about the Black Market.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding where to find the next clue.
To continue in the search for the password, go to the restaurant at [-211, 84, -4943].


  • Doan: The restaurant... That makes sense!
  • Doan: Hey, these people look suspicious to you, too?
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the restaurant puzzle.
Go behind the waiter and right-click a plate and the sandwich nearby. Serve them to the Cinfras Citizen to continue.

  • Waiter: The airship commanders love what they hate.
  • Doan: I think we're getting onto something! Let's keep going.

Stage 4

» Follow the clue: The airship commanders love what they hate.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the next clue's location.
Go through the gate at [-216, 84, -4947]


  • Doan: Hmmm... these crates are full of items. Maybe we could give some of them to the commanders?
Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the airship commander puzzle..
Each of the three commanders hate a certain item: gray banner airship — wheat, green banner airship — pumpkins, and red banner airship — quartz. Right-click on nearby crates to retrieve the items and give each commander the item they despise.
  • Commander: Once torn, forever broken beyond repair.
  • Doan: Oh, let's keep going! Where can we go with that lead?

Stage 5

» Follow the clue: Once torn, forever broken beyond repair.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to where to go next.
Ascend the stairs at [-242, 85, -4999] and approach the broken airship. Talk to the mechanic at the top of the platform.


  • Black Market Guard: Who's that on top of that platform?
  • Mechanic: The two of you have come real far for this, huh?
  • Mechanic: Well, I can give you the answer to the stout and beer question! But you won't enter the Market with just that.
  • Mechanic: You see, to enter the Market you'll need something to sell! And it won't be something you can exactly buy around here, if you get what I mean.
  • Doan: We need something... illegal, right?
  • Mechanic: Exactly! Luckily for you, I'm in a good mood. There's an airship docked close by. We'll be able to take it and I can help you get an item.
  • Doan: Uh... What do you think, <playername>? I really need that passport, and well... you could get something out of this too, right?
  • Doan: ... Fine, we'll do it.
  • Mechanic: Great! Follow me, it's not far.

Stage 6

» Follow the Mechanic.


  • Mechanic: Wait! There are guards protecting the airship. Don't let them see you!
  • Mechanic: They're near the edge... Push them off.

Note: The player must punch the nearby guard to continue.

  • Mechanic: Uhh... I'm sure they're fine, I'm sure that fall wasn't too big...
  • Mechanic: Well, that's your only way inside! There are more guards up ahead. Take care of them without being seen, and we'll be in the clear!

Note: The player must punch the three guards on the airship to continue. If some don't spawn, relogging will reset the player to the beginning of Stage 5 with no penalty besides a small loss of time.

  • Mechanic: Well done! Let's get on the airship.
  • Doan: Did you just... Push them all...?
  • Mechanic: Buckle up! We're heading to the Sky Islands, there we'll be able to collect some dragonling eggs for you to sell at the Black Market!

Stage 7

» Travel with the Mechanic and Doan to the Sky Islands to get the Dragonling Egg.


  • Mechanic: The island we're heading to is home to a Dragonling nest! They use it to lay their eggs, as it's quite a difficult place to access.
  • Doan: And those'll be worth a lot in the Black Market, right...?
  • Mechanic: They sure will! Dragonling eggs are rare, and this island can only be accessed by airship... They're worth a fortune back at Letvus.
  • Mechanic: Oh, there it is! I can see the island from here, buckle up. We've got some eggs to steal!
  • Doan: What's that?! Oh... It looks like we've got company...
  • Mechanic: Drat, the skyraiders are here! We can't let them get away with those eggs...
  • Mechanic: Well, if that's the case, then there's only one thing to do! Come on, follow me!

Note: The player must jump down onto the island to continue dialogue.

  • Mechanic: We can't get to the nest with so many pirates on the way, kill them!

Note: The player must kill several skyraider pirates to continue dialogue.

  • Mechanic: Alright, follow me! Let's go harvest that egg!

