Antique Snowglobe

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Discontinued Content
This article covers an item that can no longer be obtained, but still exists in-game for players who have it.

The Antique Snowglobe is a Legendary item obtainable during the Festival of the Blizzard, which most recently ran from 15th December, 2023 through 7th January, 2024. In 2023, it could be obtained as a gift from Asher after giving him a TimeFragment.png Time Fragment and inviting him to the Festival in Detlas, on The Traveler's recommendation. The Snowglobe cannot be sold on the Trade Market, but can be traded with other players during and after the event.

The Antique Snowglobe currently has no known use except as a collectible.


  • This item was first available in the 2021 Festival of the Blizzard, and was subsequently made available again in 2022 and 2023.
    • In 2021, it could be obtained from 25th December onward after inviting Asher. From 2022 onward, it was instead available as soon as he was invited.