Festival of the Heroes

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Limited Time Event: This article covers an event that lasted for a limited period of time before ending.
The event's content will no longer be accessible after it has ended, but collectibles and cosmetics earned by the player will persist.


The Festival of the Heroes is a limited time in-game event that typically runs through the spring season, most recently from 22nd March, 2024 until 14th April, 2024. It is typically the final festival in the yearly cycle of festivals, preceded by the Festival of the Blizzard and followed by the Festival of the Bonfire, thus starting a new cycle.

During the event, players are able to obtain exclusive cosmetic items and Pets from Heroes Crates, similarly to the rewards from regular Loot Crates. Three free Heroes Crates are available to all players from the start of the event, and can be claimed in the Wynncraft Store. Further crates could be obtained in-game by completing Daily Objectives (Tier I crates), and Weekly Objectives for players in a level 10+ Guild (Tier II). A maximum of 30 Heroes Crates can be obtained for free, while additional crates were available to be bought from the Wynncraft Store until the end of the event.

A festival troupe led by Aster also arrived and redecorated Detlas for the duration of the Festival of the Heroes. A Festival Worker hosts the Scavenger Hunt activity, and the northwestern quarter of the city houses Carnival Minigames, these being the Target Practice and Wheel of Fortune minigames, alongside the Blackjack minigame in 2022, all of which rewarded players with Festival Coins that could be spent on exclusive item rewards. Performances were also regularly held in the center of Detlas next to Aster, providing huge temporary buffs to all players in attendance. A minigame similar to the likes of the Battle for the Bonfire and Banish the Beyond could also be found by going on the Event Airship to the Talespun Citadel to play The Claim to Heroism.

Festive Detlas

Detlas is redecorated to celebrate the Festival of the Heroes, becoming Festive Detlas. Several Festival Workers appear throughout Detlas, including some NPCs that were met in the player's travels. The NPCs in the Festival include:

  • Aster
  • Several Festival Workers
  • Several Festival Goers
    • Some unique ones include:
      • Drunk Festival Goer
      • Unattended Child
      • Dejected Identifier
      • Festival Girl
      • Detlas Soldier
      • Balloon Man
  • Orja
  • Enzan
  • Rusty Bartender
  • Dr. Legendary
    • Dr. Legendary's name appears as Herbert after you've spoken to him for the first time.
  • Yavlis or Mercenary Leader
    • Yavlis appears if Lost Royalty hasn't been completed at the start of the festival, while the Mercenary Leader appears if the quest has been completed.
    • The Mercenary Leader's name will appear as Franza after you've spoken to him for the first time.
  • Prince of Troms
    • The Prince of Troms's name appears as Prince Sain if Lost Royalty hasn't been completed or as Sain if Lost Royalty has been completed.
  • Svin
  • Ildan
  • Event Airship Pilot
  • Siegfried
    • Initially appeared as the Mysterious Figure briefly before the Special Performance.
    • Appeared for a brief timespan in the Carnival Area after the Special Performance.

Several merchants also appear too, with these being the:

Town Square

The Town Square of Detlas now features a stage for Aster to tell stories of great heroes. Performances are located here, and attending one will reward you with a token used to grant you the buff the performance gave. By the stage is where the Scavenger Hunt is located, with new caches being unlocked each day and week. A Food Merchant can also be found here as well.

A Special Performance can also be given, typically only occurring once per festival.

Carnival Area

The Carnival Area is the decorated northwest section of Detlas. In here there are smaller minigames, these being Wheel of Fortune and Target Practice (and in previous years, Blackjack). Wheel of Fortune and Blackjack are chance-based while Target Practice is more skill-based. Several merchants can be found here as well that offer several prizes, such as a trinket merchant, selling oddities such as fireworks and a unique ring, a balloon merchant, and a plushie merchant.

Southeast Corner

A large mysterious door is present in the southeast corner of Festive Detlas. Prior to 2023, the door did nothing.

In 2023, the door can be opened by bringing an Emblem of the Heroes to it, transporting the player to a special version of the Talespun Citadel, with Aster and a Timeworn Ruin there to unlock some secret dialogue.

In 2024, a lock was found on the door which has three keyholes, each seemingly representing a previous festival. Aster and the player discuss how to open it after the topic of his brothers comes up in a discussion they both have. On April 2nd, 2024, three mysterious note appeared at the front of the door, leading the player to find out the purpose of them and how to unlock the door. In the Talespun Citadel, his three brothers, the Bonfire Keeper, The Envoy, and The Traveler can be found.

Scavenger Hunt


The scavenger hunt activity could be started by talking to the Scavenger Hunt Festival Worker, involving finding hidden caches each day in exchange for certain prizes. The worker would give players an image, and they would later determine where the image was located. Finding the cache would reward players with a Reward Voucher.