Note: The player must follow the Mechanic to the eggs and kill several more pirates for dialogue to progress.

  • Mechanic: Protect me while I harvest the egg, human!
  • Mechanic: We're halfway there, just keep defending me!
  • [+1 Dragonling Egg]
  • Mechanic: There we go! Let's get back to the airship, run!

Note: The player must return to the slime blocks where they landed to progress.

  • Skyraider: Don't let them get away! Fire the cannons!!
  • Mechanic: Human, don't let them hit us! Attack the cannonballs using your weapon before they hit our airship to deflect them!

Note: The player hit "cannonballs" (smoke particles) as they approach the ship. Spells are recommended for shorter-range classes like Warrior or Assassin, as the cannonballs only take one hit. After hitting five back at the enemy ship, dialogue progresses.

  • Skyraider: We can't take more cannon shots... We're wasting our time, let's get going! We got bigger fish to fry!
  • Mechanic: That was close... Well then, let's head back to the airbase!

Stage 8

» Go back to the bar at the Blackbird Inn with Doan.


  • Mechanic: The two of you have certainly proven yourselves today!
  • Mechanic: So, I'll give you the password to enter the Black Market.
  • 'Mechanic: Go back to the Barman at the Inn and tell him 'I'm not thirsty, I always carry a bottle.
  • Mechanic: That might just give you the chance you need to get in. Good luck!
  • Doan: Thank you for your help, sir... Let's go back to the bar, then.

Note: Go back to the Barman to progress dialogue.

  • Doan: Here we are again. Let's talk to the Barman.
  • Doan: Um, sir? I'm not thristy, I always carry a bottle.
  • Barman: Talk only to the Black Market member in the end of the hallway and do not talk to anyone else.
  • Doan: Let's go, <playername>.

Stage 9

» Enter the Black Market and talk to the Member at the end of the hallway.


  • Market Member: I've heard you've stolen some eggs from the Skyraiders. That's a bold move!
  • Market Member: What do you want?
  • Market Member: Two passports? I'd say that's around 2000 emeralds. You can get that selling this egg on the market.
  • Market Member: Let me fill you in how the market works. You'll get a low starting price for your egg, and then you'll have to go around the merchants asking for a higher bid.
  • Market Member: Be careful, though, as you can only ask for 5 price increases.
  • Market Member: You can try talking to different merchants, and see how much each increases the price of the egg.
  • Market Member: Good luck, and do try not to get killed.

Stage 10

» Talk to the Merchants and try to get 2000 emeralds to buy a passport.

Spoiler! The hidden text contains spoilers relating to getting 2000 emeralds in bids.
Go to the 50-emerald bid NPC first to set the price at 1000 emeralds. Then, go to the 300 bid NPC to get to 1300. Then alternate twice between the 200 bid increase NPC and the 150 bid increase NPC to reach exactly 2000.
  • Doan: That's what we need, <playername>. Sold! The egg is yours.
  • Merchant: Here, you can have your emeralds.
  • Doan: Let's get our passports, <playername>!

Stage 11

» Talk to the Black Market Member again.


  • Black Market Member: So do you have the emeralds?
  • Black Market Member: Hmm... This will do it. Here, your passports.
  • Doan: Uhh.. <playername>, I think you dropped your passport. Let me get it for yo-...
  • Doan: Wait... That's MY passport?! It was in my pocket all along...
  • Doan: Well, uhhh... I guess you can have some of these emeralds, then...


  • Be vary of dying during the battle phases as you can get softlocked from completing the Quest and therefore cannot start A Flight in Distress. (This has been patched. You respawn at the island instead of the the closest town when you die during the battle phases.)
  • If you do die during battle, return to the airship you originally boarded, just beyond the Airship Commanders you gave items to. This should allow you to return to the island and complete the pirate battle. Also, there is a bug in which the Mechanic sometimes will not continue his dialogue, and will never lead you to the cave. If this happens, try /class, or die & re-enter the area. You should only have to fight pirates for a minute or two.