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NPC Info
X: 153 Z: -9597
Species Woc
Location Detlas Suburb Tunnel or Woc Base
Quest Involved Tunnel Trouble

Drale is an NPC that is found in the tunnel for the quest Tunnel Trouble. He later returns as the main antagonist or deuteragonist of the quest Cowfusion.


Drale first makes his appearance in the level 6 quest Tunnel Trouble. He makes an unexpected appearance as the player and Miner Linton work together to dig out the new tunnel. The player goes with him while Linton continues mining. Drale will take the player to a farm owned by Bylvis, and the former will ask them to free all of the cows owned by the latter, who intends to slaughter them. After the player successfully frees all of the cows and defeats Bylvis' Guard Golem, Drale and the player work together to put the cows on a raft, as they sail off into the Ocean. Unbeknownst to the player, the cows they freed were actually Drale's brethren, the Wocs.

Drale later reappears in a base operated by alien creatures called the Wocs. Eventually, the player meets Drale again, though he doesn't recognize them at first. The player will either tell him that they were the one who helped them in the Katoa Ranch, say they are a Human but then return to standard mooing, or will just moo. No matter what the choice is of the player, Drale either accidentally or intentionally either out of fury or stress, depending on the player's option, will send them to the Pit. After the player makes their way through the Pit, they return in front of Drale. The player will either moo, ask to be turned back into a human, tell him that the workers in the Pit want better positions, or tell him how they got turned into a cow. Drale will then guide the player to the elevator to the main laboratory used to convert the transformed Wocs back into their true forms, and later will be relieved of the trouble or be shocked at the player for not telling him their true identity, before compensating them with some Emeralds.

Some hidden logs in the Woc Base explain the backstory of Drale. He is revealed to be an exile alongside some other Wocs. Out of all the Wocs, he was the only one who wasn't transformed into a cow. Eventually, Drale encounters an unnamed Corkian, the former showing him a familiar device. Drale then retells the tale of everything that happened in Wynn and the events of Tunnel Trouble before deciding he must go to Gavel. While in Gavel, he learns of a region which has the mountains shift often, reasoning that it's the perfect place to make a city to host the exiles. Some time later in the Olux Swamp, Drale meets with Dr. Urelix, and while he sees his work as cruel, they both had an enlightening conversation on transformation. Sometime later, he witnessed his first failure with transforming a Woc back into its true self. The failure was euthanized and kept a secret by Drale out of fear that the other Wocs would shun him if they found out. However, after some further experimentation, a Woc was transformed back into its true healthy self. An undescribed amount of time later shows that Drale and the rest of the Wocs are ready to depart for space, ending with the remark "The stars await, my kin."

Festival of the Blizzard

NPC Info
Species Woc
Location Snow Storm Detlas

Inviting to Detlas

  • Drale: Hi! Is there, uh, anything I can do for you? I'm a little busy.
    • [1] I wanted to invite you to a festival in Detlas.
      • Drale: Really? Wow. I've, uh, never been... invited to a festival. That sounds fun!
      • Drale: But... I have a lot of work I need to do. I'm not sure I can...
      • Drale: ...
      • Drale: Oh, what am I doing. I- I can take some time off. I've been... working for too long.
      • Drale: Just- give me a little bit. I need to tell people, I need to pack my things, I need to sort things out here... but I'll be there! Promise.
    • [2] What're you working on?
      • Drale: Oh, just... paperwork, right now.
      • Drale: The workers have formed a union and want better working conditions. Which- which, to be clear, I'm fully on board with!
      • Drale: I've been... a bad boss, lately. But I'm working on it. I want to do better, so... I'm trying to do better.
    • [3] Okay. I'll leave you to it.
      • Drale: It was good to see you! Come by any time!

After Inviting

  • Drale: Hm... I can put Kevin in charge of management, and then... oh- hey! I'm, uh, working things out. I'll be at the festival soon!

In Detlas

First Conversation

  • Drale: ...H-hi! Wow, these... these sure are festivities.
  • Drale: Um. There's maybe a few too many people here for me. But! I already... committed to coming here.
  • Drale: So I can't exactly leave now! I'm. I'm just going to stay in this corner. I think.

Following Conversations

  • Drale: ...S-so. Anything interesting going on?
    • [1] Are you participating in the gift-giving?
      • Drale: The- oh. Oh, right! Right. Yeah, no, I'm- I'm participating. I didn't... forget.
      • Drale: ...
      • Drale: Okay, look, I have something I can give you, but you have to promise not to ask questions. Okay?
        • [1] ...Sure?
      • Drale: ...
      • [+1 Bottomless Milk Bucket]
      • Drale: ...
        • [1] Drale. What is this.
      • Drale: W-well, hey, you know... you- you promised not t-to ask! So. Uh. No- no questions allowed!
    • [2] So, what have you been working on?
      • Drale: Work! Work. Right.
      • Drale: ...I did tell you about the ship, right? It's... I don't know where it is. But it's out there- I know it is.
      • Drale: And... I need to find it. Maybe we could... make a new one. But we can't. There's- there's something I can't leave behind.
      • Drale: ...We're still looking. I think we have an idea of where to look, but... still haven't found anything.
      • Drale: I know what people say behind my back. That I'm just wasting time. But... they don't get it. They don't understand.
      • Drale: ...Maybe you don't, either. I don't know. It doesn't matter. I'm still not going to stop.
    • [3] Why are you hiding in this corner?
      • Drale: I. Um. I just- look. It's... a little scary talking to this many people.
      • Drale: It's just easier to... be over here. Where nobody can talk to me.
      • Drale: I'll- maybe I'll go out later. Maybe. Probably not. But maybe.
    • [4] Not really.
      • Drale: Oh... O-okay.


  • Prior to the 1.17 Dungeons and Discoveries Update, on the top floor of Drale's house you could find a sign that says "Moo'in guide us", which is a reference to in another quest he serves in.
  • In the quest A Confused Farmer, Drale was a person who Bylvis mistook for a cow.
  • Prior to the 2.0 Spellbound Update, Drale was somebody who was obsessed with becoming a cow. Eventually, he sought out a mad scientist named Veekhat who would do so.