Players would get various rewards depending on how many caches they got. The rewards are:

Box Locations

  • Daily

    Day Image Coordinates Location
    1 ScavengerHuntDay1,2024.png 171, 69, -1551 In a farmhouse of the Detlas Suburbs. The following dialogue appears after collecting this cache:
    • You've claimed the first Scavenger Hunt Cache! You should return to the Scavenger Hunt organizer in Detlas.
    2 ScavengerHuntDay2,2024.png -268, 67, -1375 Near a rock in the Nivla Woods with a lotus growing on it.
    3 ScavengerHuntDay3,2024.png -660, 106, -1236 At the windmill in between Pigmen's Ravines and Door of Time.
    4 ScavengerHuntDay4,2024.png 42, 32, -2230 At the entrance to the Crate Crane Secret Discovery. In order to access the cache, the crates in front of the entrance must be removed by using the crane.
    5 ScavengerHuntDay5,2024.png -529, 76, -1711 At the Fire & Water tree near the Emerald Trail.
    6 ScavengerHuntDay6,2024.png 1403, 42, -1549 At the waterfall in the north-east region of Rymek.
    7 ScavengerHuntDay7,2024.png -204, 74, -643 At the southern house of the Nilrem's Sealed Letter Secret Discovery.
    8 ScavengerHuntDay8,2024.png -907, 55, -3271 In the crow's nest of a sunken ship in the ocean near Pirate Cove.
    9 ScavengerHuntDay9,2024.png -1256, 43, -4458 At the entrance of the Cultists Passage.
    10 ScavengerHuntDay10,2024.png -1914, 78, -1756 At the gates to Fruma.
    11 ScavengerHuntDay11,2024.png -542, 71, -1455 In a cave full of Dark Cultists.
    12 ScavengerHuntDay12,2024.png -1334, 54, -5111 In a ruin near the cave Fortress Catacombs south of Overtaken Outpost.
    13 ScavengerHuntDay13,2024.png -2102, 59, -4846 In a treehouse by the Fallen Meteor landmark in the Llevigar Plains.
    14 ScavengerHuntDay14,2024.png -818, 76, -957 Found near a statue in Troms.
    15 ScavengerHuntDay15,2024.png 143, 52, -5393 Found near Kitrios Barracks.
    16 ScavengerHuntDay16,2024.png -454, 88, -5567 In a banquet area in Old Lexdale.
    17 ScavengerHuntDay17,2024.png -620, 6, -5571 In a cave found in the Kander Forest.
    18 ScavengerHuntDay18,2024.png -1234, 35, -3083 At a coastal settlement on Corkus Island overseeing Captain Smokey's ship.
    19 ScavengerHuntDay19,2024.png 1559, 86, -5500 Near an elevator in the Lower Molten Heights.
    20 ScavengerHuntDay20,2024.png 1483, 133, -5446 At the top of Freezing Heights near the small pool of lava.
    21 ScavengerHuntDay21,2024.png 772, 129, -4930 In a farmhouse in a ledge overseeing the Overgrown Rubble cave.


    Week Image Coordinates Location
    1 ScavengerHuntWeek1-1,2024.png 1211, 175, -2256 On a hill at the head of the river in between Mummy's Tomb and Invaded Barracks
    ScavengerHuntWeek1-2,2024.png -264, 37, -967 In the ruins directly south of the entrance to the Timelost Sanctum, down by the lake.
    ScavengerHuntWeek1-3,2024.png 1005, 72, -1937 This cache is found in a secret room under the building of Almuj at 977, 83, -1928. Descend the ladder and a room will be found with a sign on it labelled "VAULT - KEEP DOOR CLOSED!". Within the vault is Almuj's Lost Well, a whole bunch of emeralds, some potatoes, and the cache.
    2 ScavengerHuntWeek2-1,2024.png -910, 33, -2166 In a cave found on the coast west of Wynn with Lv. 50 Pirates found inside them on top of the treasure stash. The entrance to the cave is found at -972, 61, -2207.
    ScavengerHuntWeek2-2,2024.png -534, 56, -437 Next to Basalt Basin cave in the Dernel Jungle.
    ScavengerHuntWeek2-3,2024.png -1186, 88, -4486 Found in a house owned by an elf with an Angry Druid inside it.
    3 ScavengerHuntWeek3-1,2024.png -1694, 163, -3355 In a nest with eggs found in the Avos Territory.
    ScavengerHuntWeek3-2,2024.png 1535, 114, -5386 In a cave at the top of Freezing Heights.
    ScavengerHuntWeek3-3,2024.png -63, 95, -4313 In the Hobgoblin Cave.


    Cache Number Image Coordinates Location
    1 ScavengerHuntBonus1-2024.png -425, 29, -1983 Inside the well on a farm near Maltic.
    2 ScavengerHuntBonus2-2024.png 879, 120, -1225 On the mountain near the Abandoned Mines.
    3 ScavengerHuntBonus3-2024.png 213, 69, -1857 Near top of the arch of Ancient Nemract.
    4 ScavengerHuntBonus4-2024.png 845, 67,-4208 On the coastline of Gavel south of the Canyon of the Lost. This tent cannot be accessed through the Gavel Province.
    5 ScavengerHuntBonus5-2024.png 920, 203, -5031 Up the waterfall behind the Mayor's building in Thesead.
    6 ScavengerHuntBonus6-2024.png 764, 16, -4748 In the Chiseler's Cavern near the exit behind the stone wall on the right.
    7 ScavengerHuntBonus7-2024.png -772, 91, -1008 In a small alcove near the top of the Troms wall with several Corrupted Watchers.
    8 ScavengerHuntBonus8-2024.png -1755, 37, -2365 In a small cave West of Relos. Entrance to cave is in water of coastline.
    9 ScavengerHuntBonus9-2024.png 710, 25, -5569 Take the first left in a cave full of chimeras, located west of Drale's lab.
    10 ScavengerHuntBonus10-2024.png -839, 8, -2526 Enter the cave near Zhight island at -739, 30, -2524 and enter the door at the end of the cave on the right.
  • Daily

