Ahmsord Sky Fruit

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Discontinued Content
This article covers an item that can no longer be obtained, but still exists in-game for players who have it.

Ahmsord Sky Fruit

Rarity Unique
Charges 1
Min. Level 20
Effects  •  +200 Health
 •  +5% Spell Damage
Duration 10 seconds (0:10)
Cooldown None
Obtain Festival of the Heroes
(Food Merchant)
It tastes of clouds and stardust.

Ahmsord Sky Fruit is a Unique consumable item obtainable during the annual Festival of the Heroes, which most recently ran from 22nd March through 14th April, 2024. It can be purchased from the Food Merchant north of Aster in the center of Detlas at a rate of 16
Emeralds or 2
Silver Festival Coins each during the festival.

Ahmsord Sky Fruit requires combat level 20 to use. When consumed, it heals 200 health over 4 seconds, and provides a boost of +5% Spell Damage for ten seconds.


  • This item was first available in the 2022 Festival of the Heroes, and was subsequently made available again in 2023 and 2024.