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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Cow Passage PathIcon.png
Inside the Cow Passage
Access Points Detlas Suburb 309, -1634
Katoa Ranch -811, -1873
Suggested Level 15
Monsters Rebel Cows
Armored Rebel Cows
Uses Fast-travel between Detlas Suburb and Katoa Ranch
Requirements A Confused Farmer Quest, Cow Pass

The Cow Passage was a tunnel which acted as fast-travel between Detlas Suburb and Katoa Ranch. The name stemed from the fact that it was built and was inhabited entirely by cows in a "cow revolution" led by a villager named Drale. Despite its useful nature, the passage was overrun by level 15 Rebel Cows, which made it dangerous for weak players to enter. The tunnel was remade into the Ragni-Detlas Tunnel, which is found in the level 8 quest Tunnel Trouble.


The two entrances to the tunnel were found behind Drale's house and on the side of the Katoa Ranch hill. Access was granted to the passage during the quest A Confused Farmer and could be used to complete the remainder of it. Each trip through the tunnel also required a Cow Pass, which could be obtained as an uncommon drop from the Rebel Cows and through various other means. The Cow Pass had to be dropped into a hopper in the middle of the tunnel to proceed through it.


  • Bouncer Cow


The Cow Passage was removed and replaced with the Ragni-Detlas Tunnel in the 1.17 update due to the removal of A Confused Farmer.