    Day Image Coordinates Location
    1 ScavengerHuntDay1.png -524, 68, -1591 By the Therck Stairs
    2 ScavengerHuntDay2.png -410, 46, -2056 On top of the floating island
    3 ScavengerHuntDay3.png 234, 48, -1961 At the root of the tree by the Underworld Crypt Entrance
    4 ScavengerHuntDay4.png 866, 72, -1474 Old building south-east of Ternaves
    5 ScavengerHuntDay5.png 1095, 63, -2652 In front of the tower at the north-eastern tip of Half-Moon Island
    6 ScavengerHuntDay6.png -136, 75, -794 On top of a cave entrance south of the Abandoned Lumber Yard
    7 ScavengerHuntDay7.png 743, 32, -1188 Inside the Abandoned Mines, near the entrance on the right
    8 ScavengerHuntDay8.png 1384, 111, -1345 On the rim of the Cockatrice's nest
    9 ScavengerHuntDay9.png 825, 90, -2130 By the doorway of a farm near the Lion Lair
    10 ScavengerHuntDay10.png 1046, 85, -2288 At the bottom half of the left statue's staff at the Mummy's Tomb
    11 ScavengerHuntDay11.png -652, 65, -978 On the bridge next to the Temple of the Legends (Location)
    12 ScavengerHuntDay12.png -707, 25, -582 At the foot of the path from Iboju Village down into the Dernel Jungle:

    On the left, between some ruins, stands Shaman Inrekei. The chest is behind him in the mouth of the tree.

    13 ScavengerHuntDay13.png -930, 49, -5345 On the light blue meteor by the Lazarus Pit
    14 ScavengerHuntDay14.png -1360, 28, -5636 In the cave used to get to the Yellow Meteor in ??? (entrance at -1355 47 -5582)
    15 ScavengerHuntDay15.png 720, 5, -1750 In a crevice in the Termite Mounds in the Savannah - the entrance is between Ternaves and the lava lake

    (enter the cave; follow the path to the parkour; jump down; continue on the left to the next hole; jump down into the water)

    16 ScavangerHuntDay16.png -1188 63 -5678 In the backyard of Castle Dullahan:

    Enter the door at [-1100 84 -5595], follow the stairs up to the roof, turn right into the castle and follow the hallway down.

    Reaching the backyard, the chest is at the tree on the left, surrounded by lv. 65-67 monsters.

    17 ScavangerHuntDay17.png -1217 59 -5010 On the hill west of Efilim
    18 ScavangerHuntDay18.png -1189, 43, -4631 Directly under the gateway to the Light Forest south-east of Bucie
    19 ScavangerHuntDay19.png 513, 167, -4853 At the northern (main) building of the Bantisu Air Temple, in the outside area on the first upper floor
    20 ScavangerHuntDay20.png 117, 84, -5437 On the bridge spanning over the path to the main buildings of Kitrios Barracks

    To get there, enter said buildings and follow the various passages up into the tower.

    21 ScavangerHuntDay21.png -509, 105, -4605 In front of the house with wheat fields in Aldorei Valley, at the valley wall opposite to the gate to Aldorei Town


    Week Image Coordinates Location
    1 ScavengerHuntWeekly1.png 497, 39, -2112 Inside the wrecked ship in Pirate's Bay
    2 ScavengerHuntWeekly2.png 467, 79, -1888 Inside a windmill between Detlas and Pirate's Bay
    3 ScavengerHuntWeekly3.png -830, 102, -851 On a table in Troms Castle on the first upper floor
    4 ScavengerHuntWeekly4.png 235, 83, -491 Inside one of the houses at the Twain Graveyard

    To get out of the house:

    Find the hanged corpse on the ground floor, fetch the arm on the 2nd upper floor and bring it back

    5 ScavengerHuntWeekly5.png -896 16 -3787 Inside the north-eastern cave on Volcanic Isles (entrance at -830, 36, -3791)
    6 ScavengerHuntWeekly6.png -208 91 -4947 On a bed in a house at the Letvus Airbase
    7 ScavengerHuntWeekly7.png -45 48 -5575 In the treasure stash in the Gert Camp
    8 ScavengerHuntWeekly8.png 1162 170 -5081 On the upper floor of an Arch in the Upper Molten Heights
    9 ScavengerHuntWeekly9.png 1521 128 -4939 A Plane in the Northeastern mountainside of the Sky Islands

    To get there, leave Rodoroc in the direction of Sky Islands, but turn left when you exit the cave.

    Go to the house, to climb up the ladders and dirt path to the tree in the cliff side above the house.


    Cache Number Image Coordinates Location
    1 ScavengerHuntBonus1.png 1157 33 -3161 In a sea-level cave on the northern side of Craftmas Island
    2 ScavengerHuntBonus2.png 986, 164, -1317 In front of a grave with the words "To chime and bell, To solitude, I bid thee, Farewell.

    It lies in a passage connecting Wynn and Rymek, directly east of the Abondoned Mines high up in the mountains.

    3 ScavengerHuntBonus3.png 1480 11 -1482 In a cave in the eastern wall of the Mesa
    4 ScavengerHuntBonus4.png -193 5 -5004 At the end of the ??? bonus section:

    Enter the white meteor by using the entry prompt at [6 44 -5021]. There's no need for meteor shards, the Lab key or help of other players. Then follow the ??? Bonus Segment steps. Note: You must complete ??? to gain access to the white meteor.

    5 ScavengerHuntBonus5.png -1837, 121, -4444 Behind a pillar on top of a hill south east of Llevigar

    The easiest path there is to start at the item identifier and follow the stairs at [-1866 79 -4470] up to the roof.

    Some leaves let you climb up to the grass, from where you continue to the furthest pillar.

    6 ScavengerHuntBonus6.png -1947 36 -4847 Under the shed in the field of a farm in Llevigar Plains
    7 ScavengerHuntBonus7.png -1661 46 -4367 In Manager Nasea's house in Karoc Quarry
    8 ScavengerHuntBonus8.png 1218 40 -1290 On the window sill above the altar in Bovine Church of Rymek.
    9 ScavengerHuntBonus9.png 1028 113 -848 In a crevice located in the Toxic Wastes. It is very well hidden and only accessible with movement spells:

    Follow the path from Lutho until you are directly north of the location. Then go straight south towards the cliff-side. The entrance is right above [1030 107 -849].

    10 ScavengerHuntBonus10.png -259 95 -1905 At the pond on the south-western foothill of Mount Wynn
  • The scavenger hunt activity could be started by talking to Aster, involving finding hidden caches each day in exchange for certain prizes. Aster initially provided clues as to where to find these boxes, but if further help was needed Scavenger Seekers could be used; After initially provided 8 of these, while more could be purchased from the festival's Trinket Merchant. Each box found rewarded players with one Reward Voucher.

    After finding the first three boxes in Detlas, players were rewarded with the
    Emblem of the Heroes; finding twenty boxes rewarded a
    Charm of Twilight; finding forty boxes rewarded the Harp Bow.png Minstrel's Tuner; and finding all sixty boxes rewarded the Hero'sMask.png Hero's Mask.

    Box Locations

    Day Hint Coordinates Location
    1 Within this city's bounds, near a place of arrival – seek the administration! 429, 79, -1542 Near the receptionist in Detlas Airbase
    Near the festival games a shady trader has made his home. You will find your treasure there. 419, 81, -1616 On the third floor of a house near the festival minigames
    Inside the place where our loyal soldiers train, a surprise awaits you! 531, 67, -1640 In the Detlas Barracks, left of the end of the barrack hallway
    2 Hidden atop this small town's well, you may find a secret! -563, 54, -1928 On top of the well in Maltic
    Your search will bring you to a memorial for those who have been lost, within a city of beginnings. -895, 69, -1537 Inside the gazebo just south of Ragni castle
    A seller of healing within the ravine will bring you to your prize. -608, 89, -1442 In the Potion Merchant's house in the Ravine Village
    3 Atop a crumbling tower, overlooking a town accosted by time. -244, 71, -1175 On top of the ruined tower east of Tempo Town
    Within a multileveled stable, seek your prize above. 828, 76, -1652 In the loft of the stable in Ternaves
    A humble apple farmer hides this day's treasure. 315, 75, -1618 The second floor of the Orchard Owner's house in Detlas Suburbs
    4 A trader of rare bowls will lead you to your goal. -293, 76, -1378 The second floor of the Bowl Merchant's house in Nivla Village
    Hidden within an old church, situated near the Roots. -9, 74, -1248 Inside of the Bovine Church in Elkurn
    Seek the man of identification within a city of the sands. 934, 68, -1951 Inside of the Identifier's booth in Almuj
    5 You may find this day's treasure in a little cabin in the woods! -640, 100, -1077 In the Little Wood Cabin in Little Wood
    Held by a ship within a small cove, infested by bandits of the sea! 523, 36, -2106 On a ship located at the mouth of Pirate's Bay
    A secret lies near a ruined house, destroyed by Corruption's herald. -727, 48, -1963 On top of the corruption spike at Bak'al's Destruction 3
    6 Near an ever-shifting house, your reward awaits your arrival! 202, 39, -2169 On the porch of Leucsaa's house in Nemract
    Seek out a seller of rare and colorful fleece to find today's prize. 1329, 33, -1265 Behind the Pink Wool Merchant's shop in Rymek
    This surprise rests by a valuable relic, displayed for all to see! 89, 74, -840 Near Theorick's Staff on display in the Nesaak bank
    7 An organization searching through the sands... You will find this treasure there. 1120, 65, -1774 On top of a crate outside WynnExcavation Site A
    Your search will lead you to a source of water in this small town of agriculture. 724, 71, -2098 Next to the well in Bremminglar
    This great landmark connects two distinct regions... and also holds today's prize! -254, 69, -693 In front of the Nesaak end of the Great Bridge
    8 Seek a frigid town in the depths of the snow. -177, 55, -287 Near the Explosives Shop in Lusuco
    Atop a tree of identity, surrounded by a grand city of white. -1903, 101, -4498 Climb the tree by the Identifier in Llevigar
    Today's treasure rests on a dock surrounded by hordes of angered spirits. 38, 70, -351 On the docks in front of The House of Twain
    9 A charmcrafter in the depths of the jungle may lead you to your prize -754 95 -631 Next to the Charmcrafter Merchant in Iboju Village
    Near the entrance to this great fortress a blade rests as a reminder -792 70 -907 Just Inside the front gate of Troms on the left
    You can find this secret within an old tower on the edge of a swamp town -1822 79 -5519 Inside the top floor of a tower on the west side of Olux
    10 Seek the smith within this great bridge to claim your treasure -1434 52 -4734 Above the blacksmith in Bucie
    This prize rests near a flame ignited by the residents of this town accosted by decay -993 50 -5276 Near a stall in Gelibord opposite the scroll merchant
    A well-guarded connection through the mountains holds todays new location -817 94 -1043 The Passage (Troms)
    11 You shall find your prize near a dangerous cave at the edge of the jungle -499 75 -810 At the entrance of Herb Cave
    A lone clock tower at the edge of the forest lays claim to this location -1255 51 -4535 On the second floor of the Clock Mystery Clock Tower in Pre-Light Forest
    Travel to the old home of Troms' great defender to claim today's treasure -911 34 -757 At the entrance to Sodeta Manor in the Dernel Jungle
    12 This prize is hidden by the entrance of a manor filled with memories -1200 48 -5198 On top some rubble near the entrance of Caritat Mansion in the Dark Forest
    Your search will take you to the outskirts of a town of light, recently closed to all -469 133 -4456 Right outside of the giant gate that grants access to Aldorei Town
    Treasure lies in an ancient ruin deep within the jungle, uncovered by a vast organization -915 67 -309 Near the entrance of the WynnExcavation Site D temple in the Dernel Jungle
    13 A lone shaman in the depths of the jungle has taken this box. you may need to ask him for it back -705 23 -574 Next to Shaman Inrekei in the Dernel Jungle
    A town of outcasts within the woods is where you will find this days treasure -1060 42 -5012 On the lily pad in the centre of of the pond in Efilim
    Within a great hall of progress, a prize awaits discovery -294 65 -4938 Upstairs balcony of The Guild Hall
    14 Your search will bring you into the depths of the decay, to a town wary of any potential threats. -618 63 -5443 On a crate in the centre of Lexdale
    Seek a towering challenge on the periphery of the canyon. 346 47 -5506 Inside The Hive, in the servant's quarters
    Within a tower watching over the county, today's treasure may be found. -13 38 -5416 Ground floor of the Gylia Watch Tower
    15 You may find this prize within a military fort, rife with suspicious behavior. 97 46 -5368 Outside a house near the Private NPC, in the Kitrios Barracks
    This treasure lies atop a tower of identity within the great city of the heights. 1034 29 -5109 Atop a tower near the Rodoroc bank
    Near the entrance of an expansive temple in the domain of the lost. 451 105 -4819 Near the entrance of the Bantisu Air Temple
    16 Seek the Blackbird in Gavel's great hub of travel. -259 79 -4951 In the Blackbird Inn in the Letvus Airbase at Cinfras
    A stargazer in this mining city holds today's treasure. 822 115 -5011 At Thesead
    This location lies at the throne of a king within the canyon. 54 12 -5246 At Thanos
    17 The last living dragon of the heights rests guarding this treasure. 163 201 -5202 Next to the dragon high above Thanos.
    A rhyming sailor has taken hold of the prize. 1305 37 -4034 Next to Relend in Jofash Docks.
    Seek the place of storage within this communal dwarven city. 1469 51 -5311 In Maex's bank, second floor.
    18 This final refuge for a molten people holds a reward. 1387, 141, -5308 In the Dogun Village on the upper heights near the fire pit
    Today's location rests within a kitchen of great renown. 958, 130, -4477 On the second floor of the dining area in Sky's Kitchen at Ahmsord
    Discover the history of a new and advanced province to locate this treasure. -1647, 76, -2448 At Relos in the house where Relos secret library is located
    19 Atop a city on the cliffs, this location rests beside a great source of travel. 749, 176 -4403 Next to the hot air ballon in Kandon-Beda
    As the rumors claim, this tower in the skies can bring you to the moon! Travel there, and claim this reward. 1216, 126 -4932 Outside of Astraulus' Tower in Sky Islands
    Search for the controls of a teller of time in this city of innovation. -1484, 108 -2886 In the control room of the clock tower in Corkus City
    20 Travel to the tower of a young rebellious tinkerer to find this prize. -1720 136 -3265 Near Ava's workshop
    Your search will bring you to an airship surrounded by raiders of the sky. 1469 144 -4304 In the Sky Islands, near an airship in the Raiders' Port
    This day's treasure is... Hm. Have you, ah, tried looking around? Perhaps on the stage? It may help. 466 70 -1581 On the stage next to Aster

    The Claim to Heroism

    The Claim to Heroism is the main minigame for the Festival of the Heroes, taking place in the Talespun Citadel. It first starts out as a free-for-all before pitting one extremely powerful player against all the others.

    The Claim to Heroism starts off in the Resource Phase. Up to 6 players are put on separate teams where they are tasked with fighting one another for resources from a variety of mobs around the Citadel. However, the main goal of the Resource Phase is to ascend to heroism by getting all the resources and fulfilling the requirements. Once a player has ascended, the Hero Phase starts.

    The Hero Phase starts off with the 5 normal players being released from their castles. A 20 second countdown will begin at the start of the phase. At the end of the countdown, the hero is released. The hero has perks that massively boosts their health and damage, and the hero's goal is to destroy each of the 5 player castles, while the players collectively work together to stop the hero. The game ends once the hero has been slain or if the hero has destroyed the 5 player castles.

    Festival Workers and Merchants

    At the Festival, there are several Festival Workers that will either let you play a carnival game, or serve as merchants that you can exchange items with.


    Blackjack is a game exactly similar to its real-world variant. In this game, the player is betting against the dealer to get the closest to or at 21 without going over. If the player has a lower score than the dealer alongside the dealer's score being under 21 or if they go over 21, they lose their bet. If they have a higher value than the dealer without going over 21, then they get back their doubled bet. In the rare occurance of a tie, the player just gets their bet back without any gains or losses. This minigame is no longer available to play at the festival, but it can be found in the Cinfras sewers by talking to the Blackjack Dealer.

    Wheel of Fortune

    The Wheel of Fortune is a game which involves you betting your coins on one of two colors, Orange or Green. Landing on the color you bet on is going to double your bet, but if it lands on the opposite color, you lose your bet.

    Target Practice

    The Target Practice minigame has two modes, Regular and Endless Mode. In each mode waves of bottles and Wybels appear on pedestals and shelves. Your goal is to hit as many bottles as possible, without hitting a Wybel (see details below).

    Bottle Types
    Appearance Value Chance Conditions
    White +1 Default -
    Light Purple +3 ~15% -
    Dark Purple +10 ? Wave 40+

    Note about Wybels: While above percentages view bottles only, Wybels are about as frequent as +3 bottles.

    In Regular Mode, you have 32 Throwing Darts, and you have to hit all the bottles. Be careful of hitting a Wybel though, as it will subtract 3 points from your score. It costs 12 Silver Festival Coins to play, and will reward the amount of points you get through Silver Festival Coins.

    In Endless Mode, you only start with 5 darts, and you have 3 lives. If you miss a bottle, you will lose a life. Hitting bottles will boost your score and give you back a dart. The game ends when you run out of lives. If you hit a Wybel, the game ends automatically regardless of your remaining lives. It costs 24 Silver Festival Coins to play, and will reward the amount of points you get through Silver and Gold Festival Coins. Every 10 rounds, the amount of Silver Festival Tokens you get increases by +5%.


    Performances were events based on real time, occuring once every 5 hours. To attend a performance, players would have to be in the town square of Detlas during the performance. After the performance was over, players would receive a Boost Token to let them get the buff during the performance whenever the player wanted to for 40 minutes. However, Boost Tokens would have to be used within 24 hours of obtaining them in order to use it, and only on the character that obtained it.

    There are 8 boosts that rotate in a cycle as follows:

    • XP Bonus
    • Mobility Boosts
    • Loot Bonus
    • Gathering XP Bonus
    • Damage Bonus
    • Gathering Speed
    • Loot Quality
    • Elemental Damage Bonus

    A special performance will also happen only once throughout the entire festival. The special performance is with Siegfried as the performer, and those who attended got
    Siegfried's Boost Token.


    Exchange Merchant

    The Exchange Merchant allows you to change your Festival Coins' type, or allow you to purchase Festival Coins using emeralds.

    • 64
      Silver Festival Coins:
      Golden Festival Coin

    • Golden Festival Coin: 64
      Silver Festival Coins
    • 2
      Golden Festival Coins:
      Talespun Memory
    • 64
      Golden Festival Coins:
      Diamond Festival Coin

    • Diamond Festival Coin: 64
      Golden Festival Coins

    Trinket Merchant

    The Trinket Merchant allows you to purchase Heroic Fireworks, Scavenger Seekers, and Reward Vouchers using Silver Festival Coins.

    • Heroic Firework:
      Silver Festival Coin
    • 16
      Heroic Fireworks: 16
      Silver Festival Coins

    • Reward Voucher: 4
      Golden Festival Coins

    • Unbound Ring of Stories:
      Diamond Festival Coin
    • PortablePottery.png Portable Pottery:
      Diamond Festival Coin

    Balloon Merchant

    The Balloon Merchant allows you to obtain Balloons using both Silver and Golden Festival Coins.

    • Purple Balloon: 8
      Silver Festival Coins

    • Red Balloon: 8
      Silver Festival Coins

    • Yellow Balloon: 8
      Silver Festival Coins

    • Blue Balloon: 8
      Silver Festival Coins

    • White Balloon: 8
      Silver Festival Coins

    • Chorus Balloon: 16
      Golden Festival Coins

    Plushie Merchant

    The Plushie Merchant allows you to obtain Plushies using Golden and Diamond Festival Coins.

    Food Merchant

    The Food Merchant sells consumables that gives minor boosts to some stats and require a combat level minimum of 20 to consume.

    Heroes Crates


    Heroes Crates are a new type of crate obtained by doing objectives during the Festival of the Heroes. There are four ways to obtain them:

    • All players can redeem 3 Heroes Crates for free at the Wynncraft Store.
    • The first Daily Objective completed each day rewarded one Tier I Heroes Crate (up to 23 total).
    • Completing a Guild Objective rewarded a Tier II Heroes Crate (up to 4 total).
    • Various amounts of Heroes Crates can also be bought from the store.

    Opening Heroes Crates gave the player cosmetics exclusive to the Festival. These rewards cannot be obtained from regular Crates. You can only scrap Festival of the Heroes cosmetics with other Heroes cosmetics, and the cosmetic that they become will also be a Festival of the Heroes cosmetic.

    List of Heroes Crate Rewards

    In total, there are 7 pets, 4 player effects, 16 weapon skins, and 11 hats available from Heroes Crates. Lime text indicates that these cosmetics are new to this year's festival.

    Rare Cosmetics
    Icon Name Type Rarity Year

    Cowbel Token Pet Token Rare 2022

    Ent Wybel Token Pet Token Rare 2022

    Golden Wybel Token Pet Token Rare 2022

    Whimsybel Token Pet Token Rare 2022

    Cherry Blossom Player Effect Rare 2022

    Heroic Emblem Player Effect Rare 2022

    Fire and Water Player Effect Rare 2023

    Mirror Swirls Player Effect Rare 2023
    Toy Bow.png Toy Bow Gear Skin (Bow) Rare 2022
    Toy Spear.png Toy Spear Gear Skin (Spear) Rare 2022
    Toy Wand.png Toy Wand Gear Skin (Wand) Rare 2022
    Toy Dagger.png Toy Dagger Gear Skin (Dagger) Rare 2022
    Toy Relik.png Toy Relik Gear Skin (Relik) Rare 2022
    Heroic bow.png
    Heroic Bow Gear Skin (Bow) Rare 2023
    Heroic spear.png
    Heroic Spear Gear Skin (Spear) Rare 2023
    Heroic wand.png
    Heroic Wand Gear Skin (Wand) Rare 2023
    Heroic dagger.png
    Heroic Dagger Gear Skin (Dagger) Rare 2023
    Heroic relik.png
    Heroic Relik Gear Skin (Relik) Rare 2023

    Pigmentring Player Effect Rare 2024

    Wynnic Symbols Player Effect Rare 2024
    Ancient Halberd Gear Skin (Spear) Rare 2024
    Ancient Staff Gear Skin (Wand) Rare 2024
    Ancient Orbiter Gear Skin (Bow) Rare 2024
    Ancient Palm Gear Skin (Dagger) Rare 2024
    Ancient Relik Gear Skin (Relik) Rare 2024
    Epic Cosmetics
    Icon Name Type Rarity Year

    Wynnston Token Pet Token Epic 2022

    Fragment of Colossus Token Pet Token Epic 2023

    Portals Player Effect Epic 2023
    Harp Bow.png Harp Bow Gear Skin (Bow) Epic 2022
    Cello Spear.png Cello Spear Gear Skin (Spear) Epic 2022
    Microphone Wand.png Microphone Wand Gear Skin (Wand) Epic 2022
    Saxophone Dagger.png Saxophone Dagger Gear Skin (Dagger) Epic 2022
    Drum Relik.png Drum Relik Gear Skin (Relik) Epic 2022
    Pan Pipes Relik.png Pan Pipes Relik Gear Skin (Relik) Epic 2022
    Brawler blunderbuss.png Brawler Blunderbuss Gear Skin (Bow) Epic 2023
    Brawler broom.png Brawler Broom Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic 2023
    Brawler rake.png Brawler Rake Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic 2023
    Brawler trowel.png Brawler Trowel Hat Gear Skin (Weapon) Epic 2023
    Brawler whiskey.png Brawler Whiskey Gear Skin (Relik) Epic 2023

    Chroma Pulse Player Effect Epic 2024

    Divine Wheel Player Effect Epic 2024

    Knowledge Player Effect Epic 2024
    Dwarven Spear Gear Skin (Spear) Epic 2024
    Dwarven Wand Gear Skin (Wand) Epic 2024
    Dwarven Bow Gear Skin (Bow) Epic 2024
    Dwarven Dagger Gear Skin (Dagger) Epic 2024
    Dwarven Relik Gear Skin (Relik) Epic 2024
    Chef's Hat.png Chef's Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2022
    Corkian Propeller Hat.png Corkian Propeller Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2022
    Fruit Bowl.png Fruit Bowl Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2022
    Golden Battle Helmet.png Golden Battle Helmet Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2022
    Chef poultry.png Chef's Poultry Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2023
    Yarn head.png Yarn Head Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2023
    Cowboy hat.png Cowboy Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2023
    Lumberjack stump.png Lumberjack Stump Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2023
    Big catch.png The Big Catch Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2023
    Bookworm.png Bookworm Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2023
    Ancient Diadem Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2024
    Cheese Wheel Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2024
    Gardener Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2024
    Heroes Beret Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2024
    Heroes Wingwreath Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2024
    Rose Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Epic 2024
    Godly Cosmetics
    Icon Name Type Rarity Year

    Mighty Yak Token Pet Token Godly 2022

    Mythic Mimic Token Pet Token Godly 2022

    Guide Token Pet Token Godly 2023

    Skeletal Wings Player Effect Godly 2022

    Floating Swords Player Effect Godly 2022

    Avo Wings Player Effect Godly 2023

    Tesseract Player Effect Godly 2023
    Seraphim Bow.png Seraphim Bow Gear Skin (Bow) Godly 2022
    Seraphim Spear.png Seraphim Spear Gear Skin (Spear) Godly 2022
    Seraphim Wand.png Seraphim Wand Gear Skin (Wand) Godly 2022
    Seraphim Dagger.png Seraphim Dagger Gear Skin (Dagger) Godly 2022
    Seraphim Relik.png Seraphim Relik Gear Skin (Relik) Godly 2022
    Boltslinger repeater.png Boltslinger Repeater Gear Skin (Bow) Godly 2023
    Battle monk guandao.png Battle Monk Guandao Gear Skin (Spear) Godly 2023
    Arcanist tome.png Arcanist Tome Gear Skin (Wand) Godly 2023
    Acrobat katana.png Acrobat Katana Gear Skin (Dagger) Godly 2023
    Ritualist focus.png Ritualist Focus Gear Skin (Relik) Godly 2023
    Tisaun's Greatsword Gear Skin (Spear) Godly 2024
    Lari's Stave Gear Skin (Wand) Godly 2024
    Bob's Bow Gear Skin (Bow) Godly 2024
    Siegfried's Sword Gear Skin (Dagger) Godly 2024
    Maxie's Remote Gear Skin (Relik) Godly 2024
    Diamond Battle Helmet.png Diamond Battle Helmet Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2022
    Sombrero.png Sombrero Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2022
    Stout Shako.png Stout Shako Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2022
    Wybel Beanie.png Wybel Beanie Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2022
    Decorated bicorn.png Decorated Bicorn Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2023
    Masquerade mask.png Masquerade Mask Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2023
    Brewing cauldron.png Brewing Cauldron Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2023
    Champion fullhelm.png Champion Fullhelm Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2023
    Dwarven Helmet Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2024
    Hunter Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2024
    Spring Flowers Circlet Gear Skin (Helmet) Godly 2024
    Black Market Cosmetics
    Icon Name Type Rarity Year
    Eye Cultist Hood.png Eye Cultist Hood Gear Skin (Helmet) Black Market 2022
    Half Moon Hood.png Half Moon Hood Gear Skin (Helmet) Black Market 2022
    Seraphim Tiara.png Seraphim Tiara Gear Skin (Helmet) Black Market 2022
    Towering hat.png Towering Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Black Market 2023
    Spring hat.png Spring Hat Gear Skin (Helmet) Black Market 2023
    Embellished Tricorn Gear Skin (Helmet) Black Market 2024
    Stalwart Morion Gear Skin (Helmet) Black Market 2024

    Player Effects


    Weapon Skins



    • The plushies are all in reference to various characters from the game. While the names Bob and Siegfried are outright stated, the other three are more ambigious.
    • Outlandish Fable from Claim to Heroism has some resemblance to a SPROUT MOLE from OMORI.
    • Voice of the Citadel from Claim to Heroism, though visually dissimilar, has an attack based off the Virtues from ULTRAKILL. Both are immobile angels that produce a circle of light that trails after the player before casting down a beam of light, even bearing similar sound effects for when the beam appears.
    • Equipment both from the minigame and able to be purchased with the minigame's currency hold several references.
      • Prologue and Epilogue refer to the opening and closing words of a story.
      • A gleeman is an entertainer who travels from place to place telling stories.
      • "The eleventh hour", coming from the idea of a 11 o'clock being the final hour before midnight, refers to the final moment in which something may take place, which is often used in stories where the protagonist's victory is achieved within only a matter of moments of the antagonist's victory.
      • Thymele refers to a podium in the center of an orchestra pit in which the character Dionysus would stand.
      • Anagnorisis is the point in a story, typically a theatrical performance, where a character discoveries the true nature of themselves or another character.
      • Hamartia is a word in Greek Tragedy referring to a hero's downfall.
      • Catharsis is the relief of unleashing repressed - typically negative - emotions.
    • Each basic mob has a rare counterpart that gives Boss Resources instead of Talespun Essence.
      • Graphomaniac's variant, being ordained by the Ruinous Defender, is Spellwound Maniac.
      • Little Myth's variant, being ordained by the Voice of the Citadel, is Myth of the Citadel.
      • Outlandish Fable's variant, being ordained by the Totem of the Outlands, is Fable of the Outlands.
      • Bookworm's variant, being ordained by the Timeworn Ruin, is Spellwound Wyrm.
    • One of the new pets added in this event, The Guide, is based on the Wynncraft Media-ranked player, olinus10.
    • The Towering Hat is a reference to the identical-looking cosmetic from Team Fortress 2, called the Towering Pillar of Hats.
    • There was a glitch with the Scavenger Hunt rewards after the first bonus caches were claimed. Players mistakenly received red concrete instead of the Message in a Bottle. This was soon patched and the correct reward was given.
    • Bob's Bow has Ancient Wynnic text on it that reads "MAEL". This is likely due to the fact that Mael Twain taught Bob archery.
    • Siegfried's Sword has High Gavellian text on it that reads "AWESOME".